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This guide is going to give you a basic idea of what all you should consider before getting or upgrading your vigilantes. It will help you decide which vigilantes to get and how far to upgrade them. At the time of making this guide, there are 15 vigilantes in the game & since new vigilantes are added almost every month in the game, I’ll be making separate posts for a detailed breakdown of each vigilante. But this post is only going to give you a general idea of what I consider necessary for deciding whether or not to purchase or upgrade a vigilante.

You can either watch this video below or continue reading the post:

Vigilante Skills:

First, it is important that you understand the different types of vigilante skill. So, let’s take a look at the skills first. There are 2 different ways of classifying vigilante skills:

The first way to classify them is based on whether they can be upgraded or not:

There are upgradable skills, which can be upgraded using vigilante fragments to increase their effectiveness and there are non-upgradable skills, which can not be upgraded using vigilante fragments.

The other way of classifying vigilante skills is to classify them based on whether or not you are required to use the vigilante in your march to activate those skills.

Active skills are the skills that require you to use a specific vigilante in your march for the skills to work. Passive skills are the skills that are permanently activated once they’re unlocked regardless of whether or not you use a vigilante in your march.

Basically, what you would want to do is, you would want to unlock all passive skills that improve your battle stats & maximize the level of these skills if they’re upgradable so you can get a permanent stat increase from doing so. You would also want to upgrade one vigilante with good active skills all the way upto 5 stars which you can use as your main vigilante for attacks. (Now you can use 2 vigilantes in your march with the new vigilante investment)

Currently I’m working on Firelord as my main attack vigilante because of his 5 star skill that increases troop attack by 25% at max level. If you don’t like Firelord, you could use another vigilante as your main vigilante. It’s totally upto you who you want to use.

Vigilante Packs, Fragments & Cost:

As far as vigilante packs are concerned, the first $5 pack gives you the best value. So, the most cost effective way to upgrade vigilantes would be to purchase the $5 vigilante packs daily & then wait for the next day for the pack costs to reset. Once you unlock all the passive skills for a specific vigilante, you can stop purchasing packs for that vigilante unless you want to use it as your main vigilante.

For Ethan & Suri, the pack costs never reset so it is going to cost you a lot more than normal vigilantes to upgrade these vigilantes.

The number of fragments required to unlock / upgrade your vigilantes are as follows:

1 star – 300 fragments

2 stars – 600 fragments

3.stars – 1500 fragments

4 stars – 3000 fragments

5 stars – 4500 fragments

You need a total of 9900 fragments to upgrade a vigilante from 0 to 5 stars.

For vigilantes like Angie, Bruce & Paul, who’s $5 packs give you 450 fragments each, you’ll have to spend at least $110 to upgrade each of them to 5 stars.

For vigilantes like Marcus, Izumi & Ceasar, who’s $5 packs give you 400 fragments each, you’ll have to spend at least $125 to upgrade each of them to 5 stars.

For vigilantes like Firelord, Wendy & Nick, who’s $5 packs give you 300 fragments each, you’ll need to spend at least $165 to upgrade each of them to 5 stars.

But that’s not the end, after upgrading a vigilante to 5 stars, you would also want to purchase more fragments to upgrade their upgradable skills, if any.

How far to upgrade your Vigilantes:

Now, I’m going to go over each of my vigilantes & tell you how far you should upgrade them

For Angie, you want to 4 stars for her passive 20% bulker attack. If you’re setting raids for your clan, you might also want to consider getting Angie to 5 stars for more raid capacity & upgrading this 5 star skill to level 5.

For Fire Lord, you may want to stop upgrading him once you get him to 2 stars since his last 3 skills are all active skills. But if you want to use him as your main vigilante, you should go all the way upto 5 stars.

For Bruce, you would want to stop at 3 stars for the passive 20% bulker defense increase

For Marcus, you’d want to stop at 3 stars as well to unlock all his passive skill.

For Andrew, you should get him to 4 stars for 10% vehicle defense

For Paul, you may stop at 2 stars to unlock both is passive battle skills, but if you also want the passive 10% crime ops speed increase, you could go all the way up to 4 stars.

For Tracy, you’d want to upgrade her to 5 stars to get the 15% shooter attack increase

For Adriana, you want to get her to 5 stars to get more Hospital Capacity.

For Ethan, since the packs don’t reset, you can go up to 2 stars for 10% shooter defense. But, if you want to unlock his 2nd passive battle skill as well, you could go all the way up to 4 stars for 10% shooter attack (But that’s going to cost you a lot more than upgrading other vigilantes to 4 stars.)

For Wendy, you would want to stop at 2 stars if you’re not using her as your main vigilante

For Suri, there is no need to unlock her since she doesn’t give any passive battle stats. The only reason I have her unlocked is for the 30% Cash Gathering Speed buff that she gives which helps me a lot during the gathering event.

For Melvin, you want to get him to 4 stars for his passive 10% shooter attack. If you’re setting raids for your clan, you might also consider getting him to 5 stars for more raid capacity.

Catalina isn’t very important as she doesn’t give any battle stats. However, having her at 1 star at least is good for increasing your Energy Recovery Speed.

For Izumi, you want to upgrade her all the way up to 5 stars to get the passive 20% biker attack increase.

& finally for Caesar, you want to get him all the way up to 5 stars as well to get the passive 20% enemy biker attack reduction skill.

Those were all the 15 vigilantes currently in the game. I’ll be making separate posts for each vigilante in the future. I hope this guide helps you decide which vigilantes you want to purchase.

