SVIP Store & VIP Levels – Mafia City

In this post I’m gonna be talking about the VIP levels & I’ll also be explaining what the SVIP Store is & how you can unlock it. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

SVIP Store & VIP Level – Mafia City

The VIP buff is a special type of buff that, when activated, gives you certain extra buffs based on your VIP level. The higher your VIP level, the more buffs you get. When you start playing the game, you start off as a VIP 1. You need to collect more and more VIP points in the game to increase your VIP level. The VIP level maxes out at VIP 10 giving you more buffs with each level. After you reach VIP 10 you need to get 60,000 more VIP points to reach SVIP 1 which is when you transition into the SVIP Phase. To level up further, you’ll need SVIP Points instead of VIP points & in case you’re wondering, 1 SVIP Point is worth 20 VIP Points. So, you can continue using your VIP points after reaching SVIP 1 & they’ll be automatically converted to SVIP points. The SVIP level also maxes out at 10 giving you extra buffs per level. However, even that isn’t the end.

SVIP 10 is just the beginning of something called the SVIP Store. The SVIP Store is a special type of store that is unlocked once you reach SVIP 10. It’s somewhat similar to the plantation store. You can buy a limited amount of items daily & you can also buy permanent buffs from the SVIP store just like you can from the Plantation Store. Each item or buff you buy from the store gives you some store points. You can level up your SVIP store once you’ve gained a certain amount of store points. The Store Points are somewhat similar to Growth Points that you get in the Plantation Store.

Right now, the maximum level for the SVIP Store is level 13. However, the highest I’ve seen is a Level 10 SVIP Store. So, now let’s take a look at the items available for sale for SVIP Stores level 1 to level 11.

So, the level 1 SVIP store sells a Rare Emblem Chest, 8 hour speed ups, 200,000 Metal, 800,000 Arms, 5,000,000 Cash & 5,000,000 Cargo.
A level 2 SVIP Store sells another Rare Emblem Chest however, this one costs a little more than the Rare Emblem Chest that you saw at level 1. It also sells Advanced Crime Ops Accelerations, Roses, 50% Crime Ops Buffs & Premium Gem Boxes.
The level 3 Store sells another Rare Emblem Chest & this one is even more expensive than the one that you saw at the level 2 store. It also gives you 120 Godfather Coins for just 30 SVIP Points & you can buy 10 of these a day. This is the only place where you can buy a good amount of Godfather Coins daily without spending. You can also buy Rare Gem Boxes with a Level 3 store.
At level 4, you unlock a Grand Emblem Chest, you unlock Advance Teleports & you can also buy 100,000 Leader Experience 5 times a day.
At store level 5, you unlock the 60% Crime Ops Buff & the 600 Godfather Coin item
At level 6, you unlock a few Blueprints for making equipment & also Roadster Points.
At level 7, you unlock a few more Blueprints.
At level 8, you unlock the (+20,000) & (+10,000) Single Crew Training Capacity Items which basically increase your training capacity by 20,000 or 10,000 for a set of troops that you train. These 2 items are probably the most useless items in the SVIP Store. However, if you’ve made it to SVIP 8, you’re still gonna wanna buy them because of the amount of Store Points you get from doing so. This is because high level items usually tend to give more store points than low level items in the SVIP store. You also unlock the 12-hr 30% hour Defense Bonus at level 8.
At level 9, you unlock another 20,000 Single Crew Training Capacity item, you unlock the 3000 Godfather Coin item & the 12-hr 30% Attack Bonus.
At level 10, you unlock the Super Raid Order. You can buy 2 of these per day and each costs 500 SVIP Points. A Super Raid is a special type of Raid that you unlock after reaching SVIP 10. It allows the troops of all members joining the Raid to get the stats of the Raid Leader. Usually, you can do 2 Super Raids Per day using bonds. However, if you want to do more than 2 Super Raids in a day, then you need to use these Super Raid Orders.
And finally at level 11, you unlock the 12-hour 35% Defense Bonus.
So, I’m assuming that at level 12 you’ll probably unlock the 12-hour 35% Attack Bonus.

Finally, let’s take a look at the permanent buffs that you get from the SVIP Store. So, for every store level that you gain you can buy upto 4% Crew Attack, Defense & Health Buffs from the SVIP store. This means that if you have a level 13 SVIP Store, then you can get a total of 52% Crew Attack, Defense & Health just from the SVIP Store.

I’d like to give a huge shoutout to Whitebeard from City 160 for sharing the info about the level 10 SVIP Store. I hope you guys found this post helpful.

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3 thoughts on “SVIP Store & VIP Levels – Mafia City”

  1. Hello.

    For VIP I see two items:

    (1) xx VIP points
    (2) xx min/hour/day VIP

    Should I use every item (1) as soon as I get it to boost up my VIP level ? Is this level permanent ?

    And then only use (2) when I can best take advantage of the buffs ?

    Many thanks

    1. for (1) it doesn’t matter how you use it. Just make sure you use all of it whenever you level up. The VIP level is permanent. However, you’re required to activate it using (2). So, you should use (2) only when you can take advantage of the buffs. However, some players like using it 24/7 since it gives stats & hospital capacity buffs which help a lot if you get attacked.

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