Archery Event – Mafia City

In this post I’m gonna be giving you a few tips to do the Archery Event. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Archery Event – Mafia City

The Archery Event consists of 3 difficulties. There’s Easy, Medium & Hard. You start off at Easy & you have to at least get a score of 6 in each difficulty to unlock the next ones. You get 1 archery emblem per target you hit from easy mode, you get 3 per target from medium & you get 5 per target from hard mode. You can exchange the archery emblems that you get from this event for various items.

While aiming at the target, I usually to prefer keeping my finger on the screen until I shoot the arrow because the cross-hair starts moving whenever you release your finger from the screen & the clock also starts ticking once you’ve released your finger.
While aiming at the target, you need to consider the impact of the wind & gravity. The wind impact is shown at the Top & Right side of the screen. The wind could blow in any direction – Up, down, left or right & it’s impact could range from anywhere between 0 to 5 meters. However, gravity has a fixed impact of 2 meters in the downward direction. So always make sure you adjust the wind for gravity whenever you’re aiming at the target.
For instance if there’s a wind of 5 meters in the upward direction, it’s impact will be reduced to 3 meters in the upward direction because there’s 2 meter’s of gravity acting in the downward direction & in the same way if there’s 5 meters of wind in the downward direction, then it’s impact will increase to 7 meters in the downward direction because of the extra 2 meters of gravity.
So always make sure you adjust your wind by 2 meters in the downward direction before aiming.

The inner circle of your cross hair has a radius of 1 meter while the outer circle has a radius of 3 meters & the lines extend 5 meters from the center.
So you can use the circles and lines to your advantage while aiming at the target.

You can also use this app called Material Cue that gives you grid-lines on the screen which helps a lot with aiming. You can customize the grid-lines however you want. I use a step size of 12.8 pixles for my grid-lines which works pretty well for me. However, you may have to adjust your grid-lines based on your device. You can download it from here:

It’s a little difficult to land the 6 and 7 meter shots. Because you’ll notice that 6 meters is more like 5 meters when you use grid-lines & 7 meters is more like 6 meters. However, you’ll get used to it with practice.

The video above has 2 videos of how I did this event on hard mode after around 2:40 (2 minutes 40 seconds). The first one is is with grid-lines while the 2nd ones is without. You can decide whether you want to use grid-lines or not by watching the video above. Enjoy!

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