Mafia City – Troop Guide

Here’s a post that’ll show you the stats of all types of troops at all 10 levels. Let’s get started with the first type.

Bikers are the fastest troops in the game. They’re comprise of Assaulters (A) and Riders (R). The assaulters have high attack and Riders have a little more defense than Assaulters. Here are their stats:

Level Name Power Attack Defense HP Speed Load Attack
1 Chopper (R) 1 11 8 4 14 6 1 0.21
2 Biker (R) 1.4 15 11 4 14 6 1 0.42
3 Harley’s Rider (R) 1.9 20 15 6 14 7 1 0.63
4 Biker Chic (A) 2.5 32 17 7 13 7 4 0.83
5 Wild Rose (A) 3.2 41 22 9 13 8 4 1.04
6 Brute Rider (R) 4 44 32 11 14 8 1 1.25
7 Rogue Rider (A) 4.9 63 34 13 13 9 4 1.46
8 Ghost Rider (R) 5.9 64 47 15 14 9 1 1.67
9 Fender Rider (A) 7 91 49 18 13 10 4 1.88
10 Cager (R) 8.2 90 65 21 14 10 1 2.08

Bulkers are the strongest troops in the game with very high defense and HP. Again, bulkers are of 2 types, Tankers (T) and Combaters (C). Tankers have high defense and HP & Combaters have higher attack but lower defense and HP as compared to Tankers.

Level Name Power Attack Defense HP Speed Load Attack Range Upkeep
1 Crook (T) 1 6 14 8 8 8 1 0.21
2 Berserker (T) 1.4 8 19 9 8 8 1 0.42
3 Racketeer (C) 1.9 22 13 6 9 9 1 0.63
4 Pugilist (T) 2.5 15 35 15 8 9 1 0.83
5 Wrecker (C) 3.2 38 22 9 9 10 1 1.04
6 Cannon-Ball (T) 4 24 56 22 8 10 1 1.25
7 Destroyer (T) 4.9 29 68 26 8 11 1 1.46
8 Extremist (C) 5.9 70 41 15 9 11 1 1.67
9 Scorpion (C) 7 84 49 18 9 12 1 1.88
10 Boulder (T) 8.2 49 114 42 8 12 1 2.08

Shooters are troops with high range and attack. The 2 types of shooters are Gunners (G) and Snipers (S). Gunners are the shooters with good defense & HP. Snipers are the ones with very high attack & range.

Level Name Power Attack Defense HP Speed Load Attack Range Upkeep
1 Shooter (G) 1 8 6 3 8 8 5 0.21
2 Gunslinger (G) 1.4 11 8 3 8 8 5 0.42
3 Sniper (S) 1.9 26 13 4 8 8 8 0.63
4 Elite Sniper (S) 2.5 35 17 5 8 8 8 0.83
5 Sweeper (G) 3.2 25 19 6 8 10 5 1.04
6 Ace Shooter (G) 4 32 24 8 8 10 5 1.25
7 Hitman (S) 4.9 68 34 10 8 10 8 1.46
8 Terminator (G) 5.9 47 35 11 8 11 5 1.67
9 Assassin (S) 7 98 49 13 8 11 8 1.88
10 Killing Machine (G) 8.2 65 49 15 8 12 5 2.08

Vehicles consist of Assault Vehicles (AV) and Armed Carriers (AC). Assault Vehicles have extremely high attack and range and Armed Carries are good for robbing resources because of their high load. Armed Carriers also have much more defense and HP than Assault Vehicles.

Level Name Power Attack Defense HP Speed Load Attack Range Upkeep
1 Minigun Carrier (AV) 1 20 9 5 7 13 10 0.21
2 Heavy SUV (AC) 1.4 9 14 8 5 20 1 0.42
3 Assault Carrier (AV) 1.9 38 17 7 7 14 10 0.63
4 Machine Gun Carrier (AC) 2.5 17 25 13 5 21 1 0.83
5 SUV Ram (AV) 3.2 64 28 11 7 15 10 1.04
6 Heavy Rover (AC) 4 28 40 19 5 22 1 1.25
7 Assault Rover (AV) 4.9 98 44 16 7 16 10 1.46
8 Machine Gun Rover (AV) 5.9 118 53 19 7 16 10 1.67
9 Armed SUV (AC) 7 49 70 32 5 24 1 1.88
10 Artillery Rover (AV) 8.2 164 73 26 7 17 10 2.08

I hope this post helped you get a better idea about the various troops in the game. If you have some extra information about these troops, be sure to leave a comment down below. Thanks!

