Travel Pass Requirements – Mafia City

This is going to be a post about the Travel Pass requirements for those of you wondering how the number of Travel Passes are calculated for moving to different cities. You can either watch this video or continue reading the post:

Travel Pass Requirements – Mafia City

So, the number of Travel Passes you need to move to a specific city is based on your power ranking in that city. The higher your rank, the more travel passes you’ll need to move. This makes the extremely active cities like 300 very cheap to move for most players, as the leaderboards are pretty competitive in these active cities.

Here are the number of travel passes you need to move to different cities based on your rank in the target city.

For other requirement lists (Hitman Coins, Leader Exp, VIP Points etc.), check out my post on Requirement Lists

Rank in Target CityTravel Passes Required
51 or higher1
Travel Pass Requirements

For other requirement lists (Hitman Coins, Leader Exp, VIP Points etc.), check out my post on Requirement Lists

This list could be slightly inaccurate as I haven’t checked the travel pass requirements for each and every rank, I’ve assumed that they follow a constant pattern to fill in most of the blanks.

So, here’s how this list works. For instance, if you are gonna be ranked 2nd when you join the target city, you’ll need 65 Travel Passes to move. If you’re gonna be ranked, let’s say, 37th then you’ll need only 5 passes to move & if you’re not gonna be in the top 50 when you join, then you’ll need only 1 pass to move.

Before switching cities, I’d recommend that you get a screenshot of the power leaderboards of the target city so that you can decide whether or not you want to drop power for the move. You can always unequip your equipment & destroy your defense weapons to lose some power. However, most players will usually have to get rid of some of their troops to lose most of their power especially if they have a lot of troops. I also do not think that you’ll be able to switch cities with a full hospital just because you can not enter cross server events like Clash of Mafia, City Royale & Governor with troops in your hospital. Otherwise that would’ve been another great way to drop a lot of power.

And my final advice for the migration would be to take a screenshot or a screen recording of all the items you have, all your equipment, your gems, buildings, investments & most importantly, your player ID so that just in case you lose some of your items during the migration you have proof to recover them.

Hope you found this post helpful.

16 thoughts on “Travel Pass Requirements – Mafia City”

  1. Flavio – can you share a bit of info on the “Clan Travel Pass”. How is it different and what’s the requirements/cost/etc…

  2. Hey Flavio,
    My Mafia Clan Boss is thinking of moving cities. My mai account is M22, my Farm 1 – Farm 3 all RSS are M20 whilst my Farm 4 – Farm 6 are all at M14. In your experience is it worth it taking at least one of my farms? As I am a non spender I am unsure what would be most practical. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

    1. If you can then it’s always good to move your farms. Otherwise you’ll have to build them from scratch all over again

  3. Has this already begun? Does the city have to be a certain age? I am in a fairly new city and don’t see a migrate event.
    Thanks ~Kamikaze77 city 407

  4. is this just for the mobil app or is this for the laptop version through facebook also? Is this a permanent move or temporary?

  5. I think whenever one decide to leave a city , that means he or she is not happy with the particular city they have been with for a few months already . So , after the migration , is this final … can only migrate once ?

    1. You can migrate again; however, you have to wait until the next migrate event. Flavio can correct me if I am wrong; however, I have not seen how often they plan on running the event.

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