Street Force Event Guide – Mafia City

In this post I’m going to be talking about the street force event. I’ll be giving you a few tips & tricks to hopefully improve at this event. You can either read this post or watch this video:

Street Force Event Guide – Mafia City

The Street force event takes place in both, the daily crime wave & the city contest. In the daily crime wave, it happens on any of the first 4 days & in the city contest it always takes play on the last day, that is, Friday.

During this event, players get points for killing street forces based on the level of the street forces they kill. The points you get for killing street forces is basically the level of the street force you kill, times 100. So, level 1 Street Forces give 100 points while level 30 Street forces give 3000 points. You also get double the points if you attack using the blue devil roadster.

In a single day, you can kill upto 200 street forces to get normal rewards & after killing the 200, you can kill another 200 street forces & get half the rewards. If you’re using the blue devil roadster then you can only kill 100 street forces for normal rewards & another 100 for half. After killing 200 or 400 street forces depending upon whether or not you’re using the blue devil roadster, you stop getting rewards for killing street forces.

This means that you can only score a maximum of 1.2M points before you stop getting rewards for attacking street forces. To get this score you need to attack 200 level 30 street forces using the blue devil roadster or 400 of them without the roadster.

My advice for this event would be to attack as many high level street forces as possible & by high level street forces I mean level 27 to level 30 street forces. Doing so will maximize your score for the energy you spend & you’ll also be able to maximize street force rewards. You can also stick to attacking only level 30 street forces to get an even better score.

Also, make sure that you’re attacking street forces using the blue devil roadster as there are only a limited number of street forces that spawn next to you & you want to get as much value from them as possible when you attack them.

Also, this is the best event to make use of your random teleport items as you can use a random teleport to find new street forces once you run out of nearby street forces to attack.

If you can easily kill high level street forces then I’d recommend switching to the support tree & using the level 5 godfather’s diary for extra street force attack speed.

And my final advice would be to not score too many points in this event as it might just not be worth it. You only get 4000 gold for placing first. If getting first place requires you to score a lot more points than the 200 or 400 limit for attacking street forces. You should just stop and be satisfied with a 2nd or 3rd place as you’ll only end up wasting a ton of gold trying to push for 1st.

Hope you found this guide helpful.

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  1. Omg, i been wasting so much gold on street force event , and attack 200 plus .. and when i woke up , the game refreshes , i usually lost my top 10 ranking … thanks for your advice , would not aim for first then …

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