Maximum Biker Attack for Non-Spenders

Finally in this post, I’m gonna be showing you guys what’s theoretically the maximum possible biker attack for not spenders & also what I think is practically possible since what’s theoretically possible is pretty much impossible for everyone. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Maximum Non-Spender Biker Attack – Mafia City

So, let’s first start off with what’s theoretically possible, then we’ll see how much of it is practical & the reason why I’m showing you what’s theoretically possible is because I want to cover all the possible ways of getting biker attack which is the whole point of this video. Once I’ve done that, you’ll probably realize how ridiculously high & useless the number is & that’s when we can move on to something more practical. So, let’s get started.

First you have investments which can give you upto 57% biker attack. It’s obviously possible for non spenders to max out investments since they only require resources which can be easily obtained from farms.

Then there are hitman services which can also be maxed out by non-spenders since you only need hitman coins to do so which you can get from attacking mercenaries & from you hitman coin production building. So, that’s another 93% biker attack.

Then you have family businesses that now give 220% Biker Attack in total. These again require family gold that non-spenders can get from the slammer & family business zones.

Then you’ve got the family reputation buffs which gives you 30% more biker attack. The crew Rank up feature that gives another 28%. Reputation can be obtained by attacking street forces & Substance Z required for ranking up crew members can be obtained from Haunters.

For leader equipment, it is theoretically possible for non spenders to get the full legendary set if they somehow miraculously manage to win premier 6 times. So, that would give you another 535.5% Biker Attack.

Then there’s the godfather’s watch which only requires godfather coins so again, non-spenders should be able to get that as well in total it can give you upto 47% Biker Attack.

You’ve got Poison Ivy which is a roadster that can give upto 56% biker attack.

Then you’ve got emblems. Again, theoretically it is possible for non spenders to get gold emblems just from grinding mercenaries & also the massacre emblem from winning premier. So, that would add another 475% Biker Attack.

Then you’ve got the SVIP 10 Buff along with the level 13 SVIP Store Buff which adds 75% more biker attack in total. Again you only need SVIP points to get these buffs so you should be able to get them in probably 20-30 years.

Then there’s the plantation store. Here unfortunately, you can only get a 2% Biker Attack Buff, since you need to spend to get higher level seeds for more buffs & there’s no way of getting them without spending.

Then you have the skill tree which can increase biker attack by 45%. You have to be level 48 to get to this point which shouldn’t which shouldn’t be too much of a problem with sufficient time.

Then you have vigilantes from which you can get a maximum of 145% biker attack if you’re a spender. However, if you’re a non-spender, then you can only get upto 120% since there’s no way to get Specter’s Fragments without spending for the extra 5% Biker Attack that he gives. There’s also no way for non spenders to get Sung Ho or Goro Majima, both of whom give 10% each.

For vigilante skills, you can max out paul & vlad to get 80% Biker Attack. In case you’re curious, Non-Spenders Can get Advanced Male Vigilante Fragments from events like the Family Treasure & Vigilante Arena, while they can get advance female vigilante fragments from events like the matsuri garapon event or the Vending machine events.

Then you have vigilante skins which can give you upto 23% Buffs. Non-spenders can get these skins for free if they somehow manage to qualify & get a high rank in the Vigilante Arena All Star Match.

Then you’ve got vigilante equipment. Here it’s impossible to get higher level vigilante equipment without spending. Non-Spenders can only get the street king set which gives 4% Biker Attack in total if equipped on 2 vigilantes.

Then there’s babes. At the moment there are 15 babes that you can unlock in the game without spending a single dollar. Those babes obviously include the 5 free babes. Diana, Mai, Grace, Catherine & Karina. They also include the 4 family babes, Tamaki, Eun-Joo, Laura & Svetlana. Then you have 4 babes that you can unlock from the auction house using gold i.e. Angela, Ginger, Bella & Lena & finally you’ve got the 2 babes that you can unlock from the Dice game & those are Marie & Lin.

