Migration: Dropping Power – Mafia City

In this post I’m gonna be showing you a few different ways of dropping your power if you wanna reduce the number of travel passes it costs to move to a different city. Although, I’ve covered most of the ways in my previous post, I’m gonna be going into a little more detail in this one. You can either watch this video or continue reading the post:

City Migration: Dropping Power – Mafia City

The first & the easiest way to drop power is by unequipping all your equipment. You wanna unequip everything except your roadster to drop power before the move as you don’t get any power from your roadsters.

The next thing you want to do is destroy all your defense weapons. Defense weapons are extremely easy to build if you’re SVIP 6 or higher, you can switch to the support tree for free to use the Craftsman skill which gives you 500 high level defense weapons every 4 hours. Even if you’re not SVIP 6, you’re still not losing much as defense weapons aren’t really that useful in battle.

There are 4 more sources of power, leader, building, property & vigilante power. It’s almost impossible to reduce the power you gain from these sources. Maybe you can demolish buildings to reduce some power. However, I wouldn’t recommend doing so as that would hardly help reduce your power & it would cost way too much to rebuild your buildings.

And the last way to reduce your power is by killing or injuring your troops. I got messages from a few players after I made the travel pass video saying that GM had told them that they’d be able to migrate even if they had troops in their hospital. & I confirmed it myself today. So, you can move even with troops in your hospital & this is gonna be the best way to temporarily reduce power.

Make sure you fill up your hospitals with the highest tier troops you have. Use the level 10 godfather’s necklace & any other equipment that increases your wounded capacity. You’d also want to switch to the support tree & activate VIP for more hospital capacity. Also, use your vulnerable resources to max out your hospitals & the hospital capacity investments.

My maximum hospital capacity is around 350,000 on my Mansion 23 account so you should easily be able to do a lot more than that if you have a higher mansion. If you fill your hospitals with 350,000 tier 10 troops, you should be able to drop almost 3M power which will be huge for a lot of players. Also, make sure that you start healing troops using your vulnerable resources before you migrate so it doesn’t cost you any resources to heal when you migrate to the new city.

And if you’ve done all of this & you’re still looking for ways to reduce your power, then the last resort would be to dismiss your troops. You should start by getting rid of lower tier troops first as they don’t help much. And within the tiers you’d want to get rid of most of your Vehicles & Shooters first before you start dismissing your Bulkers & Bikers.

I hope you guys found this post helpful.

6 thoughts on “Migration: Dropping Power – Mafia City”

  1. Or if at least a city all wanted to keep the city rules , and not let one person violating everything and not get punished and let him keep on killing … now the third cities he is killing now .. and get away with it .

  2. Hey,

    If I fill up my hospitals to reduce power, example, my capacity is 725k, would I then be able to remove my equipment to further reduce power without losing troops in hospital?

    Thank you

  3. Hello, do you know any good city to migrate? Cities that have good rules so we don’t have to use bubble everyday?
    Thank you

    1. Don’t know too much about other cities. Sorry. But cities that do global events usually tend to have good rules. I’d suggest talking to people from other cities in your migration group to find out more info

    2. I thought i have double check everything before migration , and even talk to friends , and check the new cities myself repeatly ..
      Less than a week in new city , we not only have all the city rules violated , a city with most lively population i thought , now gonna be tortued for 3 months with a lockdown killer with only 861 million kill when he is not even a global ranking player with only 1100 biker stat
      I wish mafia will establish a safe city somewhere …
      And group all the serial killer in one city and let them kill each other daily when they enjoy war so much ..
      You know what the serial killer enjoy my city that much , not because he has world ranking governor stat , or great fight in cross server event . It is because we are one truly peaceful nice lovely city , when everywhere dead cities .
      Anyway , if you know a true a safe city exist , please share info , i will be most grateful .

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