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    1. There are a few events like vigilante arena, family treasure that give vigilante fragments. You can also get 100 fragments every week from the clan HQ however, you won’t be able to upgrade them very high this way because the quantity you get from these events is too less

  1. Just hit m26. You have really amazing guides. Might consider doing the equipment ones when I have the money haha. I have a few queries:

    1. Which camp should I level up to 26 first? (All of them require a lot of metal)
    2. Skill tree – If I have 3 active skills on my skill tree (level 38) should I continue working on the following branches or should I max out the previous nodes? (Total skill points will not be able to cover all the nodes of a single skill tree, would it?)
    3. What level should my Hospitals be? I only have 1 farm account and it is new so I am still focusing on Rss in my main. I currently have 8 clubs, 6 hospitals, 6 AmmuNation, 5 Smelters, 6 Cargo and 5 Cash.

    Thank you very much.

    1. Sorry for the late reply.
      1. Bulker camp. you’ll want to train as many t9 bulkers as you can before you get 30 as once you get your bulker camp to 30, you’d only want to train t10 bulkers. T9 bulkers are great for attacks & usually get a lot of kills so I would suggest t9 bulkers first.
      2. Continue working on your skill tree until you get all active skills unlocked. If you’re in battle, you’d want to keep going down until you max out the Moblizing limit skill in the skill tree (at level 41) once you have that maxed, you can start maxing out the previous nodes because you need level 47 to unlock death fight.
      3. Get your farm hospital as high as you can. Most of your hospital capacity should come from investments & babes. You should only build 1 hospital & 1 club in your farm & keep the remaining spots for resource buildings you can refer my Farm Building Guide for more info.
      Hope this helps!

  2. Okay I’m going running across a lot of bases that are using t8 bikers and t7 bulkers as their main troops. Meaning these guys are stacking only t8 bikers and t7 bulkers. How would you attack those bases. I’m mansion 28, so I can make all the t9 troops. But I still can’t fugure out a way to beat this biker and bulker defensive combination. I have pretty decent buffs and good equipment. But still even as a m28, I lost an attack to a m22, with over 100k t8 bikers and 100k t7 bulkers. Any suggestions to counter those bikers and bulkers?

    1. The biker + bulker formation is a very strong formation that even I use to successfully defend against M30s, E1s & E2s (with moderate stats) in city roayle with my M22. You really can’t do much when your opponent has a lot of troops in the mansion, especially a lot of bulkers. The only way to get to the bikers is to kill all the bulkers. It might take a few hits to do that, but once all your opponent’s bulkers are dead, you should be able to easily kill off the bikers. Make sure you use enough t7 bulkers in your march as they’re defensive troops & you need them to protect your march. (You could use the 33% Bulker, 33% Biker, 33% Vehicle formation that I suggest in this video or a variation of that to attack)

  3. I hv around 30K each of T7 n T8 troops…. There is war eminent with another clan who has 6 T10 mansions and around 10 guys with T9…. I Normally use Attack and Defence buff before any war….. Its works against T8 but will that give me edge against T9 n T10….
    The opponent has a lot of troops also….
    I lack defensive bulkers…. What should be my strategy in this battle….

    1. I would suggest that you shield during the war as there’s no way your T7 & T8 troops will be able to win against their T9 & T10 troops especially if you don’t have better stats than them. Also, tankers (T6 / T7 / T10 bulkers) are the most important troop type in the game as they protect your other troops. If you don’t have enough of them, it’s better to stay out & focus on growing until you become strong enough to do some damage.

  4. Im at m18 and i only have t6 and t5 and below how can I attack and not lose troops and power to a enemy who is at lets just say same level as i am but they are one or 2 levels more then me but they have the same troops i do i really need help im new to this and game of war is totally different then mafia city I’m in the billions on my game of war account but the fighting formation and troops powers are way different need help lol

    1. The investments that add extra marches are called crime ops crew 1, 2 & 3. You can find them in the crew capability category

  5. Hello thanks for this artical. I understand the different types. So my question is this and hope this makes since. I’m wondering about troop type vs troop type. Example You have 2 Players exact same stats. player one has a total of 100k in bulkers 70% T & 30% C on a tile or occuping a spot. Player 2 attacks with 100k vehicals 70% AV and 30% AC. Which one wins the battle. AV vehicals have a range 10 so does that mean they would kill more of the bulkers. Or do the bulkers win because they would take mostly damage. So back to the original question is there a break down of troop type vs troops type
    Example bulkers vs bulkers, bulkers vs shooters or shooters vs bikers , bikers vs vehicals Hope that makes since

    1. I’m sorry, I haven’t done that research yet. It’s hard to do the research because it’s difficult to find players with the exact same stats.

