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In this post I’m gonna be talking about the Boxing Event. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Boxing Event

The goal of this event is basically to kill the clown in every match. There are 8 rounds per match & you obtain 5 attacks every time you enter the boxing event or every time you use a Boxing Ticket. During the match, you’re required to connect similar icons to deal damage to the clown. These icons can be connected either in a straight line or even diagonally. There are 3 types of icons: There’s the Glove which deals 1 damage, the Knuckle which deals 3 damage & the Hammer which deals 5 damage. The more icons you connect, the more damage you’ll be able to deal.

You can also use a Triple Attack during the Match by spending one Boxing Ticket which Triples the damage dealt for that specific turn.

You can enter the match using boxing tickets. However, if you run out of Boxing Tickets, you can also use gold. The only problem with using gold is that the cost increases with every match.

Now, you can get 20 of these boxing tickets from trading at the Black Market & you can get 20 more by attacking Street Forces. So you can get a total of 40 tickets per day.

As far as Boxing Tickets are concerned, I think you should always use them to get 5 extra attacks instead of using them to do triple attacks as you can never really deal a good amount of damage doing triple attacks.
Whenever, you choose to do a triple attack, you lose one of you attack chances & it also costs you a boxing ticket to deal triple the damage. Let’s assume you do a triple attack on a pattern that deals 30 damage. You’re gonna end up dealing 90 damage in total. 30 damage that you would’ve dealt anyway because of the pattern regardless of whether or not you used the boxing ticket & 60 extra damage because of the boxing ticket that you used.
If you hadn’t done the triple attack, you would’ve got 5 extra attack chances from the same boxing ticket. This means that you need a total of at least 60 damage in 5 attacks in order to break even. Which means you need 12 damage per attack on an average to break even.
Now considering that there are 33 unique patterns in the boxing event that give you damage ranging from 6 damage all the way upto 30 damage & assuming that all these patterns have an equal probability of showing up. If you calculate the average score or the expected score of these 33 patters, you get the number 14.69696969.
Now, we know that you only needed an average of 12 damage per attack to break even but since you’re getting more than 14 damage per attack on an average anyways, it means that it’s a good long term strategy to not use triple attacks at all.

Once you enter the match, you’ll keep getting boxing gloves for every round you finish. You get a total of 30 boxing gloves for every match you finish.
These gloves can then be used to redeem various items.

The order in which I redeem items is as follows:
I first use all my gloves to get godfather coins. Then I use them to get roadster points. Then I get all the speed ups. Training speed ups first followed by building speed ups & finally I get Charles Fragments with the remaining gloves if I have any left since he can prove to be very useful in the family treasure event.
I don’t like getting roses, gem boxes & purple vigilante fragments from this event. I feel they’re a little overpriced. & the resources are definitely not worth spending on.

Hope you found this post helpful.

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