Slammer Guide – Mafia City

In this post I’m gonna be giving you a few tips to do better at the slammer. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Slammer / Prison Guide – Mafia City

First, let me explain how the slammer works. So, the slammer has a total of 70 floors & players are required to clear as many floors as they can using any formation they like. Players can usually directly continue from the floor they lost by wiping out the slammer using energy. However, this can only be done during the week. Once the new week starts on Monday, the highest floor of all players is cleared & they’re required to start from scratch.

There are daily and weekly rewards in the slammer, the daily rewards include experience, roses, items & stars, while the weekly ones include jewelry boxes as well. You get weekly rewards for clearing each floor for the first time & also for clearing a set of 5 floors for the first time. So, for instance, after clearing floor 1 for the first time during the week, you’ll be rewarded with jewelry boxes for clearing that floor. When you clear floor 5 for the first time, you’ll not only be rewarded for jewelry boxes for clearing the floor but you’ll also get some extra jewelry boxes for clearing 5 floors. Clearing the same floors for the second time during the weak, however, will most likely not give you any jewelry boxes. Also, for every 3 levels you clear, you get an option to spend gold & stars to gain some extra buffs for a few floors. I’m not really a fan of this option as the extra buffs usually only help you clear 1-2 more floors. However, if you like this option, you can spend your gold & stars to get important buffs like bulker defense, bulker health, biker attack, biker charge damage & bulker damage reduction.

The formation, buffs & equipment of a player need to be selected right before entering the slammer. This means, once you enter the slammer with a specific formation, you can not change it. You also won’t be able to change your equipment or use buffs after entering the slammer.

On entering any floor in the slammer, you’re given an option to fight one of 3 enemies. There’s the easy enemy which is the weakest enemy of that floor. The normal enemy which is slightly stronger than the easy one & the Hard enemy which is the strongest enemy of that floor.

Winning a battle against the Hard enemy gives you the most jewelry boxes, while beating the Easy enemy gives you the least jewelry boxes for that floor. The enemies keep getting stronger as you make progress & they also give more rewards at higher levels.

During each battle in the slammer, your troops get injured & are sent to the slammer hospital. The slammer hospital is a special type of hospital where the healing speed is greatly increased, the healing speed in the slammer stays the same regardless of your equipment. Also, only around 87.5% of the troops injured in each battle can be healed, this causes your march size to decrease slightly every floor. I’d suggest healing your injured troops almost every floor at least after you start losing 10,000 or more troops per battle. Doing this will allow you to defend better in each battle & reduce your losses.

For troop formation, I use the same formation that I use in the tournament with mostly tankers, combaters & riders from all tiers along with bait troops. I’d suggest adding a few more tankers than what you usually do in the tournament formation as you keep losing a lot of tankers each battle & you might eventually not be able to heal any of your tankers because of the healing restriction in the slammer.

While clearing the slammer, it is important to keep in mind that it is more like a weekly event than a daily event because you can only get jewelry boxes for clearing floors there once a week. So the strategy you use to clear the slammer should be a strategy where you maximize the number of jewelry boxes instead of trying to maximize the number of floors you can clear.

Here’s my strategy for the slammer. I usually don’t use buffs for the slammer unless they’re already activated already for other events. As I said earlier, buffs may only get you 1 or 2 floors ahead in the slammer as the troops there get strong very quickly.

On the first day, I enter the slammer with my tournament formation & I only attack hard opponents. Doing so allows me to maximize my floor rewards & it also maximizes the special rewards I get for every 5 floors. After I lose on the first day, I’ll wait for the next day to re-enter the slammer. The next day I start with a wipe out, using my energy so that I can directly start at the floor I stopped at the last time, with a full march. Again, I’ll only attack Hard enemies to maximize rewards & also heal my troops every round. This should allow me to clear 2-3 floors. I repeat the same process for the 3rd day which usually only allows me to clear 1 floor on hard mode after which I wait for the next day. Since now I know hard mode is almost impossible to clear at this point, I’ll try to maximize my jewelry box income by clearing the normal mode on the 4th & maybe even the 5th day. After I realize normal mode has also become impossible, I’ll switch to easy for the last few days.

This strategy maximizes the number of jewelry boxes I get by ensuring that the lower level enemies give me the most jewelry boxes since I beat them on hard mode. While it also ensures that the more difficult enemies also give me at least some jewelry boxes. You don’t need to use buffs for this strategy as they won’t really help increase the jewelry boxes you get from the slammer by a lot. However, if you want to still use buffs, I’d suggest using them anywhere between day 3 to day 7 of during all of those days if you can. Also, whenever you use attack, defense & march buffs, you’d also want to make use of the “continue” feature which costs 1000 gold at the slammer whenever you lose a battle. It will instantly heal all of your troops & you’ll be able to continue from the last floor you entered with a full march.

Hope you found this guide helpful.

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  1. Hello there,
    I may be trippin :)) but daily slammer after the first one still gives few jewlery boxes. If I didnt dream it, I do first one buffed on hard until lv 33 then I go on easy to 36 for more cards. For the rest I use no buffs and go as far as I can daily.

  2. Slammer is something that I never happy with . Thanks for your advice . What would you exchange the jewellery card on ?

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