Mafia City – How to get the Massacre Set for $100

This post is going to show you how you can get the full golden quality Massacre Set with just one $100 pack (& a lot of speed ups, checks & gems). You can either watch this video or continue reading the post.

Normally, you have to get 5 packs ($500) & then make 3 golden gems to get one massacre piece. So getting the whole massacre set this way will cost you at least $3,000

The method I suggest in this post will only cost you $100, that is, 1 pack to get the entire Massacre Set. However, it will cost you a lot of checks and speed ups to upgrade the set. The amount of gems you’ll need to upgrade a Golden Massacre piece using this method will almost be the same as the amount of gems required for any regular golden level 30 equipment.

So now, let’s see how you can get the full Massacre Set for $100

First, you would want to buy a Massacre Set pack of any type. This pack will give you 20 obsidian, which is an item that is currently impossible to get in the game without spending. Once you have 20 obsidian, you would want to make 2 green pieces & 4 grey pieces of the Massacre Set.

Each green piece costs a minimum 6 obsidian & 6 blueprints while each grey piece costs only 1 obsidian and 1 blueprint. Once you finish making the 6 pieces mentioned above, you’ll still be left with 4 obsidian. (You usually get blueprint fragments for free daily from clan kickbacks if you’re in an active clan where members attack mercenaries on a regular basis. However, if you’re not in an active clan, you’ll have to attack mercenaries yourself to get blueprint fragments. You need 100 blueprint fragments to make 1 blueprint. You need at least 1 blueprint of each of the 6 types to make the full set.)

While making these pieces, I would suggest using grey or green gems depending upon the color of equipment you’re trying to make so that you can make the equipment with a 100% probability. However, if you want to try your luck, you could also use higher quality gems while making the equipment so that there is a small probability of you getting better quality equipment. Getting better quality equipment at the start will save you a lot of checks and speed ups as you will have to do fewer upgrades to get golden quality. (This approach is a little risky though as you may still end up getting grey / green quality equipment in spite of using high quality gems & the high quality gems used will be lost forever)

Once you get your 6 pieces ready, you would want to start making normal level 30 equipment of grey or green quality. You’ll be synthesizing level 30 Massacre equipment with normal level 30 equipment to upgrade your Massacre equipment, eventually you’ll be able to synthesize your way up to golden quality Massacre equipment.

So, that’s how you get the full golden Massacre Set for just $100. If you are confused how to synthesize the Massacre set or exchange massacre equipment, you should watch the video above from 2:10 where I show you how I do it myself.

I hope you found this post helpful

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100 thoughts on “Mafia City – How to get the Massacre Set for $100”

  1. I was looking to do this Does the Massacre Goodie Pack work or do i need to wait for a Massacre pack

  2. I have an orange massacre set. Is the set stronger all orange or if 5 orange and one gold piece of equipment?

    Thanks for your guidance

    1. No. Extras actually decrease the chance of getting higher quality. You can try it out yourself, the probabilities are shown in the game

  3. Hi Flavio
    Quick question…
    If i buy 2 packs and use your technic, can i have one of the equipment in a better color?

  4. Hi Flavio
    Your site is the best!
    Thank you for all advices!
    I wanted to know if, for vigilants sets you can also synthetize with normal equipments?

  5. Hey Flavio! Thanks for all your videos. It has helped me tons and helped me understand the game. Better. I’ve bought the massacre set last month in August but made a mistake by using all obsidian for the gun. Does this method still work? I remember just putting in gray gems but couldn’t select the number of obsidian at all. I plan to try it again and do it right this time. Thanks!

      1. No, you only need to select 1 blueprint & 1 obsidian. Just click on the obsidian image twice. The first time you click it’ll show you another image, if you click the 2nd image, you should be able to select the amount of obsidian you want to use

  6. Ciao
    I did the big mistake of destroying gold lv 42 equipment and trying the same method as a massacre…
    Then later realized once my set was completed that theres no option of upgrading colour on lv 42
    Any suggestions please on how to solve this?

    1. Sorry, Nothing much can be done. You’ll have to make a level 40 set again by spending $700 or you could try to make the full supreme set directly by spending $7000 more & then maybe you can upgrade to the ultimate set in the future for another $3000

  7. Excellent technique! Thanks for sharing. However, blueprints are my problem. When buying a pack I got 20 gun blueprints. I finished the gun but when trying to make other types of equipment I’m missing the blueprints for the other categories. How can I get around this? Can I exchange gun blueprints for the other types? Thanks!

