Mafia City Beginner’s Guide – Buildings

This is a beginners guide to Mafia City.

Mafia City is game of war / clash of kings type of game. So, if you’ve played any of those games before then you should not have a problem trying to understand the mechanics of this game. This post is going to be about the various buildings in the game.

You can watch the two videos below or read the post to get an idea about the buildings.


This is your main building which you have to upgrade in order to upgrade other buildings. You cannot upgrade other buildings beyond your current mansion level. You also get a boost in gathering speed per upgrade while leveling it up from level 6 to level 13.

The Wall

Upgrading the wall is a prerequisite for upgrading the mansion. Upgrading it increases the maximum capacity of your defense weapons and also increases your durability. The higher your durability is, the longer it takes for you to teleport randomly after getting attacked a number of times.

The Troop / Vehicle Training Centers

Upgrading the training centers will unlock powerful troops. You would want to upgrade these buildings as soon as you can unlock new troops (i.e. whenever your level reaches 4, 7, 10… and so on). It doesn’t make a lot of sense if you upgrade it at other levels since it won’t give you any benefits.


The pawnbroker helps you increase your exchange speed & it also reduces your check consumption for exchanging equipment.

The Clan Hall

It increases your raiding capacity. It is important to upgrade this building in order to send more troops to build clan buildings and also to accommodate more troops during raids.

The Bootleg Market

This helps you trade resources with your clan mates. Upgrading this will increase the amount of resources you can send per march & it also reduces the tax rate.

The Black Market

This building allows you to get cargo, cash arms or metal in exchange for wine or gold. Upgrading this building will increase the amount of free wine you get per day & it also increases the amount of resources you get per exchange.

The Security Center

This building helps you build defense weapons. Defense weapons help a lot by doing damage to the troops of players who attack your turf. There’s a maximum capacity of defense weapons that can be held. This maximum capacity can be increased by upgrading your wall.

Invest Center

This building allows you to research various technologies like gathering speed, march speed, troop attack and a lot more. Upgrading this building will unlock stronger technologies or will allow you to upgrade the existing technologies to a higher level.


The radar gives you information about enemies’s troops whenever they’re marching towards you. Upgrading it also gives you a more detailed spy report including information about troop numbers, types, number of defense weapons, troop levels and a lot more.


The Diner will increase your march size (crime ops size) & is a must to upgrade if you want to increase the power of your attacks. Upgrading this building will help you send more troops per march which will lead to less losses while doing street forces. It’ll also increase the probability of you winning attacks against other players.


The vault helps protect your resources. It is important to upgrade this building especially if you get attacked a lot since this building protects your resources from getting robbed. The higher it’s level the more resources it protects.

Clan Club

Apart from increasing your reinforcement capacity (i.e. players will be able to send more troops to reinforce you if you upgrade this building) the clan club also increases the time reduced by each help from a clan mate & also the number of times you can get help from clan mates.

The Resource Production Buildings

These buildings include the Counterfeiter, Cargo Hub, Ammu-Nation & Smelter. These buildings will increase the amount of resources produced per hour along with their resource capacity if you upgrade them.


Clubs let you train more troops at a time at the training centers & they also increase training speed. The more clubs you have, the faster you can train.


The hospital is a building that protects your troops from dying. If your turf gets attacked, your troops will get wounded until the hospital is full. Once the hospital becomes full, they will start dying. Upgrading the hospital will increase it’s capacity thereby leading to less deaths. However, the troops that you lose in battles that don’t take place in your turf will die even if the hospital is empty.

That was a short description of all the buildings in the game. We’ll be taking a look at troop types next.

186 thoughts on “Mafia City Beginner’s Guide – Buildings”

    1. If someone is Mansion 6 or above, or if their account is older than 72 hours they will not be able to switch cities. They will need to create a new account & move that account to your city within 72 hours of creation of their account & before they reach Mansion 6.

    1. No idea why that happened. Maybe you switched your skills from support to battle or growth, maybe you unequiped the kingpin set or maybe you demolished a few clubs which led to a decrease in training speed.
      I’ve got a post on How to train troops quickly, you can check it out to know what could’ve caused a reduction in training speed. Since, I’ve explained all the methods of increasing training speed in there.

      1. Hmm looks like warlkrd gets 10 percent ops speed and consignor get 2000 more troops when I click the picture next to them ok thanks

        1. Interesting. Just checked that. It’s probably a new feature that they added in one of the recent updates. Still not sure if leaders get extra buffs though. I’ll let you know if if I find out. Thanks for pointing that out!

