New Update & Oktoberfest Event – Mafia City

In this post I’m gonna be talking about the recent update & I’ll also be talking about the new Oktoberfest event in the game. Let’s start off by talking about the new update. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

New Update & Beer Event

They’ve made two changes to conquerors path. The first change is that you can now view the last match of your current opponents. This feature is gonna be very useful if you wanna get info about your opponent. You’ll be able to tell their strategy, the number of active players they have and also the how strong they are by watching these matches. It should give you a good idea whether you can win against your opponents or not especially if they’re cities that are not very well known.

They’ve also added a History feature which will record the info about all the weekly Conqueror’s Path matches. You’ll be able to see the results of each and every match that took place during the entire season there. However, you won’t be able to watch those matches.

The next thing they’ve mentioned in their update notes is, they’ve increased the maximum level of the Plantation Store from level 9 to level 10. It’s not something that gonna impact a lot of players in the game, only the big spenders are gonna benefit from it. I still have no idea what a level 10 plantation store gives you though.

Then they’ve also added bonds back to the scrap collector. However, now, the bonds only give you 2 recycle coins per bond instead of the 8 that they used to give earlier. I was expecting them to decrease their value to 4 recycle coins because that keeps the exchange ratio of gold to recycle coins at 1:1. However, now that bonds only give 2 recycle coins, almost nobody will want to exchange them for recycle coins at the scrap collector because you’ll be able get a better value if you buy items directly using gold.

They’ve also added a new Column decoration called the Gargoyle Keeper which you can get by doing 300 spins at the Limited Lottery.

There are also 3 new achievements in the Godfather’s monument. You have the destruction beasts ops achievement which gives you 2% Biker attack & defense. Then there’s the shining stars turf effect achievement which gives you 2% biker & Vehicle attack. & then there are also the Joyful moments Name Tag, Avatar Frame & Chat bubble achievements which give 2% Biker Health & 2% Shooter Defense each.

So, those were all the important features that were added in this update. There were also a few optimizations & adjustments which I’m not gonna talk about here as I don’t think they’re that important.

As far as the event’s are concerned, there’s the beer festival & there’s also a new Card Matching Mini-Game event which allows you to get vigilante fragments & a few other items. Let’s talk about the beer festival first.

This is quite similar to last year’s beer festival event. In this event you get beers by defeating Street Forces, Trading at the Black Market & also by raiding Breweries on the map. You can also get a few beers from the daily contracts.

Whenever you use these beers, you get points for your clan & also for yourself. Since this is a global event, you can get rewards if your clan ranked anywhere in the top 100 global clans or in the top 5 clans of your city for this event. You do not get any individual ranking rewards. However, you do get rewards everytime you drink a certain amount of beers. You get rewards for drinking 100, 250, 500 & 1000 bottles of beer during the event.

As far as the card matching event is concerned, I’ll be making a separate post about it whenever it returns.

Hope you found this post helpful.

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2 thoughts on “New Update & Oktoberfest Event – Mafia City”

  1. Your information on the new october fest is wrong we arnt getting any beers to consume. Or maybe there is a second part to the event idk. But yea no beers so far they are just rewarding us as we occupy and when we attack the Breweries we just get prizes like rss. So far its not sure if we are getting points from the Breweries we’re only sure that were getting points as we occupy

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