Vigilante Tier List – Mafia City

Here’s a tier list for all the existing vigilantes in the game. If you want to know why I’ve classified certain vigilantes the way I have, you should check out my video:

I’ve made this tier list based on 4 basic march types C = Tanker + Combater March, R = Tanker + Rider March, S = Tanker + Shooter March, C+R = Tanker + Combater + Rider March. Each vigilante has been graded for each of these 4 march types. If you want to know more about these march types I’d suggest checking out my post on Recommended Troop Formations. I’ve only made this tier list for 5 star vigilantes with Maxed Skills, the list would be way different for 1-4 star vigilantes & also 5 star ones with skills that aren’t maxed.

March Type
Bruce IpOrangeGreenGreenPurple
Angie LeeGreyGreyGreyGrey
Fire LordPurplePurplePurplePurple
Don AliPurplePurplePurplePurple
Reo SakuraiPurplePurpleGreenPurple
Ai SakuraiGreyGreyGreyGrey
Kein NguyenPurpleGreenPurplePurple
Sandro NagatoGoldGreenGreenOrange
Ittosai OgamiGreenGreenGreenGreen
Seva MolevichBlueBlueBlueBlue
Doryeong ZhenPurpleGreenGoldBlue
Stefano MaranzanoGreenOrangeGreenPurple
Keiji YamakuGoldPurpleGreenOrange
Kazuma KiryuBlueGreyGreyGreen
Goro MajimaGreyBlueBlueGreen
Nora HsuGreyGreyGoldGrey

17 thoughts on “Vigilante Tier List – Mafia City”

  1. Hello,
    I would like to understand about the colour. Coz I only know gold is the best and grey the useless.
    But can you explain others also please?

  2. Hey brother
    So, if I combine Patrick and Harry will it be the best for def and attack man or tournament?
    My mansion still 24 working to get t9.
    But, future wise what should I get?
    I have so far Neck,fl, Wendy vald but you mantioned Patrick and Harry would be the best!
    Sorry, I am just newbie new in the game.

    1. Vigilantes are only good to use if you’ve unlocked some of their active skills. So, you can use patrick & harry if you’ve got some of their active skills unlocked. Otherwise they’ll pretty much be useless.

  3. Hi
    Can you give a link to the video that talks about capped negative damage reduction stat. I am really interested in learning more about why damage stats are the most important stats Thanks in advance for all your help

  4. Love the article lots of great info. Can you give some examples of the differences between R type marches and C+R marches and when would you would use one type over the other.

    1. It’s really upto you. I prefer using C + R against R marches since the elite combaters have a skill that directly attack enemy bikers & they also deal additional damage to bikers. I’d use the R march against shooter marches since biker charge attacks are strong against shooters

  5. Marcus has an ops boost on your wall. I tend to stay away from the damage vigilantes because of how gm caps damage. Probably more distrust of gm πŸ˜‚

    1. Hi Jess,

      Flavio discusses what the C S R stand for in the article; however, it would most likely help you to click the link he had as well about formations. The C S R are the different types of marches… this way you match the vigilantes with how you set your formation and maximize and as he mentioned this is all personal opinion.

    2. Shanks is Right. C S R signify the most common march types in the game. Just added a description before the table explaining what they mean after reading your comment, but I forgot to respond to your comment. Sorry. Hope the tier list makes more sense now.

  6. Hey Mate! Don Hugo here from (313- ex487). I see lot of marches combining Fire Lord/Nick and Vlad/James. In your tier list they are good but not overpowered. I litteraly never seen a high account march with Patrick/Harry into it who are gold in each sort of march.

    Which vigilante do you use on your wall? Actually i got Don Ali and Alan on it. All 5 stars.
    And which ones do you think are good on Tournament and Attacking Turf?

    Sorry for all that questions! I always like your content mate! Keep Going you are awesome!

    1. The tier list is completely based on my opinion & understanding of stats. I have made a video about it on youtube explaining why I think certain vigilantes are good to use. But this is a topic where a lot of players have different opinions & it’s difficult to find what works for you until you try out different combos yourself. Firelord + Nick would be a good combo to use in the ‘prioritize crew march’ (march with all troop types except t9 vehicles). However, I don’t really see the point in using them in biker heavy marches if you have vlad & patrick or shooter heavy marches if you have doryeong zhen & Jose.
      I use firelord + Marcus on my wall & for attacks because those are the ones that have the strongest active skills out of all my vigilantes. For defense you should try to avoid using vigilantes that give march size buffs because the march size buffs are useless on defense. For attacks, the march size buffs obviously help. Select any 2 gold vigilantes based on your march from this tier list for attacking.
      & No problem. I will keep going πŸ™‚

      1. Thanks! That was what i expect of you as usual! Didn’t know about the march size on the wall!
        I will try out Patrick but theres so many vigilantes to get 5 stars that i got him only 2 stars…
        Thanks again for your work! You post videos really fast after new updates and your help is priceless for growing πŸ™‚

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