    1. There are 3 clan properties, one each in Grade 1, Grade 3 & Grade 5, in which you can invest in to increase the number of members of your clan. The maximum number of clan members which you can have after maxing all 3 properties out is 120.

    1. You can, but you’ll have to demolish & rebuild it at the new location which will take the same amount of time as it took for you to build it the first time.

        1. Yes. But they only get wounded while the opponent’s troops will die. (if the opponent troops attack your clan tower)

    1. There is no purpose as such, however, in case certain players want to hide their troops during kill events you can have a high stat player garrison the tower first & the other players could hide their troops after his/her troops are inside. This is not 100% safe but if an enemy tries to attack, they will definitely face a lot of losses as compared to normal turf attacks.
      Better options of safeguarding your troops include using prisons, the clan secret base & reinforcing shielded players or just using a bubble yourself.

    1. You need to build Ammu-nations to produce arms. You unlock the arms resource only after your Mansion reaches level 10. You can find certain resource plots for arms on the map as well, you can send your troops to gather at those resource plots to get arms.

  1. What happen to the members resources inside clan vault when I demolish? I intend to rebuild in another location.

    1. The members will get back their resources via resource trucks from the vault. There’s a risk of others finding your member’s coords though if your members are far away from the vault, as the resource trucks will take time to reach them & players could follow their trail to detect the location of your members.

  2. What is the best troop setup for efficient wins. I currently am mansion 18 with all the way up to lvl 7 troops. I have about 221k power when attacking troop count is around 253k and crime ops 55,300. Also I want to change my mansion do I really have to buy fragments? You can’t earn them somehow. Thank you for your time.

    1. You unlock level 7 troops at Mansion 19.
      There is no ‘best’ troop formation for winning battles. It all depends on your opponents troop setup, your stats & your opponents stats.
      However, there are definitely a few things that you can do to increase the efficiency of your attacks.
      1. You should add enough defensive bulkers to protect your march. A lot of beginners make this mistake of not adding any defensive bulkers whenever they’re doing attacks because they feel that the bulkers keep dying without getting any kills. The job of there bulkers however is to protect your other troops from dying & isn’t to get kills. If you don’t add them your other troops will die a lot quicker because of their low HP & defense and you are likely to lose the battle even if you have a statistical advantage. You can also use the defensive vehicles to defend your march as well. However, they are less effective than bulkers.
      2. You should also add a good amount of bikers to your march, bikers have the ability to bypass the layer of bulkers & directly damage the ranged troops. This means that you’ll be attacking the opponent’s low defense troops directly without having to clear out all of their bulkers. This is mainly effective when your opponent has a very high number of bulkers which is impossible for you to break through.
      3. You should also add a good amount of offensive vehicles. These are the troops with the highest Attack & they usually kill a lot of the enemy troops.
      Even though they can’t attack ranged troops directly, they can still do a huge amount of damage simply because of their high attack.
      4. For shooters, you can add a few of them into your march. From experience I can tell that the shooter don’t really get as many kills as bikers & vehicles. So, I try to put just a few shooters (4-5k in your case) just so that you can have all troop types in your march. The gunners are good for offense & the snipers are great on defense. The snipers kill a lot of enemy troops if you’re defending an attack but they’re not very effective on offense so you can eliminate them from your marches & use only gunners.

  3. I placed my second clan tower in a spot I didn’t want it to be hit when I select recapture it says that all clan buildings in the territory will be recaptured if I select yes. Does that mean I can’t take back second tower to replace without taking back first tower already built? Thanks. 🙂

    1. When it says that all clan buildings in the territory will be removed it means that if there are any clan buildings (the clan secret base & clan vault) inside the territory of the clan tower they will be removed as well if you remove the clan tower. So, you don’t need to get rid of all towers. Just remove the clan tower you want to move.

    1. Click on the coords you want to bookmark & then select the ‘star’ that appears on the bottom left of the coordinates. Now select the type of bookmark you want to give it & click ‘OK’

    1. Upgrading your mansion unlocks more land. Once you reach Mansion level 15 you cannot unlock any more land

    1. Click on the clan tab at the bottom right of the screen. Then click on the manage tab which is also at the bottom right. Then select quit clan

  4. Hi I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how to find the in game time because everyone is talking about things starting at a particular in game time and I have to idea about any of this can someone help plz

    1. The in game time is UTC+0. Click on your avatar and then settings. At the top you should find the city time.

    1. You can keep repairing your wall to increase the durability. If your durability is very low then you can get the durability recovery item from the clan store for 100,000 clan honor which fully recovers your durability.