  6. Have a question I’m at level 19 and the only have 66k in crew capacity how can I get it up and also seen a clan have tanks how we get them thanks

    1. Upgrade your diner, some babes also help increase your march size, invest in the leadership investment in crew capabilities. Also, using the ringleader skill in the battle tree & using a 25% / 50% / 60% march buff item will increase your march size temporarily.
      Tanks are special customized marches, you can get them only from packs (or maybe the auction house if they’re available there). One customized march usually costs $500.

  7. Hello Fabio,

    Excellent work you ve been doing so far. We all appreciate

    Im at city 249 and I know that almost all of us know your work.

    I have a small question.

    Im mansion 26, just started to make some t9s.

    I wanted to ask you what is the best mix we can do between T7s, T8s and T9s. as I don t have many t9s yet I still need to use the t8s. So the mix should be how once I have a good amount of t9s??

    Another thing, You told on another post that you wouldn t use skill points on biker skills. All of them? Or just attack, defense or health?

    Thank you

  8. Hello

    If you buy a vigilante from the game can you use the vigilante experience points to lvl them up as well ?

      1. But what I mean can you
        Lvl them up from the experience vigilante points you get from st forces ?

        ( like Ethan , Marcus , Fire lord, and so on )

        1. You don’t get vigilante experience from defeating street forces, you only get leader experience. If you want vigilante experience, you should kill mercenaries.

  9. Hi i am mansion m23 and i got t8
    I want to know in battle skill where you put your points .you préconize bikers .shooters or véhicules ?
    I dont have yet the rescue skill and I put my point in vehicules because they havé better attack and defense than bikers and shooters.
    My friend prefere bikers or shooters i dont understand that ( except bulkers we are agree )

    1. I usually invest in bikers, but vehicles are also good. I wouldn’t recommend investing your skillpoints in shooters since they don’t do a lot of damage in battle.

  10. So what is the best troop defensive numbers…you have talked a lot about attack…what about defense and taking solos, and raids…any idea on troop numbers and formations while being under lvl m30?

    1. Only Snipers get an attack bonus during defense, all the other troops have the same attributes. That’s why I suggested that while reinforcing teammates you should send a lot of Snipers.

  11. Farms have safe resources & non safe resources. The resources that you get from the resource boxes are safe resources & cannot be robbed by your main account. Only the resources that you get from gathering and from resource production buildings can be robbed. Also, if your farm is low level (I think M10 or below, but not sure what the exact level is), the game doesn’t allow you to rob a lot of resources per hit.
    For attack formation, you should ‘prioritize load’ when attacking to rob the most resources per hit.

  12. What would you suggest as the best attack formation to go up against a farm with few troops (as you recommend on the farm guide). I’ve been using mostly vehicles but the amounts being robbed are disappointing Is there a cap on what a farm can lose?

  13. Got a question in a lil 27 and I’m tryna burn a lil 30 with T10s
    I only have T9s and T8s but plenty I need a good formation to crack him and maybe some boosts that’ll help

    1. It’s hard to do that. You’ll need a good formation & way better stats than the M30 since T7 bulkers are way weaker than T10 bulkers. It will be almost impossible to beat the M30 without a huge stat advantage.
      You can read my Troop Formation Guide for more info on troop formation.

  14. hi I’m just a beginner but i’ve been able to get m19, level 37 ,T1-T7 20,000 each troop. I can’t beat street troops 17, I just attack on auto mode what am i doing wrong? What troop quantities do you recommend? Thank you. I will try to read all your links but I do not understand farming

    1. If you’re using enough bulkers in your march (15-20k) & if you’re mixing up the other troop types evenly you should be good. If you’re attacking on auto mode make sure you select ‘Prioritize Crew’ at the bottom left of the troop selection screen. This will ensure that your march is balanced & has all troop types with enough bulkers for defense.
      If you still can’t beat level 17s then maybe it’s just because of your stats or troop levels. You probably need T8 or higher troops or you need to get better equipment & put your skillpoints in battle for stats. Using the attack and defense buffs also helps a bit while hitting street forces.
      You can check out my Farming Guide to know more about farming.

