Scrap Collector Guide – Mafia City

In this post, I’m going to be talking about the scrap collector. I’ll be showing you how you can get a few items for discounted prices from the scrap collector. You can either watch this video or continue reading the post:

Scrap Collector Guide

Once you reach Mansion 30, you should be able to exchange your bonds to get recycle coins at the scrap collector. You can recycle 1 bond to get 8 coins. These coins can then be used at the scrap collector’s shop to get various items.

The bonds normally cost 4 gold each, however, you can get them for as little as 3 gold per bond if you get them from the VIP store. If you buy a bond from the shop for 4 gold & sell it at the scrap collector for 8 coins you’re spending 1 gold to get 2 coins.

Using this exchange ratio, you should be able to buy a lot of useful items from the shop for half the price they normally cost.
You can get an 8 hr truce for 500 coins or 250 gold instead of spending 500 gold getting it the normal way.
You can get an attack or defense buff for 250 coins or 125 gold instead of spending 250 gold getting them the normal way.

In my opinion, the best item to invest your recycle coins would be the energy cans which cost 40 recycle coins or 20 gold each. This is even better than getting them from the smuggler or VIP store for 30 gold each.

So, next time if you need any of these items, make sure you buy them through the scrap collector instead of buying them directly to save gold.

Hope this post helps you save a lot of gold!

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