Equipment Presets for beginners – Mafia City

In this post, I’m gonna be explaining how you can use equipment presets which will allow you to switch your equipment quickly. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Equipment Presets (For Beginners) – Mafia City

To access equipment presets, you simply click on your profile picture & then select Equipment Set which you should find to the left of your roadster.

You initially start off with one preset & you can purchase another one immediately for 2000 gold. You can then unlock upto 3 more presets from your invest center & 2 more from your Contract Agency. So, in total you can have upto 7 presets in the game.

You can rename a preset by clicking on the notepad symbol besides it’s name. You can click on “Edit” to select the equipment you want to use in the preset. To select an equipment, you need to have it in your inventory first. So you shouldn’t face any problems with regular equipment. However, for godfather coins & roadster points, you might have to sell all your existing equipment & buy the equipment you want if that equipment isn’t showing when you click edit.

Once you’ve selected the pieces of equipment that you want to use in the preset, you can simply click on “Use” anytime to immediately use the preset. It’ll automatically change your existing equipment to the equipment that you set in the preset provided you still have that equipment in your inventory.

Sometimes you might face problems while switching your Godfather equipment & roadsters. That’s normally because you first need to invest in the Godfather Equipment Switch investment at the invest center to unlock equipment switching for godfather’s equipment. If this investment is not done, then you’ll have to manually sell your existing godfather equipment & buy the new godfather equipment that you want if you do not already own the godfather equipment in the preset. With the investment, the game will automatically sell your existing godfather equipment & switch to the one in the preset.

The same applies to roadsters. If you’re not SVIP 3, you’ll not be able to automatically switch your roadster if you don’t own it. You’ll have to manually sell your existing roadster & buy the new one that you want.

Now for the presets, there are a lot of different presets that you can use. The ones I use are an “Attack” Preset that works for tournament attacks, the slammer, real estate & also for attacking players in general. It basically has the massacre equipment with the level 35 MP5 gun & the level 25 terrirozer’s suit to maximize biker attack. Then for godfather equipment I have the Godfather’s Gun which gives me 10% Crew Attack along with some extra biker defense & bulker attack & then I have silent walker which gives me 15% Crew Attack & 10% Crew Defense along with 10% Biker Charge Damage which is very useful for attacks & it also gives me 10% more Crew Attack if I’m attacking Turfs. Then I have the defense set which I mainly use during city royale to defend my turf against stronger players. It is quite similar to the attack set in terms of regular equipment. However, for my godfather’s equipment I use the level 25 Godfather’s Coat which gives me a lot of extra Crew Attack & Defense while defending my turf. For the Roadster, I use Night Ripper because again it gives me 12% more Crew Attack & Defense while defending my turf along with the regular 15% Crew Attack & 25% Crew Defense that it generally gives.

Then I have the T9 Training Preset for my Mansion 26 account which consists of the kingpin set along with my golden Godfather’s Diary which is optimized for bulker & biker training speed & the Queen Roadster. I prefer using the golden diary because it reduces your training cost as well unlike all the other diaries. For training Tier 8 troops, you’d want to replace the Queen with Deathrow in this preset & for Tier 7 troops you’d want to replace Queen with Mad Max. For Tier 9 & T10s, you’d wanna use God Slayer if you can afford it otherwise you can simply stick to Queen.

Then there’s the Gathering set where I basically use a bunch of level 1 equipment with gathering emblems along with the Orange Godfather’s Ring which is Optimized for Resource Gathering Seed & Queen Again because of the extra 30% gathering speed.

Then there’s the resource collection set that I use before collecting resources from my buildings. It’s the same kingpin set. With training speed & Cargo, metal & Arms Production emblems. I also use the Golden Godfather’s Ring which boosts my Cargo & Metal Production & also the Tidal Wave Roadster which gives me 40% more resource production

& I have the healing set that I use for healing my troops. It basically has a bunch of equipment that give me healing speed buffs & the Golden Godfather’s Necklace that also gives a huge boost to my healing speed while reducing my healing cost at the same time. I obviously also switch to the support tree whenever I use this set so that I get even more healing speed & healing cost reduction.

Finally, I also use the Street Force Set which looks a lot like my regular attack & defense set. However, for Godfather Equipment I use the Orange Level 5 Diary which is Optimized for Street Ops Speed & Crime Ops Speed & the Blue Devil Roadster which doubles the rewards I get from street forces. I use the same preset for mercenaries as well. However, instead of the Blue Devil Roadster, I switch to Cruisin Canary for 40% more ops speed since Blue Devil does not double the rewards you get from Mercenaries

So, those were all my presets. There are a lot of different presets that you can use. For example, you can use have a building preset for construction which you can make using either the builder’s set which reduces your construction cost or equipment that boosts your construction speed. You can also make a set for investments, maybe even a set for ops speed which I’ll be working on once I’m done with my kingpin & healing set.

So, that’s how presets work in this game.

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