        1. What’s misleading about it? Most players get blueprint fragments for free just from the clan kickbacks that they get whenever their members attack mercenaries. Does’t take too long to get blueprints that way unless you’re in an inactive clan. It doesn’t change the cost of getting the massacre set. It still remains $100.

        2. Good day flavio, thank you for all the videos, they really help.. One question, do you get the set buffs even though you don’t equip the massacre set

  8. Hey flavio, i want to asking something, when i already get the mascare set, which is the green one, than if i want to upgrade to blue, i need to synthesiz right? Than the equipment for synthesiz i can choose random? As long as its same green and level 30 too?

  9. Hi there, i am looking to purchase the massacre set ideally but i see there are a few sets to choose from . Im level 39 player stats so based on your experience what would you do? Purchase the massacre set and upgrade that or purchase maybe the dom set instead? Im looking for your input on this decision please and thank you

    1. You can’t purchase the dominant & warlord directly. You have to purchase the massacre set first & then upgrade to dominant to warlord. You should check out my guide on How to get the warlord set for $700 for more info. The dominant & warlord sets are way better than the massacre. So I would definitely recommend upgrading to those sets (preferably the warlord) if you can. And you can also upgrade to the level 42 supreme set after getting full gold warlord. However that would cost a total of $1800

    2. Hi i have bought the pack and when i go to purchase the any green equipment it always trys to use the whole 20 obsidian (blue) and all my blueprints any help on what im doing wrong will be much appreciated thanks

      1. Watch the end of the video. I’ve shown how to exchange a massacre piece live including how correctly select the number of obsidian & blueprints you want to use

  10. But what about getting your equipment upgraded to 40 not just 30 is it possible and still keep the equipment? I want to upgrade pass 30 can I do that because I’m level 40 in leader skills? Pls respond

  11. But what about getting your equipment upgraded to 40 not just 30 is it possible and still keep the equipment? I want to upgrade pass 30 can I do that because I’m level 40 in leader skills?

  12. So, to upgrade to a complete golden massacre set, I will need to synthesize orange equipments to gold? Will this cost more obsidians?

    From what I’m assuming, using your $100 method, i’ll only be able to get a whole blue massacre set. Am i understanding it wrong?
    Sorry, i’m not an experienced player.


    1. The method will initially give you 4 grey & 2 green massacre pieces, you’ll have to synthesize them with normal level 30 equipment to get them to higher quality. Since, normal level 30 equipment doesn’t require obsidians to make, you will not need any extra obsidians. You can get gold with just 1 pack. Watch the video at the beginning of the post to see how synthesis works (I’ve showed it at the end of the video)

  13. I have many things that I want to do, such as paid packs, equipment, boss levels, gold, numerous action teams, frames, levels of heroes, etc. Can you do it? If not, can someone introduce a hacker as a business? I live in Japan.

    1. The guide is to do the whole thing with one pack. It takes a lot of gems and a lot of checks/speed ups to do it. The idea is to make lower massacre equipment with 1 pack and then make regular equipment of the same color to synthesize. i.e. if you did green massacre weapon you would make 3 other green level 30 equipment. Then you synthesize the massacre with regular equipment to make blue massacre. Then you do it all over making Level 30 blue equipment (3 pieces) that you synthesize with the blue massacre to make Massacre purple and so on.

    2. Just as Shanks said, 1 pack if you use this method, otherwise it is 30 packs if you do it the normal way

  14. Hello! thanks for all of you are doing, Do more guides please! I have a question, In the farm account ,why the first resource used to build is always the non protected ones?

      1. Kingpin, Terrorizer, and Massacre equipment can be made using Flavio’s method of making lower color equipment and synthesizing.

          1. No. You can’t synthesize vigilante equipment with normal equipment. However you can synthesize vigilante equipment with other vigilante equipment. So you could synthesize the harley / extremist set with the level 20 developing set. However, it will take extremely long to make equipment this way as it’s very difficult to find the special gems for the developing set

  15. So if I synthesise 3 green normal level 30 with 1 green level 30 massacre it will give me blue. Do I then need to make blue level 30 normal equipment to make it Orange etc.