        1. The above recommendation was for street force crew (& mercenaries) & not for turf attacks. Here’s one of the recommendation that I made for turf attacks (for someone with t7 / t8 troops):

          There is no ‘best’ troop formation in the game. It all depends upon how many troops your opponent has. You should keep 20-30% defensive bulkers in your march which is usually enough to protect your other troops. For the remaining troops you should mix them up almost evenly. T7 & T8 vehicles are good for turf attacks & T7 bikers are good for resource tile attacks.

          For turf attacks you should add around 30k t7 bulkers, 10k t8 bulkers, 10k t8 bikers, 10k t7 bikers, 10k t8 shooters, 5k t7 shooters, 25k t8 vehicles.

          For resource tile attacks – 30k t7 bulkers, 10k t8 bulkers, 10k t8 bikers, 25k t7 bikers, 10k t8 shooters, 5k t7 shooters, 10k t8 vehicles.

    1. There’s no need to train T8 or lower troops.
      There are 8 troop types in the game & each type has a different purpose. The T9s and T10s of all 4 main troop types cover these 8 troop types so there’s no need to train anything below T9.

      1. we did little experiment, we used 20% t10 bikers + 15% t8 bikers in underground tournament, and in next attack we used same formation but just replaced 15% t8 bikers with t10 bikers, making t10 bikers as total 35%

        results were to surprising, idk but arrangement with 20%t10 bikers + 15%t8 bikers did really better > than using all 35% t10 bikers

        this game uses randomness but really dont understand the logic above

        1. That’s pretty interesting. However, due to the randomness I usually test a march 3 to 5 times to see if the results are consistent because there’s usually a small variation in each attack. I didn’t think that T8 bikers would be important after unlocking T10 but since you say so I will definitely train a few T8 after getting enough T10s trained to see if it helps. Thanks for sharing!

      1. So if i have a crime op size of 100.i have only t7 and many of each crew should i send on a attack march? Please help

        1. There is no ‘best’ troop formation in the game. It all depends upon how many troops your opponent has. You should keep 20-30% defensive bulkers in your march which is usually enough to protect it. For the remaining troops you should mix them up almost evenly. T7 & T8 vehicles are good for turf attacks & T7 bikers are good for resource tile attacks.

          For turf attacks you should add around 30k t7 bulkers, 10k t8 bulkers, 10k t8 bikers, 10k t7 bikers, 10k t8 shooters, 5k t7 shooters, 25k t8 vehicles.

          For resource tile attacks – 30k t7 bulkers, 10k t8 bulkers, 10k t8 bikers, 25k t7 bikers, 10k t8 shooters, 5k t7 shooters, 10k t8 vehicles.

    1. There is no ‘best’ troop formation in the game. It all depends upon how many troops your opponent has. You should keep 20-30% defensive bulkers in your march which is usually enough to protect it. For the remaining troops you should mix them up almost evenly. T7 & T8 vehicles are good for turf attacks & T7 bikers are good for resource tile attacks.

      For turf attacks you should add around 30k t7 bulkers, 10k t8 bulkers, 10k t8 bikers, 10k t7 bikers, 10k t8 shooters, 5k t7 shooters, 25k t8 vehicles.

      For resource tile attacks – 30k t7 bulkers, 10k t8 bulkers, 10k t8 bikers, 25k t7 bikers, 10k t8 shooters, 5k t7 shooters, 10k t8 vehicles.

    1. Bulker camps cost around 0.432 times the arms that the other camps cost. Here are the cost for all the camps except bulker.

      Camp Level 25 26 27 28 29 30
      Cargo 24.900M 32.400M 42.100M 54.700M 71.100M 92.400M
      Cash 14.200M 18.500M 24.000M 31.200M 40.600M 52.800M
      Arms 2.370M 3.080M 4.010M 5.210M 6.770M 8.800M
      Metal 0.593M 0.770M 1.000M 1.300M 1.690M 2.200M
  15. just curious if you may know which troops kill other troop types. for example if a enemy has a lot of shooters which troops would I want to add more of to kill the shooters?

    1. The troops in the game don’t have specific counters. It’s best to mix all types of troops whenever sending your march to get better results. However, each troop type has a certain talent.

