Plantation Store – Mafia City

In this post I’m gonna be talking about the Plantation Store. I’ll be telling you about the items that I get from my plantation store & I’ll also be explaining why I get them. Right now I have a level 6 plantation store so if you have a store that is lower than level 6, you might not be able to get all the items that I get from my store. If that is the case, then you can either save up your plantation store points until you level your store up or you can buy other items that you need from the plantation store. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Plantation Store – Mafia City

The 5 items that I always get form the plantation store are, energy, advance chips, leader experience & the two emblem chests. I think these are the items that everyone should get on a daily basis. The energy helps grind street forces & mercenaries, the advance chips help you get gems from the luck poker, leader experience helps you level up your leader & the emblem chests help you with stats. Getting all these 4 items only costs around 4000 points so it’s not that difficult to get them daily.

Another item I get is the Advance Teleport, if I’m running low on Teleports. However, if I’m not, then I usually save up my plantation store points or spend them on VIP points. VIP points are quite expensive to get, it costs 6700 plantation points to get 3000 VIP points so I only buy them when I have a lot of plantation points saved up.

You can also get Adriana & Catalina fragments from the plantation store. Catalina isn’t that important especially if you can beat high level mercenaries & street forces easily. However, you should get Adriana fragments from the plantation store if you don’t have her at 5 stars to get more hospital capacity. Even after getting her to 5 stars, you’ll still need more fragments to upgrade her hospital capacity skill to level 5.

If you’re a non-spender, you might want to get the 8 Hour Builder if you’re doing a lot of upgrades. And for your farm accounts you might want to get the level 2 vehicle recruitment item which gives you 100 level 2 vehicles. Some players also like getting the gem boxes & speed ups from the plantation store, however, I’m not really a fan of those items.

Now if you have a level 7 plantation store & if you’re a non-spender, you might want to get the 25% max crime ops buffs daily because they’re almost impossible to get in the game without spending gold. You can also get Charles Fragments from the level 7 plantation store. However, that’s not something I’d recommend spending your plantation points on as you can easily get them from events like the boxing event.

If you have a level 8 plantation store, then you can get the 20,000 vigilante experience item as well. However, it costs 2560 store points which is quite expensive in my opinion so again, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing it.

And if you have a level 9 plantation store, then you can unlock a new dog & you can also buy 10 hitman coins for 1670 plantation store points which is a terrible deal. However, the only good thing about this deal is that it gives you 3500 store growth which is way higher than what all the other items in the store give you.

As far as the exclusive boosts are concerned, the only ones that I think are not worth unlocking are the investment & building time reduction as the 5 to 10 minute reductions are hardly gonna help & they cost way too many store points to unlock especially at higher levels. All the other exclusive boosts seem to be quite beneficial for your main account.

So, that’s all I had to talk about the plantation store. I hope you found this post helpful.

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6 thoughts on “Plantation Store – Mafia City”

  1. Hi.. about the exclusive boost thing. Are these boosts only temporary or fixed add to our stats? I never buy and try it coz its so expensive.

    1. Which exclusive boosts are you talking about? The ones that you get from the subscription are temporary & it’s not worth buying them anyway because they only give you resource buffs, they don’t help with battle stats.

      1. I meant the boost from the plantation store. Is it permanent?

        And please mate, make a new article about the new event. The korean thing event.

        1. Oh, yeah. Those boosts are permanent. If you’re asking about the soccer thing, I already made a guide about it, you can check it out here: Dragon Boat Festival Guide
          The event has slightly changed now but this guide should give you a good idea how to do it

  2. I was already doing all the things before you post this plantation advice . But I am only on level 5 store , just wandering how long does it take to get to store 7 and store 8 please ? And would you not use sunflower and iris to exchange those defense and attack +2 % ? Thanks .

    1. I don’t know how long it takes. It depends on how much you buy from the plantation store daily. You can check how much growth you need by watching the video. I’ve shared screenshots of how many growth points you need to upgrade your plantation store to certain levels.
      & Yes. You should always save your sunflowers and irises to get those buffs.

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