  16. Hey flavio so if i wanted to upgrade to massacre would i have to dismantle all orange equipment an start agian with grey yes or no cheers

    1. You can keep the orange equipment for now & start working on the massacre set as well. Once you manage to get the full blue massacre set, you may get rid of your orange equipment (if you want) & start using the massacre set (since a full blue massacre set is slightly better than level 35 orange equipment)

      1. At what which color the massacre set is better than 3 orange eq and 3 gold eq? At purple or has it to be orange?

    1. You can make as much equipment as you would like by visiting the pawn broker. It will create it and then it will ask you to equip or not. If you just make it and don’t equipment it will be in your equipment section.

  17. I bought the massacre weapon pack. I can divide to make a level 30 massacre weapon. When I go to make a level 30 massacre shoe it asks me for a shoe blue print.. Am I supposed to make 6 level 30 massacre weapons and then use them to synthesize into a shoe pant shirt.. etc later on?

    1. You can synthesize a massacre piece with 3 other normal level 30 pieces of equipment of the same quality to upgrade the massacre piece to a higher quality. There’s no need to make 6 level 30 massacre weapons. You will only have to make 1 massacre piece of each type (1 shirt, 1 gun, 1 shoe, etc) & then use normal equipment to synthesize them to higher quality

    1. You will need to spend the same amount of money to make dominant/warlord as you normally do, because there are no packs currently available that give you frags and gems, instead, you get coupons for these two sets, which can be used to exchange directly for the desired equipment.

      1. Yes, I just found out that you don’t get those gems from dismantling the sets either after upgrading the massacre to dominant / warlord. Sorry, I couldn’t find you on line & lost your in game messages as I deleted my inbox, so couldn’t contact you about this post. Hope you’re ok with me posting it.

        1. Yeah no problem, I stopped playing altogether anyway. Just got the link from someone and noticed a query related to domi/mass set, so wanted to make it clear. 🙂

          1. Hi Flavio,
            can you dismantle a blue massacre item and get the obsidium ?

            I played tired and used up all the gems on my second piece :-((

  18. Hello again Flavio,
    Following the logic of this Massacre Gear for 100 $ and the “ How to make 10 golden gems for 100 $” You may add a post with: How to make 13??? Golden gems for free :))
    Using this post technique for making one Kingpin gold ( equipment synthesis) with minimum set of prints and morganite for a min level kingpin equipment ( from killing mercs) and using the other post for making the 25 normal equip gold and dismantle it after. Am I right? with equipment synthesize techinque the advantage would be the blueprints nightmare over :))

    1. Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean. Can you please elaborate? If you upgrade kingpin equipment via synthesis, it will require almost the same amount of gems as any other normal golden level 20 equipment. For example, if you start with a level 20 grey kingpin equipment, you will first need, to make 3 level 20 grey equipment to upgrade it to green, that will cost you 13 gems each, that is a total of 39 grey gems.
      Then to upgrade green to blue, you will need another 39 green gems.
      To upgrade it from grey to gold, you will need, 39 each of grey, green, blue, purple & orange gems. That’s almost the same as 13 golden gems in total.

  19. Hello. How can you divide the total number of obsidian or the blueprints, when the game if you select one equipment, puts all blueprints and special stone you have for that particular equipment?!? I tried to do a kinkpin shirt and to select only a part of the prints and a part of the morganite. Impossible.

    1. Yes, what James said is absolutely correct. Click on the obsidian / blueprint picture in before clicking ‘exchange’ & then click on the same picture (above ‘obtain’) again & you should be able to select the quantity. You can watch the video at the beginning of the post too, I’ve shown how to do that towards the end of the video where I demonstrate how to exchange / synthesize equipment

      1. Yes. It is impossible. I was thinking about upgrading the massacre set to dominant or warlord & then dismantling those sets to get their special gems, but it doesn’t work.

        1. Hey Flavio / i have tested with the level 20 set ( morganite ) and when i dismantle the equipment i get the morganite back. I am afraid to test with the warlord equipment ( aquamarine )

            1. I have dismantled :
              1/ one grey level 20 equipment > i got one morganite
              2/ one grey level 20 equipment > i got 0 morganite
              3/ one green level 20 equipment > i got one morganite.
              It seems very risky to dismantle warlord equipment .

              1. For kingpin & Terrorizer set, you get morganite & topaz based on the quality of equipment you dismantle. For kingpin, If you dismantle grey you may get 0-1 morgaite, if you dismantle green, you may get 0-5, if you dismantle blue you may get 0-13 & so on… (it’s based on the amount of morganite & blueprints you use for the quality you dismantle.)

          1. Don’t test. It doesn’t work. It gives you a message that you can only get normal gems from dismantling & not special gems before you dismantle

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