How to read Battle Reports – Mafia City

In this post I’m going to be showing you how I read battle reports & how I tweak my formations based on these reports. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

How to read Battle Reports – Mafia City

There are 3 main factors that I consider whenever I read a battle report.

The first one is tanker count: I usually prefer having just enough tankers in my march to defend my melee troops. While, adding a lot of tankers ensures that your troops in the back remain safe, it also reduces the efficiency of your march because the tankers hardly get any kills. So, I usually try to limit the number of tankers I use so that I can maximize the number of offensive troops that I add to my march.

The second one is Ranged Troop Losses vs their kills: I don’t usually add a lot of ranged troops in tournament battles. However, if you do, you should always compare the number of kills they get with the number of losses. You wanna ensure that each troop type is getting more kills than losses. If that isn’t the case, you should either reduce their number or remove them entirely from your march. Ranged troops are the first to get targeted by charge attacks from your opponent’s bikers. Thus they usually end up giving your opponents more kills that what they get. So, it’s usually better to avoid using them in your tournament marches.

And the third factor that I consider is the Kill Ratio of my offensive melee troops:
The kill ratio is basically the ratio of the number of kills my troops get to the number of troops I add in my march. I usually try to equalize the kill ratio for all my offensive melee troops to maximize the efficiency of my march.

To give you an example, let’s assume I have 50,000 T10 Bikers & 50,000 T9 bulkers in my march. The tier 9 bulkers get 25,000 kills which makes their kill ratio 0.5 & the tier 10 Bikers let’s say, get 75,000 kills which gives them a kill ratio of 1.5
Now, common sense would say that you should eliminate the Tier 9 bulkers from your march & use only Tier 10 Bikers since they have a higher kill ratio. However, if you’ve watched my troop formation video, then you probably know that as you increase the number of troops of a specific type in your march, their kill ratio keeps decreasing.
So, instead of eliminating the T9 Bulkers completely, let’s say we reduce their count to 10000 & increase the number of T10 Bikers to 90000. Now let’s say the 10000 T9 Bulkers get 15000 kills which makes their kill ratio 1.5 & the 90,000 T10 Bikers get 45000 kills which makes their kill ratio 0.5
What this means is that the Tier 9 Bulkers are now doing better than the Tier 10 Bikers & the number of Tier 9 Bulkers should be increased to make your attacks more efficient.
Now let’s say you make another adjustment & increase your T9 Bulker count to 25,000 & Reduce your T10 Biker count to 75,000. Now your 25,000 T9 bulkers get 25,000 kills which makes their kill ratio 1 & your 75,000 Bikers get 75,000 which also makes their kill ratio 1. At this point, both troops are doing equally well & hence there is no need for any further adjustment. This is the reason why you should aim to equalize the kill ratio of your troops.

Keep in mind that you don’t really need to consider stats when trying to optimize your formation as all your stats & your opponent’s stats will be factored in whenever you try to equalize the kill ratio of your troops. For instance, if you have a very high biker attack, you won’t be able to equalize your kill ratio unless you increase the number of bikers & reduce the number of other troops in your march.

Now, let’s take a look at one of my reports so I can show you how I read battle reports & draw conclusions from them.

So, here’s a report of me challenging another guy in 3v3. The stats don’t really matter while adjusting your troop formation. However, I’m sharing them just for those that are curious.

Let’s take a look at my opponents formation first to see what he could’ve done to improve the results.

As you can see, my opponent was using all of his Tier 7 & Tier 8 troop types in his march. However, he had more offensive tier 8 troops than tier 7 troops.
Now, let’s consider all the 3 factors that we discussed earlier, one by one:
The first one is Tanker Count: My opponent had around 38,000 tankers in his march & he lost all of them. This would usually tell me that my opponent did not have enough tankers in his march. However, if you look closely at the report, you’ll see that his T8 bulkers were never attacked. Now his T8 bulkers should’ve been targeted by my troops after all his tier 7 bulkers were killed since they come next in line. However, since they were not attacked, it tells me that he had just enough bulkers in his march to protect all his troops in the back. So his bulker count is perfect & doesn’t need any adjustment. However, I would still add one to two thousand extra bulkers just to be safe.

The next factor is Ranged Troop Losses vs kills:
As you can see my opponent had a lot of ranged troops in his march & they hardly got any kills while at the same time they ended up giving me a ton of kills. This tells me that he should’ve eliminated all ranged troops from his march because they hardly did any work.

