VIP Store – Mafia City

In this post, I’m gonna be talking about the VIP Store. So, let’s get started.

The VIP Store – Mafia City

The VIP Store is a special type of store that you can access during the VIP Store event by activating your VIP Buff. You can access it just by activating your VIP buff regardless of your VIP level. However, in order to buy items from there, you need to be at least VIP 2. Players with higher VIP levels can access more items from the store & players that are VIP 10 or higher will have access to all items.

At VIP 2 you unlock the 5 minute Speedups & the 50,000 Cash and Cargo. I don’t think it’s worth spending gold on any of these items.
At VIP 3, you unlock the 8 hour Builder’s Contract, 5000 Leader Experience & 300 VIP Points. If you’re a non-spender with a lot of farms, then you’d probably wanna buy the 8 hour builder’s contract. If you’re spending on the Monthly Card which gives you a free builder or if you don’t have a lot of farms, then it’s probably a bad idea to get the 8 hour contract. The leader Experience & VIP Points are not worth buying on in my opinion.
At VIP 4, you unlock the 8,000 Arms, 10 Energy & the T2 Vehicle Recruitment item. In one of my older videos I’d shown you guys a trick to get 10 Energy from the Scrap Collector for just 20 gold. However, now since they fixed that, it’s best to buy energy cans from the VIP Store for just 30 gold each. The other 2 VIP 4 items I don’t think are worth buying.
At VIP 5, you unlock 2,000 metal, the 8 hour gathering speed buff & Advance Chips. It’s best to buy advance chips from the VIP Store as you can get them for as little as 16 gold per advance chip from the store while it normally costs you over 17 gold to buy them directly from the Smuggler or the Shop. The smuggler sometimes sell advance chips for just 15 gold each. However, that offer is extremely rare to come across, so rare that I haven’t found it even once after playing this game for over 2 years.
At VIP 6, you unlock the 1 day VIP buff, the Common Gem Box, 1 hour speed ups & Crime Ops Accelerations
At VIP 7, you unlock the 2 hour Training Speed ups, 150,000 Cash, 150,000 Cargo & a Random Teleport.
I don’t think it’s worth spending your gold on any of these items that you unlock at VIP 6 or 7.
At VIP 8, you unlock a lot of different items, you unlock the 25,000 Arms, 6,250 Metal, the Leader Talent Reset, the 24 Hour Gathering Speed bonus, Adriana and Catalina Fragments & Normal & Rare Emblem Chests.
If you’re not SVIP 6 or even if you are, you might wanna buy a few Leader Talent Resets from here since they only cost 700 gold instead of 1000. However, once you unlock the level 6 plantation store, you’d wanna stop buying these talent resets from the VIP store as you’ll be able to get them from the Plantation Store daily. Same goes for Adriana & Catalina Fragments, since their fragments are usually available for purchase at the Plantation Store, there’s no need to buy them from the VIP Store. As far as the emblem chests are concerned, if you have a lot of gold, then you should probably go for them but if you’re a non-spender then I wouldn’t recommend buying the emblem chests.
At VIP 9, you unlock Bonds, you unlock level 5 Smuggled Goods, Quality Gem Boxes, 24 Hour Small Upkeep Reduction & a 25% Ops Buff. Out of these it’s best to invest in Bonds as each bond only costs 3 gold unlike the 4 gold that they cost when buying them from the Shop. You could also buy the 25% Max Crime Ops buff from here if you use it a lot. In case you’re wondering what level 5 Smuggled Goods are, you can think of them as a useless level 5 pieces of equipment that can either be upgraded to level 10 using gems at the pawnbroker or can be used to synthesize other level 5 green equipment into blue equipment.
And finally at level 10, you unlock 8 hour speedups, Advance Teleports, Advance Crime Ops Accelerations & the 3 day Frozen Winter Turf Effect. I wouldn’t recommend buying advance teleports from the VIP store as you can get them from the Smuggler & Casino for a lot less. You can also get once advance teleport per day from the Plantation Store. If you need advance Crime Ops Accelerations, you should get them from here as they only cost 800 gold and not 1000.

So, those were all the items in the VIP Store. Also, keep in mind that the store refreshes on Monday which means that if you’ve bought the maximum amount of any of the items available in your store, that limit will reset on Monday & you’ll be able to buy more again. Although I’m not 100% sure, I think the VIP Store event happens around once a month for 7 days, which means that this store won’t always be open so you should take advantage of it whenever it is.

So, that’s all I had to talk about the VIP Store. I hope you guys found this post helpful.

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