Turkish Victory Day Event Guide – Mafia City

In this post, I’m gonna be explaining how the Turkish Victory Day Event Works. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Turkish Victory Day 2020 – Mafia City

The Turkish Victory Day is a 7 day event where you’re simply required to scout Celebration Venues on the map to get Parade Passes. Each scout will cost you 15 energy & will give you one pass. You can scout upto 10 of these parades per day to get to get a total of 10 passes.

These passes can then be used to join parades of other players. Joining a parade will cost you one pass, meaning you can only join 10 parades per day. Once you’ve joined 10 parades, you’ll get a golden coin which you can use to get rewards.

You can also initiate one parade daily & have upto 10 players join them. Initiating a parade doesn’t require you to do anything, you simply go to the event page, click on Celebration Parade & initiate the parade from there. Once you’ve initiated a parade, you can send invitations to other leaders to join your parade.

The invitations can either be sent in clan chat or via private messages. The cool thing about sending invitations through private messages is that YOU CAN INVITE PLAYERS FROM OTHER CITIES TO YOUR PARADE BY DOING SO. You simply need to have them in your inbox to be able to find them & then send them an invite. In the same way, players from other cities can join your parades too.

For each player that joins your parade, you get 1 silver coin meaning you can get upto 10 silver coins per day. Also, when your parade becomes full, i.e. when 10 players join your parade, you get an extra gold coin.

So, in total, you can get 10 silver coins & 2 gold coins from this event.

The event doesn’t have any ranking rewards. So, the only rewards you get from this event are the rewards you get the silver & gold coins.

Silver coins can give you a bunch of rewards like gem boxes, red wines, vip points, 5 min speed ups, resources, experience, normal roadster points & production buffs while Gold Coins can give you slightly better items like Roses, Hitman Coins, VIP Points, Silver Points, 2 hour speed ups, Experience, Family Gold, Hitman Coin Production Boosts, Resources, Purple Gem Coupons, Godfather Coins & Substance Z.

Most of the event rewards can be obtained just by initiating your parade & getting people to join which requires 0 energy & gives you 10 Silver & 1 Gold Coin.

For the remaining 1 Gold Coin, you’re gonna have to spend 150 energy which seems a little too much. However, if everyone stops collecting Parade Passes, nobody will get any rewards. Hence, I think it is worth collecting parade passes even though they only give you 1 gold coin. Also, considering that a Gold Coin has a chance to give you some really good items like Substance Z, Family Gold, Godfather Coins & Hitman Coin Production Boosts, one could probably also make the argument that they’re worth the 150 energy. However, in absence of the exact probabilities of getting them, it’s hard to tell.

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