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In this post, I’m going to be showing you how you can grind unlimited experience for free using the Builders Set. You can either watch this video or continue reading the post:

[NOW PATCHED] Get unlimited experience using the Builder’s set

Now the most common way of grinding experience is to attack street forces or mercenaries. The only limitation grinding experience this way is that it costs energy to do so & there’s also a maximum limit on how many of each you can kill per day.

The method that I suggest in this post does not require any energy. However, it used to cost a lot of resources before because of which it wasn’t really feasible & I never made a post / video about it. But now with the addition of the builders set, you should be able to get unlimited experience for free using this method without spending any energy or resources. However, it does take a decent amount of time to get experience. So, now let’s talk about how this method works.

Every time you upgrade a building, you get experience and power for doing so. Whenever you demolish a building, you lose all the power that you gained from the building, but you retain all the experience that you gained. So what you can do to benefit from this is you can upgrade & demolish your resource production buildings over & over to get a whole lot of experience this way.

If you have the orange quality builder’s set that you get from the event, you should be able to build a counterfeiter & upgrade it all the way to level 13 without using any resources or speedups in just a few seconds. Doing so will give you a total of 2781 experience. You can then demolish the counterfeiter & rebuild it to level 13 to gain more experience. You can repeat this process as many times as you want to gain a ton of experience.

If we assume that the whole process of building & demolishing a counterfeiter takes you 10 seconds. Then doing this for an hour should give you a little more than 1 million experience. And keep in mind that all this experience doesn’t cost any resources or speedups. It does take a lot of time however.

Also, if you don’t want to invest much time, you could consider using macros on nox or bluestacks to farm experience for you while you’re offline. However, doing this is slightly risky as I don’t think mafia city allows the use of macros & they might ban your account for using them. You may use them at your own risk.

I hope this post helps you decide whether or not you want to get the Builder’s Set.

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  1. Hi Flavio, unfortunately is not working. If you rebuild the build you lost the fully experience… Maybe an update?

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