In total, these babes can give you upto 178.7% Biker Attack if all their skills are maxed out.

Then you’ve got babe dresses for which there’s absolutely no way to get them without spending. So, you’re getting 0% from there even theoretically.

Then there’s turf skins, turf effects & combine ops. You can get a lot of these from the auction house along with the star up coupons & combine vouchers required to upgrade them. Right now, I do not have info about what is & isn’t available at the auction house. So, I’m assuming they’ll eventually add almost all the Turf Skins, turf effects & Ops Effects to the auction house. So, even if you’re a free to play player, you should be able to max them all out within just 10 to 20 thousand years. So, you’d theoretically get a total of 620% stats from these decorations.

Then, there’s godfather monument buffs from which you can get 116% biker attack buff. However, if you exclude the buffs that you get from Babe Dresses & Flag Columns which non-spenders can’t get from the auction house, that number should go down to 102%

Then you have buildings which do not give any biker attack.

You’ve got item buffs which can give you 45% Stats, the Mayor, Governor & Chief Legislator buff which together give 53% more biker attack.

Finally, the overlord title which gives 5% more biker attack which can be won from conqueror’s path & the 3rd Anniversary Clan badge that gives 3% more biker attack.

So, in total, you can theoretically get 2,897.4% Biker Attack in the game without spending. Obviously, we all know that this is impossible to do within a reasonable amount of time.

So, now let’s see what’s more practical. By practical, I mean something that can be achieved in a much more reasonable period of time like 2-3 or 3-5 years, but not something crazy like 10 years or more. It’s still not going to be easy to achieve these but it’s definitely not going to be impossible. So, let’s begin.

Obviously, investments are going to stay the same at 57%. Because you simply need resources for them.

For hitman services & family businesses. I would say somewhere around 30% Biker Attack from each should be good enough.

Then you have the family reputation buffs for which I think 10% i.e. Respect +2 is quite reasonable. Then there’s the crew rank up feature from which I again think 10% should be good enough.

For equipment, with maximum augmentation, you should be able to get around 204% Biker Attack with regular level 43 guns, weapons, accessories & shoes that give biker attack & the terrirozer shirt & pants. You’d obviously, want to add the 72.5% extra buffs that you get from investments, hitman services, the pawnbroker & augmentation cards to get 204%.

Then you have the godfather’s coat which is much more practical for non-spenders to get. You’d probably get like around 29% if your coat is optimized for Biker Attack. 29 can be broken down into the 10% regular buff, 15% alteration buff & 4.38% from the extra buffs that you get from Investments, Hitman Services, James & an elite 5 pawnbroker.

Now, for roadsters, I think it is possible for non-spenders to get Harley Queen if they Grind for about 3 years. That gives another 16% Biker Attack.

You’ve then got emblems. I’m gonna assume you only use blue emblems & you optimize them all for Biker Attack. While it is possible for non-spenders to get a few purple & maybe even orange emblems. I don’t think it’s possible to get 24 purple or orange emblems that increase biker attack within 2-3 years. So, I’m only gonna assume that you use 24 blue emblems on your equipment & we’re also gonna ignore the extra emblem buffs that you get from the contract agency except for the 1% which is required to unlock the 4th emblem slots for all your equipment. Assuming only biker attack emblems, you should be able to get another 121.2% Biker Attack from them.

Then you have the SVIP 10 buff that gives 23% biker attack which I think non-spenders can get if they grind continuously for 2-3 years & probably also the level 3 SVIP store buff which gives an extra 12% Biker Attack.

For the plantation store, it’s gonna stay at 2% Biker Attack.

The skill tree is gonna stay at 45% since I think it’s now possible to get to level 48 within 3 years with the addition of level 35 street forces that give way more experience than level 30 ones.

Then for vigilante skills. I think a 20% Buff in the passive section is reasonable. 5% from 1 star Wendy who you can get from events like the Vending Machine & the Matsuri Garapon event.

5% more from 2 star frankie who you can get from the clan HQ. 5% from 2 star Doryeong Zhen & another 5% from 1 star Stefano, both of whom you can get from the family store.

