The Halloween Event – Mafia City

In this post, I’m gonna be quickly going over the the various Halloween Events. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Halloween Events – Mafia City

The First one is Harry’s Treasure Hunt Event. This event is very similar to Diana’s treasure hunt event except you can get 150 fragments of Harry for making it all the way to the end. You can get upto 3 free dice for this event every day from the daily contracts. You can also get extra dice by purchasing gold during the event. However, you can not spend gold to get extra dice in this event like you can in Diana’s Treasure Hunt. After reset, the first round requires 1 die per roll & the the cost goes up by 2 Dice every round until it maxes out at 15 dice per roll.

The Second Event is the Trick or Treat event which allows you to gift diabetes to other players. Candies can by obtained by defeating Street Forces, by defending Halloween Parties or by purchasing packs. Players & Clans that receive a lot of candies may get individual & clan ranking rewards. Also, players can get some extra rewards for gifting a certain amount of candies to other players. If players manage to gift 9,999 candies to other players then they’ll be able to get the permanent Demon Bat Wing Turf Effect.

The Third Event is the Halloween Party. This event requires the R5 or R4s of a clan to place a Halloween party on the Map. After a Halloween party has been placed, around 6 tombstones spawn next to it. You’re supposed to attack these tombstones until they’re all completely destroyed to get rewards for this event. The tombstones will spawn troops to attack your halloween party every 5 minutes. If your Party is undefended, it’ll lose 2000 HP for every march that it can’t defend against. The party has a total of 100,000 HP so it doesn’t really make much sense to defend it while attacking the tombstones as you can easily destroy all tombstones without defending the party if you attack them continuously. Also, defending the party usually gives you a lot of wounded troops, especially if you don’t have strong troops to defend against the attacks. So I wouldn’t suggest defending.

After all the tombstones are destroyed, all the members in your clan will get rewards for finishing the event. The rewards for this event can only be obtained once per day.

The fourth event is called The Halloween Lucky Machine Event. This event allows you to spin lucky machines for rewards. You need tokens to spin the lucky machines. There are 2 types of tokens, there’s the silver token that you can use to spin the silver machine to get basic rewards. You can get upto 14 silver tokens per day from the Daily Contracts. There’s also the Golden tokens that you can get by purchasing $100 packs to spin the Golden Machine to get premium rewards. You can also get 1 Golden Token for free by Spinning the Silver Machine 45 times.

So, those were all the different Halloween Events that are currently going on in the game. I hope you guys found this post helpful.

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