How to get VIP points – Mafia City

In this post I’m going to be showing you a few different ways to earn VIP points. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

The easiest way of getting VIP points is by dating your babes daily. You get 400 VIP points every time you date them. Then you can also get upto 600 VIP points from the daily contracts. Be sure to check out my previous video of me getting 500 daily contract points in around 10 minutes if you want to learn how to do the daily contracts quickly.

Then you can also get VIP points by spending gold by purchasing them from the smuggler, from the VIP store, from the normal store and also from the scrap collector. However, I wouldn’t recommend spending gold to get VIP points unless you urgently need a few VIP points to level up.

You can also get VIP points by exchanging the honor points that you get from governor & the kill points & gathering points that you get from Conqueror’s Path. However, again I wouldn’t recommend doing that as it’s much better to exchange your honor points from governor for roadster points & your kill points from conqueror’s path for godfather coins. You can also get VIP points from the clan store however, that’s also something that I wouldn’t recommend doing as it costs 30,000 clan honor just to get 100 VIP points.

The plantation store can give you upto 3000 VIP points every day for 6700 plantation store points & that is definitely something you should buy from there daily especially if you have enough plantation store points.

And finally the best way of getting VIP points is by attacking Level 27 to 30 Street Forces. These high level street forces have a small chance of dropping 1,000 VIP points every hit & you get double the rewards if you attack them using blue devil. You usually get 1,000 VIP points every 5 to 10 street forces you attack, which is way more value than all of the other ways.
You also have a chance of getting 300 VIP points for every Level 24 to 26 Street Force attack. And attacking these level 24 to 26 street forces is definitely the second best way of getting VIP points. So, next time you’re attacking street forces, make sure you don’t waste your stamina on low level street forces since higher levels not only give better rewards but also more experience.

So, those are a few different ways of getting VIP points. Hope you found this post helpful.

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