Hitman Hotels & The Contract Agency – Mafia City

This post will tell you more about the new buildings that were added in the game in the recent update, The Hitman Hotels and The Contract Agency. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post.

If you want to know Hitman Coin requirement / cost for upgrading various hitman services, check out my post on Hitman Service Cost Estimates

1. The Contract Agency

The Contract Agency is just like another invest center that allows you to complete investments. The investments in this building are called hitman services. The only difference between investments and hitman services is that hitman services also cost Hitman Coins along with resources unlike investments which only cost resources.

There are currently 4 different categories of services available at the Contract Agency.

a) Battle Services: These Services help increase your stats & this is probably the best category to invest in. Maxing out all Battle Services can give you 20% Crew Attack, 30% Crew Defense & 10% Crew Health. Along with these stats, you also get a 50% increase in Crime Ops Speed and 100% increase in Crew Load by maxing them out. The Battle Services are far better than the Crew Capability investments which only give 15% Crew Attack, Defense & Health when maxed out.

b) Development Services: These Services will help reduce your building, investment & service cost & time. Maxing them out will reduce the building, investment and service time by 10% and their cost by 5% except for the cost of hitman coins which it reduces by 20 Coins per service. These Services will help save some resources & speed ups especially once you reach higher Mansion Levels.

c) Construction Services: Maxing out these services will increase your building speed of level 23 to 29 buildings by 30% and will reduce their cost by 20%. Investing in this category will save you a lot of resources especially if you’re Mansion 23 or very close to it.

d) Training Services: These services are currently only available for Bulkers, Bikers and Shooters. Maxing out this category will increase training capacity by 500, T8 training speed by 20%, T9 training speed by 15%, T10 training speed by 10% & also reduce the training cost of T10 troops by 5%.

You may invest in the non-battle services if you don’t mind delaying your investments in the Battle Services because you’ll be using your hitman coins on them that you would’ve otherwise used on battle services.

2. The Hitman Hotels

The other new buliding is called the Hitman Hotel and you can build two of these once you reach Mansion 23. The hotels produce Hitman Coins that you can use for services at the Contract Agency.

At level 20, these 2 hotels can produce 480 Hitman Coins per day,

At level 30, these 2 hotels can produce 960 Hitman Coins per day,

and at level 30, these 2 hotels can produce 1440 Hitman Coins per day.

The Hotels are the only source of Hitman Coins as they cannot be farmed. Because of this, I think it is better for players to rush to Mansion 30 as soon as possible so they can collect more Hitman Coins daily. Doing so will allow them to finish the Battle Services and get better stats a lot faster than the others because of the extra Hitman Coins.

While rushing to Mansion 30, you should also by simultaneously investing in properties so that you don’t fall behind on your investments. You may also rush to Elite 5 if you want to get more Hitman Coins daily. However, rushing to Elite 5 is a little difficult especially for free to play players because you only get 10 blueprints daily from the tasks & the building upgrades require a lot of elite blueprints (It costs 1900 blueprints to get E5 if you only do the required upgrades).

Rushing will require a lot of farming especially for non-spenders. If you want to know more about farming, be sure to check out my Farming Guide. I hope this post helped you get a better idea about the new buildings.

If you want to know Hitman Coin requirement / cost for upgrading various hitman services, check out my post on Hitman Service Cost Estimates

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7 thoughts on “Hitman Hotels & The Contract Agency – Mafia City”

    1. Most of them require a low level contract agency. It tells you if you won’t be able to upgrade a service further without upgrading your contract agency. The services shown at the contract agency are all the services that exist in the game, you can’t unlock any more services. However, you might need to upgrade your contract agency to upgrade a service beyond a certain level.

    2. Hi Flavio,
      Awesome post! I’ll be at M23 within the next few days! Just in relation to Hitman Hotels, shall I just ‘collect’ them before I do anything at all in the Contract Agency?

      Furthermore, I understand you recommend the battle within Contract Agency however it seems that Construction would be useful too. Would it be appropriate to invest in both battle and construction and also at what Mansion level?

      Thank you kindly in advance!!

      1. Max out the hitman hotels as soon as you reach M23 before you do anything else (use speed ups if possible) & collect as many coins as you can.
        Construction is useful if you don’t have farms. However, if you do farm, you could save a lot of hitman coins by not investing in construction.

        1. Flavio, really appreciate your prompt responses and the information provided!

          Just a question in relation to attacking farms (gathering resources for main). I have attacked my cash farm (average getting 1,000,000 CASH, 2,600 CARGO, 160 ARMS and 39 METAL). This was good but I worried above the Cargo Farm. When I attacked it, I only received on average the following (264,000 CARGO & CASH, 44,000 ARMS & 11,00 METAL).

          Farm 3 has Vault (level 9) and currently 22 MIL Cargo, 62 MIL Cash, 600k Arms, 1 MIL in Metal. Farm 1 has Vault (Level 11) and currently 168 MIL Cargo, 62 MIL Cash, 15 MIL Arms, 2.7 MIL Arms.

          I assume with this game nothing happens without reason and is not random. Would you know what I can do to utilise the highest resource amount when I attack my farms?

          Oh and lastly, regarding migration are we able to also take all my 6 farms?

          Thank you in advance.

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