New October 31st Update – Mafia City

In this post, I’m gonna be talking about the new features added in the October 31st update. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

New October 31st Update – Mafia City

The first new feature is called the Clan Glory feature which shows how many clan achievements clans have completed. It’s something similar to the personal achievement number shown on your profile, just that this one is for clans & it’s visible to everyone, including players that are not part of your clan.

They’ve added a new Grade 5 Clan Property called Safety in Numbers which increases the clan’s max member capacity. So, now clans can have more than 120 members.

In the new update, they’ve also made it possible to upgrade a few more babe skills using Jewelry Cards. Now, each babe has 3 upgradable skills which means it gonna require a lot more jewelry cards now to max out your babes.

They’ve also updated the Growth Funds:
There’s now a Vigilante Growth Fund 5 which you unlock after collecting your rewards from Vigilante Growth Fund 4.
They’ve also added Franchesca Fragments to the list of items that you can redeem with the Babe Growth Card. So, now you can get 4 different babes from the babe Growth Fund.

They’ve also added 6 new decorations, The 3rd Anniversary Cakeland & the 3rd Anniversary Crown, the 3rd Anniversary F1 Ops Effect & the 3rd Anniversary Name Tag, Avatar Frame & Chat Bubble.

Finally, they’ve upgraded the max level of the SVIP Store from 12 to 13 & they’ve also added new Emotes to the game.

So, that’s all they’ve added in this recent update. There’s also a new 3rd Year Anniversary Event starting tomorrow so I might make a post about that soon. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed watching this post.

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