Casino Takeover Event – Mafia City

In this post, I’m gonna be talking about the Casino Takeover Event & how you can win a Permanent Avatar Frame by participating in the Facebook Event. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Casino Takeover Event – Mafia City

So, the Casino Takeover Event is a Cross Server Event that’s gonna take place from the 15th of May to the 26th of May

There’ll be 4 stages, the Preparation Stage which will last for 7 days from May 15th to May 21st, the Pre-battle stage which will be for 24 to 40 hours depending upon the time you’ve selected, the battle stage which will last for 48 hours & finally the peace stage which will last upto the 26th of May.

The preparation stage will have 3 phases:

The registration phase which will last for 3 days during which the Mayor & Secretary of all cities will be able to register for the event by selecting a starting time.

Once the registration phase ends, the Matching Phase begins which will last for 2 days during which cities will be placed into groups. The grouping will finally be made visible to all players during the Display Phase which will last for another 2 days.

Then starts the Pre-Battle Stage. During this stage leaders with Mansion 22 or higher will be able to enter the battlefield. The battlefield you enter will be based on the time selected by your city i.e. either exactly at reset, 8 am city time or 4 pm city time. Depending upon the time selected, the pre-battle stage will last either for 24 hours, 32 hours or 40 hours. You can enter & exit the battlefield at anytime during this event & you can also use a Truce to protect your turf from attacks. I’m still not completely sure if you can stay shielded while gathering in this event, but I’m guessing you can.

During the Pre-battle Stage, leaders will be able to gather resources from Shops, Attack or Raid Event Forces or kill enemy troops to get different types of Casino Points. You’ll get extra rewards once your reach certain milestones in either type of casino points. Your entire city will also receive a buff if the whole City’s Casino Point total reaches a certain amount.

The Resources that can be gathered from this event include Family Coins, Roadster Points, Hitman Coins, Gems, Godfather Coins & a lot of other rare items. However, all battles that take place on resource tiles in this event will result in losses & the troops will have to be healed using Medical Certificates. In fact, for this event, only Mansion defense will result in troops being wounded. All other types of battles will result in losses

Finally, once the pre battle stage ends, the battle stage begins which is divided into 2 phases, the Rookie Casino Phase & the High Roller Casino Phase

The suburb of the battlefield will be divided into 12 areas & each of the 12 cities in the group will randomly emerge in any one of these 12 areas.

During the Rookie Casino Phase 6 Casinos will open up every 12 hours on the battlefield. Each Casino will give a different type of buff & the Leader that Occupies a Casino for more than 3 hours will get ownership of that Casino.

Leaders that successfully occupy Rookie Casinos will get occupation rewards & buffs from each of those casinos. However, similar buffs will not be stacked.

& finally there’s the high roller casino phase, which I’m guessing is gonna be somewhat like a mayor battle or a mini-governor battle:

The High Roller Casino is located at the center of the map & is surrounded by 4 Arms Bunkers & 4 Hangout sites. The High Roller Casino is kinda like the City Hall which leaders would have to occupy for 4 hours straight to take over & become the Chief Legislator.

The Arms Bunkers are probably like the Forts surrounding the city hall that attack the center every few seconds if they’re occupied by a different clan.

& the 4 Hangout Sites are completely new buildings that give you additional buffs during the battle if occupied.

The Chief Legislator will be able to give buffs & debuffs to 8 different players & they’ll also be able to send gifts to leaders, just like the mayor.

Finally, the peace stage will start after the battle stage ends. This is similar to the pre-battle stage where players will be able to gather from shops & attack Vegas Forces until the event ends.

Also, there’s a Facebook Event going on right now for this new event. If you go to their Facebook Page & leave a comment below their post about this event with your account ID, you’ll get a permanent Casino Trailblazer Avatar Frame Fragment along with some other rewards. Make sure you leave your comment at least by the 14th of May since that’s the last day for this facebook event.

So, that’s all I had to talk about this new Casino Event.

Before I end this post, I’d like to thank my patrons
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So, that’s all I had for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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