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Hey! What is up guys? It is me Flavio here back with another Mafia City video. In this post I’m going to be explaining how you can unlock elite troops & I’ll also try my best to explain what their skills do & why these elite troops different from normal troops. If you haven’t checked out my Troop Setup Guide post, I’d highly recommend reading that post first because most of the stuff that I talk about in this post has been explained in detail in that one, for example biker charge attacks, ranged troops & melee troops, troop layers, etc. You can either watch these videos or continue reading this post:

Troop Setup Guide – Mafia City
Mafia City – Elite Troops

In order to unlock Elite Troops, you simply need to invest in their elite skill. However, in order to be able to do that, you first need to upgrade their Training Camps. For Example, if you want to unlock an Elite 1 Tanker, you’ll have to get the Bravery investment to level 1 at the invest center but before that, you’ll have to get your bulker training camp to Elite 1 to unlock that investment. In the same way, if you want to unlock an Elite 5 Tanker, you’ll have to get you bulker training camp to Elite 5 & then get your Bravery investment to level 5 as well. It works the same for all the other troop types.

The only difference between normal & elite troops is their skills, so let’s take a look at all the different elite skills to see why elite troops are much more effective than normal troops.

The Tankers have a skill called Bravery that allows them to take Charge Damage from Enemy Bikers for an Ally. So,this skill basically weakens the biker’s charge skill since it prevents the ranged troops from taking too much charge damage.

The Combaters have a skill called leap slam which allows them to directly attack the enemy bikers. This is similar to the biker’s charge skill which allows bikers to attack the ranged troops in the back. However, this skill is much more powerful because the combaters also have another skill called bare hand combat which increases the amount of damage they deal to bikers. This means that whenever the leap slam skill is triggered, the combaters are always gonna deal bonus damage to bikers. This is also one of the reasons why a lot of players like using Elite Tankers & Combaters against players that use Elite Tanker & Riders. The problem with normal combaters is that they always attack enemy tankers first & in most cases the layer of tankers never gets destroyed & they don’t even get to attack a single enemy biker so the Bare Hand Combat skill isn’t of much use to them. However, with the leap slam skill, the bare hand skill also becomes relevant making Elite Combaters much more powerful than regular ones.

Then we have the riders with the Berserker skill which allows them to get an extra attack after a Charge clearly making them better than normal riders.

Then there are the Assaulters that have the Fire Rampage skill that allow them to attack the enemy frontline during charge. If you’ve read my Troop Setup Guide, you probably know that charge attacks are triggered on ranged troops first. However, the Fire Rampage skill of the Assaulters allows them to target melee troops as well. This could be great if the charge attacks target the melee riders & combaters. However, it could also backfire if the attacks target only high defense troops like tankers & carriers. Also, if you’ve read my Troop Setup Guide, you probably know that the charge skill automatically starts targeting melee troops like riders & combaters once all ranged troops are dead anyway, so I don’t really see why this skill would make a huge difference.

Then we have the Assault Vehicles that have the Heavy Artillery skill that increase their attack & Carriers that have the Defense Modification skill that increases their defense. However, even with these elite skills, almost none of the top players use them in tournament battles.

Then we have Snipers that have the Penetration skill that allows them to attack multiple battle lines. Now, I’m not sure what they exactly mean by multiple battle lines. I guess they mean they can attack more than one layer at a time. For example, they can attack bulkers, carriers, combaters & riders all with just one attack. This seems like a much more powerful skill than charge. However, Snipers are mostly good for turf defense, I’m not sure how well these elite Snipers perform in tournaments with their Penetration skill. Let me know in the comments below if you use these elite snipers in your tournament march.

Finally we have the Gunners that have the multi array skill. This skill also allows them to damage crew members behind a target just like the Sniper’s penetration skill. I’m assuming both of these skills are the same but obviously I could be wrong. If you think these two skills are different, let me know why in the comments down below. Obviously, the Gunners are much more useful than snipers in the tournament since they have double attack speed, they have an attack bonus on enemies that are not bulkers & they also have the head shot skill which allows them to sometimes deal additional damage. Normal shooters are usually bad because just like combaters, they always attack tankers first & the worst part is that the tankers have a skill called bullet proof vest which reduces the amount of damage that they take from shooters. However, since elite shooters have the ability to attack troops in the back, they tend to do well in tournaments. They could be used to counter tanker, combater formations, since they can directly attack combaters with their multi array skill while combaters will not be able to attack them directly with their leap slam skill.

So, those were all the 8 elite skills. I’m not sure what upgrading these skills at the invest center exactly does, but I’m guessing it probably makes it more likely for your troops to activate these skills in battle just like T11 troop skills. Don’t forget to check out my Troop Setup Guide if you haven’t already.

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So, that’s all I had for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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  1. I’m about to obtain my level 30 mansion in Mafia City. My experience level is 39, but my battle stats are so much more horrible than everyone else’s stats with comparable mansion level and experience. How can I specifically build up my stats?

  2. You say to unlock Bravery in Investment center. There is no option to unlock bravery and my screen looks nothing like yours in video

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