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This post is about the new vigilante called Nick that was added to the game on 20th of December. You can either watch this video or read the post below:

Nick is an orange quality vigilante which means that he’s at par with vigilantes like Firelord & Wendy. He’s got 2 passive skills, both of which are non-upgradable.

You unlock his first passive skill at 1 star which gives you 5% bulker health and his 2nd passive skill at 3 stars which increases the Stamina Limit of all your vigilantes by 30 points. The 2nd passive skill is only useful for cross-server events like city royale & clash of mafia where it costs you vigilante stamina to use vigilantes. So, if you’re not into doing cross-server events, then you should keep him at 1 star, otherwise you may want to get him to 3 stars at least.

His remaining 3 skills are active skills. His first active skill that you unlock at 2 stars increases bulker attack by 20% & his 2nd active skill increases crew defense by 15% at 4 stars & and his 5 star skill is an upgradable active skill which increases your Ops Capacity by 15,000 at level 1 and 35,000 at level 5.

It’s really difficult to compare his active stats with Firelord’s because a maxed Firelord gives a 25% crew attack buff with a 10,000 march size increase & 10% bulker health. Comparing the two, I would say that Nick & Firelord are almost equal & probably Nick is slightly better than Firelord because of his huge march size increase, but I could be absolutely wrong here.

However, since as per the December, 27th update, you can use 2 vigilantes in your march. So, I would suggest using both, Firelord & Nick as your main vigilantes because both give some crazy stats.

Thanks for reading this post! I’ll be creating posts about other vigilantes soon.

28 thoughts on “Vigilante Series – Nick”

  1. I have not seen in any of your Vigilante tips on what to do about experience. Should all Vigilantes be maxed on experience or keep some low and only put experience on a few. Does experience even help at all?

    1. Experience is not very useful. Higher level vigilantes are useful only for City Royale, Clash of mafia, Conqueror’s Path & the Family Treasure event (All events that consume vigilante stamina for using vigilantes).
      You would need to upgrade your vigilantes to level 30 / 35 if you want to upgrade their upgradable skills.
      Other than that there is no use of levelling up your vigilantes.

    1. Don Ali + Gilbert for wall. Nick + James for attacks if you’re using only bulkers. Connor + Vlad is what most top players use for attacks though when they use bikers.

  2. The new vig Gilbert i wouldn’t use in my main march but a 5 star Gilbert would be good on the wall as defense. Especially if you maxed out his 5 star upgrade. Maybe paired with a Wendy could be a good combo.

  3. Are the vigalantie’s investments worth investing in fully?

    Im liking the combo of the new Monk vigalantie and nick. But maybe monk/firelord,peoples thoughts?

    1. You should unlock the investments that allow you to use 2 vigilantes on offense & defense because they help during regular city battles & tournament battles. The others only help during city royale & clash of mafia, it’s upto you whether to invest in them or not.

    2. I think the monk is way better than firelord. Monk gives -30% enemy crew defense & 15% biker attack at max level. That’s way better than firelords 25% crew attack & 10% bulker health at max level.

          1. Das war anders gemeint. Du hast vor geraumer zeit gesagt firelord ist der beste. Jetzt auf einmal nicht mehr.

            1. That’s right. I said it when Gilbert was not available though. They keep adding new vigilantes in the game & sometimes the new vigilantes are better than the old ones.

  4. To have 2 vigilantes in your crime ops you need to go invest >vigilante > ops strengthening, but to enable you need to invest at least once in the properties before it.

    1. Thanks so much , I refused to invest reinforced wall garrison which takes 3 days , now I know why I cannot find it … and another 3days plus for op strengthing 😎😎😎, no wonder .. 😚😚😚

    2. Thanks so much , I refused to invest reinforced wall garrison which takes 3 days , now I know why I cannot find it … and another 3days plus for op strengthing 😎😎😎, no wonder .. 😚😚😚

  5. I don’t understand why people can have 2 vigilantes attacking , I only have free vigilantes is that the reason why I cannot have 2 in my march ?

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