And the third factor is Kill Ratio:

My opponent had an equal amount of Riders & Combaters. However his combaters got a slightly better kill ratio than the riders probably because his bulker attack was higher than his biker attack. This tells me that he should’ve added a few more bulkers to his march to equate the kill ratio.

So in conclusion, my opponent should’ve slightly increased his bulker count, removed all of his ranged troops & filled the extra space with slightly more T8 bulkers than T8 bikers for better results.

Now let’s take a look at my march:

For tanker count, it seems like I only lost 12,000 tanker so I probably would be better off against this opponent if I only had around 15,000 tankers in my march & used the extra space for more offensive troops.

As far as ranged troops are concerned, I was only using one of each type as bait in my march. So the 2nd factor is irrelevant in this case.

And finally for kill ratio, my Tier 8 bulkers had a kill ratio of around 0.86, my T8 bikers had a kill ratio of around 0.92 & my Tier 6 bikers had a ratio of around 0.87. This tells me that I should’ve added a few more T8 bikers to my march for better results.
Also, if you take a look at my other low tier melee troops, you’ll see that my tier 5 bulkers had a kill ratio of 4.85, my tier 3 bulkers had a kill ratio of 6, my tier 3 bikers had a kill ratio of 4.47, my tier 2 bikers had a kill ratio of 2.47 & my tier 1 bikers had a kill ratio of 1.8. So, I should’ve also increase the number of these low tier melee troops in my march for better results.

Let’s take a look at another report so you get a better idea how to read reports:

Here’s another 3v3 report. My opponent & I had quite similar stats. However, my opponent’s march size was more than double my march:

If you take a look at the bulker count, you’ll find that my opponent had over 80,000 bulkers but lost only around 7000 of them which tell me that my opponent didn’t need to add more than 10,000 T10 bulkers against my march.

If you look at ranged troop losses, you’ll find that my opponent’s shooters got around 21,000 kills but they gave me more than 23,000 kills which obviously means that adding so many T10 shooters to the march was a bad idea. The number of T10 shooters should’ve either been reduced or they should’ve been eliminated from the march for better results.

And lastly, if you compare the kill ratio of the T10 bikers with the T9 bulkers, you’ll find that the Tier 9 bulkers almost had a kill ratio of 1 while the T10 bikers had a kill ratio of around 0.2. This tells me that my opponent should have increased the number of T9 bulkers & reduced the number of T10 bikers in their march for better results.

Now let’s take a look at my formation:

I was using the same formation as the previous report. However, here you’ll find that I lost over 48,000 T7 bulkers while I had only around 50,000 T7 bulkers in my march. This tells me that my bulker count was almost perfect & did not require any adjustment.

Again I wasn’t using any ranged troops in my march other than the few that I was using as bait.

And finally for kill ratio, you’ll see that my bikers did a lot better than my bulkers. My T8 & T6 bikers, both had a kill ratio of over 0.4 & my T8 bulkers only had a kill ratio of around 0.16. Which means that I should’ve used more bikers in my march & reduced the number of bulkers that I was using to get better results against this specific opponent.
Obviously the low tier bikers & bulkers also had high kill ratios like in the previous report which means that I should’ve also added more of them for better results.

If you still haven’t checked out my Troop Formation Guide, I highly recommend checking that out so you get a better idea of how the battle mechanics of the game work.

I hope you found this post helpful.

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7 thoughts on “How to read Battle Reports – Mafia City”

  1. I have been playing for about a year now. And I have ask people who have played longer than me people of higher level than me… everyone and no one can tell me so maybe you can. How do you legit read a spy report. Especially the resource. What’s the difference between owned and not collected. I have noticed after a hit it will give me only half of the uncollected and then half the next hit. And sometimes it will say 0 owned and uncollected will have a number. Any info you have would greatly be appreciated! ~ hypnotiqzZ

    1. Uncollected are the resources that your buildings (counterfeiter, smelter, etc.) produce but you haven’t yet collected them. You can only get a maximum of 50% of uncollected resources per attack. So, let’s say if a player has 100k uncollected, then 1st hit will give you 50k, 2nd hit 25k, 3rd hit 12.5k & so on. Owned is the unsafe resources that you own (that you’ve collected / gathered). Safe resources are not shown in spy reports, so sometimes you might see 0 collected resources especially when they’ve used all their unsafe resources along with some safe resources for upgrades. But, buildings always produce resources so it’s difficult to find reports with 0 uncollected.

        1. I do have have to ask, if the owned says for example 496,000+ and the uncollected is 350,000, I will only get then 50% of uncollected?

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