How do Stars work?

In this post I’m gonna be explaining what Turf & Combine Ops Stars are & how they help. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

How do stars work? – Mafia City

In order to unlock stars, you first need to be Mansion 30 or higher. Once you meet that requirement, you’ll be able to unlock stars for your mansion skins and also for your Combine ops. To upgrade stars of your mansion skin, you first need to own the skin that you want to upgrade & then you’d want to spend star up coupons to upgrade those skins. You can usually get star up coupons from buying packs after you reach Mansion 30, each pack currently gives you 2300 star up coupons & maxing out a skin usually requires 43,000 of those, which means that you could max out one skin for $1900. Right now there are more than 25 skins in the game so maxing out all skins alone would only cost around $50,000 which is , obviously a lot less than the best roadster that costs only $79,200. However, in order to permanently benefit from these skins, you’ll first need to own them. You can get them either from the cumulative purchase by purchasing a million gold, or you can just buy 15 Turf Skin Packs for a new permanent turf effect, so maxing out each turf will not only cost the $1900 but it’ll also cost you at least $1500 for buying the turf effect. This makes the total cost of maxing out one skin $3400. So to max out all skins in the game, it would actually cost $85,000 which is just a few thousand more than the best roadster.

The reason why it is important to max out skins is because each skin that you own gives you bonus stats after you reach mansion 30 & upgrading your skin stars will only increase the amount of bonus stats you get from them. For instance, owing a 5 star Unicorn Palace gives you an additional 5% Crew Attack & 10% Crew Defense. The stats that you get from these skins are passive so you don’t need to equip any of these skins to benefit from their stats, you just need to buy the skins & max out their stars to get their stats.

Combine Ops stars are somewhat similar to turf stars. You need to be Mansion 30 to get buffs from them. In order to unlock a Combine Ops, you first need to own the 3 Ops effects required to make the combine ops. Unlocking 3 Ops effects usually cost $1500. Then you need to spend 60 Combine Vouchers to make a Combine Ops. Once you unlock a Combine Ops, you need to spend 129 more Combine Vouches to max out it’s stars. A combine voucher pack usually gives you 6 vouchers per pack, so it would cost around $3200 just to get the 189 combine vouchers required to max out an Ops. However, if you choose to wait for the lucky machine event to get these combine voucher, it’ll help you save a lot of money because the packs usually give tokens during this event which you can use to get a ton of combine vouchers. Right now, there are 16 Combine Ops in total, so if you assume a cost of $4700 to max out one ops, then maxing all of them out will cost only $75,200.

Again, these combine ops also give you passive stats which means that you can not max out your stats without maxing them out. You can also use a Combine Voucher to unlock a specific combine ops for a day & then use your extra combine vouchers to star up your ops. There’s no need to permanently unlock any specific ops to upgrade them. However, you’ll lose the buffs you get from the temporary ops once it expires but you’ll retain the stars. The same also applies for Turf Effects.

Apart from the direct buffs that they give you, Turf Skins & Combine Ops also give you extra buffs at the Godfather’s Monument Just for owning them regardless of their stars.

So, that’s pretty much all I had to talk about Turf & Combine Ops Stars. I hope this post helps you understand why turf & ops stars are so important & why non spenders will never be able to catch up with the spenders in this game because of features like these that they can never benefit from. So, I hope this video was helpful. Thanks for watching the video guys & I’ll see y’all in the next one.

If you want to know the exact requirements of Combine Vouchers / Turf Stars for each level, then you can check out my Combine Voucher Requirement post & Turf Star Requirement post.

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