      1. I have completed the cup game reached the full favor mark still cant chnge her clothes?? Why is that??

        1. A lot of players have asked me about not being able to change clothes in spite of having full favor but I haven’t been able to figure out why that’s the case. You should try contacting Mafia City Secretary on line and ask for more info about this issue.

    1. Only R4s and the R5 of the clan can use clan points. They’re used to restock items in the clan store.

    1. You need to demolish a building to free up space for the smelter & then upgrade the smelter to level 15.

      1. Hi, can you explain about farm account and main account, is it means you can have two account ? How to play two accounts ? Thanks

  5. Hi just wanna ask if i didnt bind my old farm and open a new one does it mean i cant open the old one?

    1. If you start a new game or switch accounts without binding your farm account, you won’t be able to get back the unbound farm account.

  6. Hi please someone tell me fast please ,,i know that dark gray area around the city hall but but but what is that light gray square area around the city hall? Why no turf is there? But i have teleport there! What will happen now? Is good for me or not?do i have Any benefits now?

    1. I wouldn’t suggest staying there. Players only teleport there to support their clan during the mayor election by reinforcing the towers. Your marching speed decreases substantially when you march in that area which is very bad for robbing as it’ll take very long for your troops to reach resource tiles. However, that’s the only area which spawns level 8 resource tiles. So you can enjoy those tiles while you’re there.
      Staying in that area will make you vulnerable to attacks and your clan mates won’t be able to reinforce you because of the slow march speed. So, in my opinion it is better to stay in your clan hive unless you are a very strong player with a lot of troops inside your turf who no one dares to attack.

    1. Send the troops in your farm out to rob resources & then attack your farm account with your main account. You will get all the non-safe resources without losing any troops since all your farm troops will be out robbing resources.

      1. Do you know what the open spaces between the black market and security center are used for, and what mansion lv they become available?

      1. Sorry for the late reply.
        All T4s other than T4 vehicles are good for killing. You need bulkers for defense and shooters and bikers for offence. However, for players with T4s I would recommend focusing more on growing and getting at least T6 as fast as possible as T6s & T7s are pretty well rounded troops and getting them is not that hard.

  7. How do I get RSS in my vault? I have almost 500k of cargo but I dont know how it got there. Can you explain how to get RSS there please.

    1. They will have to look around a lot to be able to find you or they can ask the mayor to use dirty money to find your coords.

  8. Hello. I would like to ask about ,in the 7 days domination , in Day 2. How can do collect resources and obtain COMBO reward 1 times.????

    1. Whenever you see resource icons above your resource production buildings you need to collect resources from them by pressing one resource icon and dragging over all the resource icons that appear over the other buildings. That way you’ll get a combo for resource collection. Hope that makes sense.

  9. I would like to ask about the change city topic..currently im on mansion 5 but it says tht i cant teleport because non safe resources exceeded limit (5k), how do i use or decrease the amount of it

    1. I’ve never faced this problem. But you can empty your resources by using them to upgrade buildings or do investments. If this doesn’t work. You might wanna contact Mafia City GM for further assistance.

  10. how to teleport to another city
    currently im level 10
    my mansion is level 8 coming to 9
    but i want to move to another city which i can be with my friends in the same city and clan

    1. You’ll need to create a new account & teleport to the city that your friend is in before you reach Mansion level 6 and within 3 days of creating the account. Once you start upgrading your Mansion from level 5 to level 6, you cannot change cities.

  11. Checks are used to exchange equipment at the pawnbroker. The higher the equipment level the more checks you need for the upgrade. The best way to get checks is from the black market. But you can also get some from doing the daily contracts. Make sure you invest in ‘check consumption’ to reduce the equipment exchange cost and in ‘Black market check trading’ to increase the amount of checks you get from each trade in the black market.

    1. Yes you can. Just go to the clan tab at the bottom right of the screen & then select the “create” option. You’ll have to be clanless in order to find the “create” option.

  12. seems like i have been on level 12 street crooks/clubs for a long time. how do i upgrade so i can attack higher level forces?

    1. The best way to beat higher level street forces is to unlock higher level troops by upgrading your training camps. However, even using buffs & shifting all your skill points into attack will also help.

      1. The mercenary property was recently added in the game. So I don’t really have a good idea about it. However, I think they will appear on the city map when the mercenary event starts.

  13. Do I need the same amount of clubs as the number of hospitals?

    Or can I have less clubs and more hospitals OR a combination of it that suits my requirements?

