How to recruit players to your clan? – Godfather Family Dynasty

This strategy should apply to all other MMORTS games that are similar to Godfather Family Dynasty.

This post is going to suggest a few effective methods to get more players in your clan (family). A lot of players try to recruit players in the wrong way & don’t get a lot of members to join them & their clan ends up being weak in the long run. Here are a few strategies which will help your clan recruit some really strong players.

  1. Try to get players that you know and trust from other servers / games: If you’ve already played this game on another server, you’ll probably be having a lot of friends from your clan / server or maybe you have friends that play other MMORTS games like The Godfather Family Dynasty. Make sure you let them know that you’re creating a new clan on another server & ask them to join you. It’s probably the best way to get loyal players join you almost immediately which will give you a huge head start.
  2. Be Fast: It is very important to create a clan as soon as possible in the game since there’ll be a lot of people looking for clans early on in the game & if there are very few clans to accommodate them, the players will try to join whichever clan they can. In fact, you won’t even have to ask anyone to join if you’re quick enough. Since players will join you automatically if all the clans ranked higher than you are full.
  3. Use The ‘Invite All’ Button a lot: Whenever you create a clan, make sure that you use the invite all button to fill up your clan fast. This method won’t always give you strong players & I do not recommend using this method later in the game. However, early on in the game, this is the best way to fill up your clan with weak players. This will inflate your power & your clan will look a little more attractive to the strong players who you invite via private messages.
  4. Recruit via private messages: This is the best way to recruit members. It’s much more effective than spamming those green colored invites in world chat that cost 10 gold. If you find players in world chat with high power who do not have a clan, just sending them an invite may not make them join your clan. Even trying to ask them to join your clan on world chat may not work, since a lot of times players don’t pay attention to world chat messages so you don’t know if they got your message or not. Instead, send them a private message asking them to join your clan. You should also give them a good reason to join your clan otherwise your message is going to sound like all those other invites that they get & it will be ignored. You can use something like this: “Hey! We’ve got a lot of active and experienced players in our clan who can help you grow much faster. Would you like to join us?” which doesn’t only ask the player to join but also tells him that he’ll benefit from joining your clan as well.
  5. Check the Mansion level leaderboards: An effective way of recruiting is to check the mansion level leaderboards. You will usually find players with high mansion levels that don’t have any clans. These players are hard to recruit. However, you may also find players with high mansion levels in clans that are weaker than yours. Send these players a message immediately & they will most likely join your clan.
  6. Check the Power leaderboards: It isn’t good to judge whether a player is strong or weak just based on his power. However, whenever it comes to comparing 2 clans, we always compare them based on power. Hence, getting high power players will help you increase the ranking of your clan on the leaderboard. These high power players can be recruited in the same way as high mansion level players i.e. by sending private messages to high power players in weaker clans.
  7. Checking the Clan Power Rankings: It is always good to keep an eye out for high ranked clans with inactive leaders. Whenever you find such a clan, send a message to all their powerful members asking them to join your clan because their leader seems to be inactive. Most of the players in these inactive clans would be glad to join you. You can also ask players from active clans to join your clan as well. However, if the leaders of such active clans get to know that you are trying to recruit their players, they might not be very happy and will probably attack you and your clan & try to steal your players. So, it’s better to stick to recruiting from weaker / inactive clans.

These are some of the strategies that I use to recruit players whenever I create a clan in the game. If you have some good strategies as well that you would like to share, don’t forget to leave a comment down below.

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