The Power Increasing Event – Mafia City

In this post I’ll show you a lot of different ways to score points in the power increasing event. You can either watch this video or continue reading the post.

There are only 7 different sources of power in the Game. Let’s take a look at them one by one & see how can score points from each source:

1. Leader Power

You get ‘Leader Power’ by leveling up your leader. You can save a lot of experience items in your inventory & once you have enough to level up, you should wait for the power increasing event to use them. Leveling up your leader during the event will give you a little bit of power, but you can not rely on just leader power to win the event.

2. Building Power

You get ‘Building Power’ for upgrading buildings. This is not a very effective way of increasing your power at building upgrades usually cost a lot of resources and speed ups and hardly give you any power. You should save your building upgrades for the turf development event as they are more useful there.

3. Property Power

You get ‘Property Power’ for completing investments & hitman services. This, again, is not a very effective way of increasing your power. You should save your investment & hitman service upgrades for the turf development event as well. The hitman services give a lot of power, so they’re extremely useful during the turf development event.

4. Defense Weapon Power

You get ‘Defense Weapon Power’ for building defense weapons during the event. If you have the ‘Craftsman’ Skill in the support tree, you should be able to get 500 high level defense weapons every 4 hours. You can also build defense weapons at the security center for more power. Again, Defense Weapons don’t give a lot of power so you shouldn’t rely on them either.

5. Vigilante Power

You get ‘Vigilante Power’ for leveling your vigilantes. Just like experience, you’d also want to save vigilante experience so you can level up your vigilantes during the event. You can get a lot of power from vigilantes if you have a good amount of experience saved. Keep in mind though that you don’t get power for starring your vigilantes, you only get power for leveling them up.

6. Equipment Power

You get ‘Equipment Power’ for equipping your equipment. High level & high quality equipment give a lot of power. You should always unequip all your equipment before the event starts to reduce your power to zero at the beginning of the event & once the event begins, you can equip your best equipment. If you have decent equipment, you can easily gain a 100 to 200 thousand power from doing so. Just make sure that you also have your best equipment on at the end of the event as well because your equipment power goes down whenever you switch to inferior equipment.

7. Crew Power

You get ‘Crew Power’ from the troops you’ve trained. There are a few ways to score points with crew power.

The first way is by simply training a lot of troops. Just make sure that you’re skilled for training speed in the support tree & also have your training equipment (Kingpin Set, Godfather Diary & Training Roadster) on & if you’re SVIP 5 or higher, you would also want to activate VIP while training troops.

Another way of gaining a little bit Crew Power is by using the Crew Recruitment items that you get from packs & after kill events in your inventory. You can save them for the power increasing event to get some points.

The third way of scoring points with Crew Power is by healing troops. If you have your hospital filled with wounded troops, you can heal them during this event instead of healing them immediately. This is probably the best way of scoring points in the event as it can give you way more points than equipment and also because healing costs a lot less speed ups than training. For example, if your hospital capacity is around 300,000 and if you can fill your hospital with 300,000 t8 troops, you will get around 1,700,000 points just by healing them. Also, when you’re healing, don’t forget to switch your skill points to the support tree to increase the healing speed & reduce the healing cost by 40% each. Also, using the 10 godfather necklace & other healing equipment can save you some speed ups. In the city contest, you can do a few rescue hits on Tuesday to score some killing points & also fill up your hospital & on Wednesday (which is when the power increasing event takes place), you can heal all the troops in your hospital which will give you a lot of points.

Those are all the ways to currently available in the game to increase your power. I hope this post help you do better in the next Power Increasing Event.

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