For active skills, you can get 3 star Gilbert who gives 15% Active Biker Attack & 3 star Stuart who gives 5%. Again, male vigilante fragments can be obtained event’s like family treasure & the vigilante arena. Obviously, Gilbert & Stuart are generally not ideal vigilantes to use. However, if you’re looking to max out your biker attack, then it makes sense to invest in them since you unlock their active skills with just 3 stars.

Next we have vigilante equipment which is still gonna be at 4% i.e. 2 pieces of the street king set that give 2% Biker Attack each.

Then you have babes from which I think you can get 123.5% Biker Attack from the 15 babes that can be unlocked without spending if you upgrade all their Biker Attack skills to level 5 at least.

We’re gonna ignore the turf skins, combine ops, turf effects & the godfather’s monument as it’s extremely difficult for non-spenders to get stats from there. We’re also ignoring the Godfather Monument as there are no name tag, chat bubble or avatar frame achievements that give biker attack in the game yet. The crime ops & turf effects are extremely expensive to get from the auction house & wouldn’t be worth the investment. You’d rather want to invest your gold in babes.

Finally you have buff items. I think it’s possible to get a 40% Attack buff from events like Clash. It’s definitely practical for non-spenders to get the mayor buff. However, getting the governor or chief legislator buff is pretty much impossible.

Then there’s the Sower of Confusion title which gives 2% Biker Attack. Non-spenders can get this title on reaching 80m power & mansion 30. This can be easily done if they hoard their troops until they get to 80m power to get the title. Finally, there’s the 3rd Anniversary Clan Badge which can give you another 3% biker attack.

So, in total you should practically be able to get 817% Biker Attack with 3 to 5 years of grinding.

Obviously, this video was made to show you the max biker attack for non-spenders so I’ve completely ignored other stats. But if you’re focusing on other stats like health & defense, there’s no way you would have 817% Biker Attack as you would want to optimize your emblems for health and defense. So, you’d lose about 120% stats right there. Also, the 40% item buff, the 15% mayor buff, 2% Title Buff & 3% clan badge buff are either temporary or most players just won’t have them, so you might want to ignore those as well which would take out another 60% stats. Also getting 40% from vigilantes might be impractical for a lot of players if they’re not able to get a high enough rank during family treasure. So, you could also eliminate the 40% as well if you want. After you remove those, you’re only left with about 596% stats. Again, we’ve assumed that you’ve maxed out your babe skill all the way upto level 5 which might be very difficult for non-spenders to do even over a period of 3-5 years which would reduce your stats even further. A lot of them might not even be able to unlock all 15 babes if they’re not winning events consistently or if they’re in cities where they’re forced to spend gold to shield 24/7. Also, there’s an assumption that you max out your equipment augmentation. However, that might not be possible considering you need about 95000 Augmentation Cards just to max out one piece of level 43 normal equipment. So, at the end, you’re probably going to be left with a lot less than 596%

In my opinion, anything above 300% is quite good for non-spenders & any thing in the 200 to 300 range is decent. Obviously, it also depends on how long you’ve played this game for. If you’ve played the game for over 3 years, then probably even 300% might not be that good. However, if you’ve only been playing for a year, then even 200% would be really good as a non-spender.

Also, biker attack is not the only stat that matters, there are other stats like, Biker Damage & Biker Charge Damage that are event more important. Plus you’d wanna work on your bulker stats as well or maybe even shooter stats if you use shooters.

So, that was pretty much all I had to talk about stats for non-spenders. Hopefully this video gave you some insight about the stats that are available to them. If you think I missed something, or if you disagree, then let me know in the comments down below. If you wanna download the excel sheet shown in the video as well as the excel sheet showing you the maximum possible biker attack in the game along with a breakdown of all other stats, you can find that on my patreon.

Before I end this post, I’d like to thank my patrons
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So, that’s pretty much all I had for you guys in this post. I hope you guys it helpful.

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