    1. The club needs to be upgraded first in order to upgrade your hospitals.
      You just need 1 club to start building / upgrading hospitals. After you’ve built 8 hospitals, you can demolish that club if you don’t want it. However, in order to upgrade your hospitals to a higher level you will have to rebuild the club.
      So, to answer your question… you don’t need to have the same amount of clubs as hospitals, you can use a combination that suits your requirements. However, I would recommend having 1 club at least because it is required to upgrade hospitals.

    1. I don’t quite understand what you mean by ‘the broken dancer’ can you please elaborate? Also,if you don’t have space to build extra smelters, you can demolish buildings like counterfeiters, cargo hubs, ammu-nations, hospitals or clubs to get some extra space.

  14. I am unable to build a smelter I’m at level 29 but unable to upgrade my mansion from level 15 until I get a smelter. It says no available land or unable to locate?

    1. Try demolishing a resource production building, hospital or club to free up space and then try building a smelter.

        1. You need to demolish a building to free up space for the smelter & then upgrade the smelter to level 15.

    1. You cannot increase the number of hammers. You can only have a maximum of 2 at a time. If you have resources to upgrade more than 2 buildings at a time, then you can use speed ups to finish some buildings if you have them.

    1. You’ll have to retrieve it & rebuild it at the new location where you want to move it. You will have to send troops again to rebuild it.

        1. You need to be an R4 or R5 to be able to do that. Just select the tower that you want to retrieve, then select ‘view details’ and then ‘demolish’.

            1. Yes. If you’ve already built the tower, it will stay. If you haven’t built it, it will still be unlocked & you’ll be able to build it anytime you want.

    1. You can hide your troops in the clan’s secret base to prevent them from getting attacked. Once your troops are in the secret base, no one can attack them. It’s somewhat like the prison which also protects your troops from getting attacked.

  15. Hi i have a problem. I am in mansion level 5 and have built 6/6 clubs of which four are in level 0. Im unable to click on them and upgrade them. But i have a job item where in it is asking me to build 3 clubs which is impossible. Kindly help

    1. Try restarting the game. Sometimes I encounter some bugs in the game but they disappear after I restart the game. If that doesn’t work, I would suggest that you start a new game. It’s quite easy to get to mansion level 5 in a few hours, so restarting would be the best option unless you’ve already spent on the game in which case you should contact the GM / secretary on line. Line ID: mafiacitycs

    1. Mansion 18 – 9,920,000 Cash, 9,920,000 Cargo, 944,000 Arms, 59,000 Metal
      Mansion 19 – 12,900,000 Cash, 12,900,000 Cargo, 1,230,000 Arms, 76,700 Metal
      Mansion 20 – 16,800,000 Cash, 16,800,000 Cargo, 1,600,000 Arms, 99,800 Metal

    1. Open the players profile who you want to add to your clan and then select ‘Send Invite’. You should find this option right between the ‘Block’ and ‘Send Mail’ options. If the player is already in a clan, you’ll have to ask him to leave his clan first else you won’t be able to invite him.

  16. what is the perfect combination for resource buildings,hospital and clubs for mansion level 15/16(with extra plots unlocked)??as there is a limited number of plots…

    1. In my opinion, you should build 8 hospitals & clubs on your main account so that you can train a lot of troops at a time & you won’t lose a lot when you get attacked. However, if you don’t like training a lot of troops then you can reduce the number of clubs & replace them with resource buildings. As far as the resource buildings are concerned, you can build them as per your requirements to fill up the empty spaces.

      For me, I also use farm accounts, each farm account is meant for a specific resource. So, in case of my cargo farm, I build 10 cargo hubs & in case of my cash farm, I build 10 counterfeiters. I adjust my skills based on the resource for these farms which makes the resource production buildings on my farm produce a lot more than my main. However, even these farms have 8 hospitals and 8 clubs to rapidly train troops. So if you are using farm accounts too, you can use this strategy. Eventually you will want to get rid of the clubs in your farm accounts once you train sufficient amount of troops to fill up all your marches & have the hospital capacity for all of them since you’ll be able to heal them in the hospital instead of retraining them. Then you can replace the clubs with other buildings.
      Since my farms take care of my resource needs, I don’t really care much about the resource buildings on my main account. I can easily have 8 clubs and hospitals without losing much on my main.

      1. You select your mansion on the map and choose the flash option. It has a 2 hour cooldown. So you won’t be able to use it for 2 hours after using it.

      1. If all the building plots in front of your wall are full you’ll have to demolish a building (counterfeiter, cargo hub, hospital, smelter or club) to build an Ammunation building. You can build a maximum of 8 ammunation buildings at once

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