Harry might Break the Game – Mafia City

In this post I’m gonna be talking about the new vigilante called Harry, why I think he is currently the best vigilante to max out in the game & also why he might possibly break the game. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Harry Might Break the Game – Mafia City

So, Harry is a Golden Quality vigilante that has 3 Passive Skills & 2 Active Skills.
His first skill is Magic Hands which is a passive skill & as you can tell by the picture, it increases Bulker Attack by 5%. His 2nd skill is another Passive Skill that increases Crew Defense by 5%. His 3rd skill is an active one that increases March Capacity by 10,000. His 4th skill is again a passive skill which reduces enemy Crew Attack by 5%. And finally, his last skill is an upgradable active skill which Reduces Crew Received Damage by 5% at level 1 & 25% when maxed out at level 5.

For those of you that are wondering what this stat is, it is the same negative Bulker Received Damage stat that you usually see in your reports. However, Harry’s skill not only buffs your bulkers, but also your Bikers, Shooters & Vehicles. Before Harry was added to the game, the Bulker Received Damage Stat would cap at -84%. However, now with a maxed out Harry, you can increase that stat from -84% all the way upto -109%. The problem with this stat is that it doesn’t negate any other stat in the game unlike all the other negative stats. For instance if you have an enemy biker attack stat of -200 in the game & your enemy has a biker attack of let’s say +1000%, that’s not a problem as you enemy bikers will still deal +800% attack. However, when it comes to Received Damage, there is no specific stat that increases the amount of damage your troops receive. Some might argue that Bulker Damage is the stat that negates Bulker Received Damage, but that just doesn’t work because Bulker Damage represents the amount of damage your bulkers inflict on all enemy troops while Bulker Received Damage is the amount of damage they take from all enemy troops. An example of a stat that negates Bulker Received Damage would be a stat that increases the amount of Damage that your Bulkers take from all enemy troops.

With Bulker Received Damage at -109%, your bulkers will now take 109% less damage from every attack. However, since each attack only inflicts 100% damage on your bulkers, it’ll mean that they take -9% damage per attack. So, technically, they would gain some HP for every attack. Which just doesn’t make any sense.

So, I’m kinda curious to see some reports from people with more than -100% Bulker Received Damage to see if their Bulkers take any damage or not. But, that’s all I had to talk about Harry. I hope you guys found this post helpful.

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8 thoughts on “Harry might Break the Game – Mafia City”

  1. Hello Flavio.
    Is there any of your tutorials where is described how to increase Bulker Received Damage beside Harry?

    Thanks in advance

  2. any way to understand better on reading own and battle stat? Specifically for novice. It’s amazing how you explain it but saying a bunch of numbers makes me confuse. Do you have a page that explain about stat?

    I want to understand how certain formations with certain stats affect a battle. Is there a formula to calculate? I mean, how do you know a person power just looking at their stat reports?

  3. Hi flavio . When written in French :
    The stat says reduce damages of enemy troops. So there is a mistake i think because it is not the same thing in english !

    1. So …. i think the game calculates the damages in two steps :
      1/ Reduces the damages of enemy troops
      2/ Reduces the received damages of bulkers
      I will upgrade this vigilante and see where the stat is added on the report …

  4. My question is how often will they offer him in a pack and will they keep the dice game. I said the exact same thing as you mentioned above. I quickly got him to 2 stars just in case they decide to make him harder to star up. Just want to say thanks for doing your blog. I have shared it with my entire clan.

    1. Thanks for sharing my blog. I think it’s gonna be similar to Diana’s dice game event. It should happen once or twice every month.

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