How to increase your resource production – Mafia City

In this post I’m gonna be showing you a few different ways to increase your resource production on your main or farm accounts in the game. You can either watch this video or continue reading the post:

How to increase resource production – Mafia City

The most obvious ways of increasing your resource production are by upgrading your buildings and investments. You want to max out all your resource production buildings & investments to maximize resource production. For resource investments I’d suggest only doing the first tier investments & ignoring the 2nd tier investments as tier 2 investments cost way too many resources to max out.

Another way of increasing your resource production is by investing your skill points in resource production in the growth tree. You can also get some more resource production from your VIP buff, players that are VIP 10 or higher get a 25% resource production buff.

Then you have item buffs, which you get from the items you use on your resource production buildings. If you haven’t read my post on How to correctly use your resource production buffs, I’d highly recommend doing so as that will help you save a lot of your resource production items by making them more efficient

You can also increase your resource production by upgrading a few of your babes. Babes like Diana & Karina help increase your resource production.

Then you can also use your equipment to increase resource production. The best equipment for increasing resource production is the kingpin set. I’d recommend getting this set on your main account at least as it not only helps with resource production but it also saves you a ton of training speed ups while training troops. For Roadster, you would want to use tidal wave which gives 40% resource production & for godfather equipment, you’d want to use the level 5 ring.

Then you also get extra resource production buffs for being inside your clan territory, you get buffs if you’re appointed as an official by the mayor or governor.

You get a 10% cargo production buff from 1 star Adriana. Your entire clan will get a buff if you use a clan badge that increases resource production & you can also get some extra buffs from the plantation store. All of these methods help increase your resource production buffs by a little.

However, the best way of increasing your resource production is by equipping the developing set on as many vigilantes as possible. To benefit from the equipment, you don’t even need to equip them with the full set. All you need to do is equip them with the developing hat which gives arms production and the exquisite tux which gives metal production. Once you have both equipped, you should get an extra set buff which will increase your total resource production. The best part about the buffs you get from the developing set is that they act like passive skills. There’s no need to garrison your vigilantes wearing the developing equipment on you wall to get the buffs. You get them immediately after your vigilante equips the equipment.

At grey quality, you get around 2% arms & metal production for every vigilante you put these two pieces of equipment on. And if you can equip your vigilantes with gold quality, you should get a 20% arms & metal production buff per vigilante. This is one of the best ways of increasing your resource production buffs.

Since I’m already trying to upgrade my extremist set using developing pieces, I put them on my vigilantes whenever I make them, to get extra resource production & when I have enough developing pieces to upgrade the extremist set, I unequip them from my vigilantes & use them to upgrade the set. That’s how I use my developing set equipment. The only problem is that you need to get your vigilantes to level 20 before you can equip them with the developing set & this is usually a challenge for a lot of players.

Edit: You can also get resource production from emblems. Attack reapers to get more emblems. (Thank you Onur for the reminder)

So, those are all the ways in the game of increasing resource production. If you know of any more ways, please let me know in the comments below. I hope you found this post helpful.

6 thoughts on “How to increase your resource production – Mafia City”

  1. is production attribute only applies when i harvest my production in base? meaning i dont need to wear my production gear all the time and just wear it during harvest in base?

  2. You make me so jealous when you talk about clan badge , and governor buffs . They are difficult to get … tidal wave, and gold ring … yes I want them too … maybe you want to add the exclusive boost from the plantation store too …
    For most of us , we never have enough fragment , so vigilante equip is difficult , and might prefer kingpin then vigilante buff … ????

    1. Yes. Kingpin is good too. I was just trying to list out all the different ways of increasing resource production.

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