Crew Member Ranking Event Update – Mafia City

In this post I’m gonna be talking about the new features added in the November 7th Update. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Clan Member Ranking Event Update – Mafia City

They’ve added a new Clan Photo Wall feature where members of a clan can upload photos for all members of that clan to see. Anyone can upload their photos. However, only the R4s & R5 are allowed to remove photos from the Clan Wall.

The maximum number of Defense Towers that you can build in your clan territory has now been increased to 12.

They’ve added a Crew Member Ranking Event that is available after a City has been open for 8 weeks. You can check out info about the amount of points you have, the rankings of your city & the the global rankings by going to the Butler & Selecting the Crew Member Rankings option. Each round of this event lasts for 27 days & you get rewards for this event if you finish in the top 500 of your city or in the top 50000 of the global rankings. You can also get a lot of resources, speedups, roadster points & godfather coins by hitting certain milestones in the event. There are 3 different ways of scoring points in this event. You get points by Training Crew Members, Killing Crew Members & using Recruitment Items.

The winner of the Global Event get the 30 day Unequaled Title, the 1 hour Attack & defense buffs, 40,000 hitman coins, 3,500 Jewelry cards, 24,000 Godfather Coins, 3 Golden Roadster Points & a lot of resources & Speedups.

They’ve also added a Mayor Announcement Feature where Mayor’s can now make City wide announcements. You can see the announcement by clicking on City Hall at the Center of the map & then selecting Mayor Announcement.

They’ve also increased the Maximum Level of the Plantation from level 30 to level 35 & increasing your plantation level beyond 30 will increase your crime ops speed.

They’ve also increased the maximum level of the plantation store to level 10 which will provide Male & Female Vigilante fragments daily.

They’ve added a new Vigilante Skin for Angie Called the Shadow assassin skin that increases Shooter Attack & Crew Attack by 2% each.

They’ve added a new Super Bonus Halloween Monthly pack that gives you decoration fragments to renew the Halloween Turf Effect.

And finally they’ve added a new Crime Ops Effect called the Black Thunder Ops & a new Column Decoration called the 3rd Anniversary Column that don’t give any buffs.

So, those were all the new features added to the game in this recent update. I hope you guys found this post helpful.

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