      Gunners – Counter all troops other than bulkers
      Snipers – Have an attack bonus while defending turf

      Riders – Have a chance to attack the enemies long ranged crews
      Assaulters – Attack bonus during resource battles

      Tanker – Reduce damage from gunslingers and snipers
      Combater – Increase damage against bikers

      Armed Carrier – Defense bonus while attacking turf
      Assault Vehicle – Attack bonus while attacking turf

  16. I got m30 with all t10s open
    My investment is good in bulker and vehicle
    My max force size is 172000
    So should I use 25% of 172k t10 bulker+ remaining t10 vehicles
    Or there is better formation of this for city attack?
    And also is this troop formation also good for defence?

    1. Using only 2 types of troops is not a good idea. You should mix all 8 troop types. Something like 25% t10 bulker, 10% t9 bulker, 10% t10 shooter, 10% t9 shooter, 10% t10 biker, 10% t9 biker and 10% t9 vehicles and 15% t10 vehicles. (For attack as well as defence)
      You can adjust the amount of troops you send a little bit but make sure you send all 8 troop types. For city attack you can use more t10 vehicles since they have an attack bonus for city attack and for tile attacks you can add more t9 shooters because they get an attack bonus on tiles.
      Every troop has a different purpose and mixing them up will make them work in synergy and will give you the best results. You can try out different formations during the city / global tournament to see what works best for you.

  17. Have you seen or do you possibly know how the battle calculation works in game? As far as stages and turns and order?

    I haved played other games where the order and sequence of what troops atk/def in what order but I have not been able to find anything on this game yet like that.


    1. The game’s battle system is pretty complicated so I haven’t been able to understand it fully. But here are some things that I’ve learned over the course of playing the game.
      1. Defensive bulkers (t1, t2, t4, t6, t7 & t10 bulkers) are the most important troops in the game. They protect the other troops from dying and significantly reduce the total damage received from the opponent. You should always add them to your march. 20% to 30% of your troops should be defensive bulkers.
      2. You should always mix up your troops. Attacking with troops of a single type is very dangerous. Each type has their own role. They work in coordination and will give you more kills if you mix them up.
      For example if you send 50k defensive bulkers, they will hardly do any damage and all of them will die to the enemy.
      If you send 50k agressive vehicles, they will do some damage to the enemy but will die fast as they have low defense.
      But if you send 25k defensive bulkers with 25k vehicles the vehicles will get all the kills while the bulkers take all the damage. This is how the troops work in coordination with each other.
      3. Buffs are very important in the game. A player with good buffs can easily beat a player with higher tier troops but weak buffs. So always focus on investments and your equipment to get those buffs.

  18. Hi, I’m new to Mafia City and I found your page very useful. Any chance you have recommendations on a good crew formation depending on the troops of your enemies? Thanks.

    1. I usually use a mix of all troops while attacking. Bulkers are key since they act as a meat shield and protect the other troops from dying. They also reduce the total casualties because of their high defense and HP. You should always add them whenever you attack others. At least 10 to 20% of your march should be bulkers (Level 4, 6, 7 & 10 are all defense bulkers).

      1. Interesting, I’ll definitely consider that when I attack next time. But then if the Bulkers act as shield I wonder if they necessarily die during an attack since they soak up the damage?

        1. Yeah. That’s the exact reason why a lot of bulkers die during battle. Because they soak up all the damage. If you don’t add them, the other troops will take the damage & since all other troops have lower defense than the bulkers, they’ll take way more damage than what the bulkers take.

          1. That makes sense. In the beginning I always thought Bulkers were just lousy troops because they kept dying, but since they do act as a sort of shield then it only follows.

            Still in relation to a good crew formation, would you say it’s possible to still defend adequately (or at least not lose so much power) if you’re, say, t6 against a t7? I read somewhere that it is, but they didn’t expound on that much. Hope you have some insights; what you’ve said have all been really helpful so far.

            1. Your crew formation should have enough defensive bulkers to tank attacks & it should contain a good amount of offensive troops as well to do damage to the enemy. You should check out the troop talents, that’ll give you a good idea of which troops you should use for attacks. For example, if you’re attacking resource tiles, you should send more t7 / t9 bikers because they get an attack bonus on resource tiles & if you’re attacking cities then you should send more t8 / t10 vehicles because they get an attack bonus while attacking cities.
              The outcome of a battle not only depends on troop levels & composition. The attributes also play an important role. If your leader skills are invested in attack & you have good equipment then you might be able to beat someone with better troops then you. The outcome of a battle usually depends more on the stats than the troop levels. You should focus more on investment, babe skills, equipment & leader level to get an edge in battle.

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