39 thoughts on “Mafia City – Vigilante Guide”

  1. Hello, I just started playing not long ago and am still learning. I have a question about the levels of the heros (not the star levels). I keep asking other players but they don’t seem to either know or want to answer. What is the importance of the vigilante levels? Does leveling up the vigilante from level 1 to level 9 (just an example) provide any benefits?

    1. Upgrading level only gives you extra stats in cross server events when vigilantes are used. Otherwise they’re useless.

  2. Hi flavio theres currently a pack on that is 19.99 and gives you 2300 advanced vigilante frags I’ve been doing the 5 dollar packs and it’s working really well but I’m trying to get connor to 2 star and Gilbert to 2 star I have them both at 1 star I already have 220 frags for Gilbert and was wondering if I brought the pack would I get anoth frags to get them both to 2 star

  3. I know this guide was from awhile ago. I hope you still check these comments. hen I go into my Leader’s info screen (attributes/Leaders talents/properties/etc.) there is an exclamation point next the Vigilante tab. What does that mean?

    1. FYI, I am mansion lvl29, leader lvl 40, but have been neglecting my vigilantes and am trying to “star them up”. No sure if that information is relevant, but I thought you might want it.

  4. Do you have a guide on vigilante for us who do not spend on this game? And big thanks for the guidance you have given so far 🙏✌

    1. Non-spenders can’t really get good vigilantes in the game. I’d suggest just getting the ones that have good 1 / 2 star passive battle skills. Unlock as many of them as you can.

      1. Thanks. Have a bunch of purple and gold fragments from the years of playing that’s why I wondered, so it’s best to go after 1-2 stars and as many possible instead of get 1 vigilante higher

  5. Flavio,
    How much does it cost to upgrade Firelord once you reach 5 stars. Crew attack increases by 5% when you reach level 5, buy I want to get him to 25%. I just want to know how much that costs. Thanks.

    1. I don’t really know what it is. You should wait for bruce packs to show up so you can click on his fragments there to see what his max level skill gives you. I think it’s somewhere between 25% to 50% bulker health though.
      There are much better golden vigilantes like Jane though that give better bulker buffs

  6. Would love to see your thoughts on the newer vigilantes like don ali, Gilbert, Connor , and vlad.

  7. Please exolain how I can synthesize the Vigilante gear. I have a lvl 10 white gear. Made 3 white lvl 10 gears to sync to green it but it says unable to do so.

    1. You can’t synthesize vigilante gear with normal gear. Vigilante gear can only be synthesized with other vigilante gear

    1. I wouldn’t use frankie on the wall because he only has one active skill which debuffs enemy bulker attack. Since bulkers are mostly used for defense & bikers are mostly used on offence I’d prefer someone with an enemy biker attack debuff, bulker defense buff or biker attack buff.

  8. Would love to hear your thoughts on new vigilante Don Ali? What would best combo be for attack and combo for your wall? Thanks for all this info , it helps a great amount.

  9. Hi Flavio,
    Thanks for all the great content, its a tremendous help.
    I wanted to know if you had any more details about the requirements for upgrading active attributes. I see that to upgrade an active attribute from Lv. 1 to 2 requires your vigilante be at 30 and you have 5 of their fragments. It seems that the skills at 2-4 stars are upgrade-able before the vigilante reaches 5 stars, is that right? And because these attributes are upgradable for up to 5 levels, do you know what the requirements are for each upgrade?

  10. I currently have Bruce, Paul, and Marcus maxed out. Working on Firelord as of now. Would you have any idea which 2 would be the best combination for tournaments? I’m guessing maxing out Ceasar would be best for turf attacks due to his 3rd skill. Would love to hear your opinion on which would be the best combinations for certain things like tournaments, garrison, and turf attacks.

    1. With the New Vigilante Nick, I would suggest using him in Combination with Firelord for tournaments. For Garrison I’d prefer a Firelord / Wendy Combo as Nick’s march size buff won’t help a lot on defense.

  11. Most of the bigger guys in our city have Firelord and Ethan maxed out, I have most at 3 stars. Was going to get Marcus and Firelord to 5, but reading the opposite here?

    1. Firelord is a good vigilante & you should get him to 5 stars if you can. Marcus’s buffs aren’t that impressive. I’d prefer Nick / Wendy (especially Nick) over Marcus.

  12. Catalina is very important when it comes to mercenaries to me, her high attack takes them down without any problem

    1. Yes. The attack buffs (at 4 & 5 stars) for attacking mercenaries & street forces does help a lot in the short term. However, in the long term, you’ll eventually improve your stats & unlock strong enough troops to the point where you’ll be able to one shot high level mercenaries & kill high level street forces without her. That is when you may feel that over-investing in Catalina was a waste of gold.

  13. I saw that most players use the Firelord, for a 25% increase in the attack of the entire operation.

    But in this game there is such a point as damage, which is much harder to pump than an attack and it seems to me that it is more effective, Wendy increases this figure for bikers and bulkers by 25%. I would really like to try using Wendy against the Firelord with similar operations and indicators, but unfortunately I don’t have this option: D. I’m afraid how strong Wendy + Lord of Fire will be now, or Paul + Wendy

    1. Wie darf ich das verstehen??
      Ich mache gerade Ceasar mit Kapitän….
      Ist dieses nicht gut????

      Ist Paul mit Yiu Vielleicht besser?

      1. I would prefer a Nick & Firelord or Wendy & Firelord combination for vigilantes, if that is what you’re asking.

    2. I’m really not sure how damage is different from attack & which one is more effective. If you have more information about the two, please let me know. Firelord + Wendy is a great combination for the wall. However, for attacks, I personally prefer Firelord + Nick

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