World Environment Day Guide – Mafia City

In this post, I’m gonna be talking about the World Environment Day event. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

This is a 7 day event that requires you to do 2 things to get points. First you need to decontaminate biohazard camps to get 50 points per camp & then you need to eliminate Haulers to get 400 points.

You can decontaminate upto 40 camps per day & attack upto 10 haulers. So, in total you can get upto 6000 points per day. 2000 from the camps & 4000 from the haulers.

The Haulers are usually found close to the center of the map in the level 6-7 resource territory. It a little difficult to find them, but from what I’ve observed, they usually spawn at the exact same location every time so if you find a few in clusters, you should stay there after you finish attacking them & wait for them to spawn again. The Haulers refresh every hour & you can see the refresh countdown at the event page as well.

Each Hauler is surrounded by 8 camps. You first need to disinfect the 8 camps before you can attack the hauler. Disinfecting camps is just like gathering resources. You send your troops to the camps & 10 minutes later they return home with some hitman coins, roadster points & Hazmat Boxes & the camp disappears. Unfortunately, you can only clear 40 camps per day which will only allow you to attack 5 haulers. If you wanna attack 10 haulers daily, you’ll need to use a farm account as well to clear the camps. Your camps can be attacked as well just like resource tiles, so make sure you send only 1 troop to the camps to reduce injuries in case they’re attacked.

This event gives you rewards for collecting personal points. You get some godfather coins, roadster points & grand hazmat boxes for each milestone you reach.

The final milestone gives you a permanent Hazmat avatar frame & 10 hazmat ops fragments. Along with the regular, godfather coins, roadster points, hazmat boxes & resources.

There are also clan ranking rewards where the highest ranked clan in the city will get a 30 day Tactical Hazmat Title along with a 30 day Hazmat Name Tag.

The advance Hazmat boxes give you a 2 hour training speed up along with 100,000 cash & cargo & the regular ones give you 20 minutes of healing speed ups along with 10,000 cash & cargo. The Grand boxes give you 4 common gem boxes & 2 rare gem boxes along with a 2 hour healing speed up.

So, that’s how this event works. I think it’s totally worth doing this event with a farm for a free avatar frame.

I’d like to give a shoutout to phoenix from city 152 for helping me get info about this event.

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So, that’s all I had for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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