Growth Funds – Mafia City

In this post, I’m gonna be talking about the Growth Funds.

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Growth Funds – Mafia City

There are 3 different types of growth funds in the game. You have a vigilante growth fund which gives you vigilante fragments & vigilante experience, then there’s a Babe Growth fund which allows you to get fragments for certain babes & then there’s the terrorizer set growth fund which gives you gems & blueprints to make the terrorizer set.

So, let’s start of by talking about the Terrorizer set. You get the following from the fund over a period of 30 days.
You get 16.25 blueprints, 25 topaz, 8 purple gems, 20 rare gem boxes and some checks.
What this means is that it’s gonna cost you around $100 & it’ll take 4 months to get 1 golden piece of terrorizer equipment this way. Which also means that it’ll take you 2 years & it’s gonna cost you around $600 to get the whole golden set this way so it’s definitely not worth buying in my opinion since you can get the Massacre Set for just $100 & you can easily get it to gold quality in less than 2 years.
If you’re a non-spender, you can easily get this set by grinding Shredders for Topaz & blueprints which you can use to make low quality terrorizer equipment which you can then upgrade to golden quality through synthesis.

Then there’s the babe growth fund which I spoke about in one of my previous posts. You can unlock Angela, Bella & Ginger through this fund. This fund gives you 35 fragments every month. So, it should only cost you around $300 to unlock all 3 babes & unlocking them should take you around 12 months. If you do not have these 3 babes unlocked, then it’s totally worth buying this growth fund because you’re saving a thousand dollars by buying them this way.

And finally we have the Vigilante Growth Fund.
This fund is slightly different from the other 2 funds because it has 3 tiers. There’s the tier 1 fund which gives 3000 purple fragments & 300 gold fragments which would normally cost around $38.
The tier 2 fund gives you 2700 purple fragments & 600 gold fragments which normally cost $40 &
The tier 3 fund gives you 3700 purple fragments & 600 gold fragments which normally cost around $51.
Along with these fragments, each fund also gives you 8 million vigilante experience which helps a lot with leveling up vigilantes. Even if you have all the vigilantes in this fund unlocked, I think it is still worth buying because of the amount of experience this fund gives you. A normal $5 vigilante pack only gives you 440,000 vigilante experience which means it would cost you over $90 to get 8 million vigilante experience while this fund gives it to you for only $24.

So, to summarize, the terrorizer fund is not worth buying. The Babe fund is only worth if you do not have those 3 babes unlocked & the vigilante fund is always worth buying because of the amount of experience it gives you.

Hope you found this post helpful.

5 thoughts on “Growth Funds – Mafia City”

  1. 100% disagree on the terrorizer. It allows you to make the pants and suit for $25 which takes a little work but it’s not that hard to synthesize them up. Especially in new cities it’s a nice boost over most other accounts since normal pants and clothes give 0 attack buffs.

    1. If you feel that way, you may buy it. This was just my opinion on the terrorizer set.
      I’d still rather grind those topaz from shredders & make the set for free or spend $100 to get the full massacre which you can’t grind for free. I just don’t see the point in spending $25 on something that you can get for free by grinding a little.
      Buying the fund doesn’t give you the topaz & blueprints instantly anyway, it takes 30 days to get them. And even after waiting 30 days, you only get 25 topaz which is enough to only make a blue terrorizer piece. So, you’re only skipping the green & grey stages & if you want to make both, the shirt & pants with those topaz, you’ll only be able to make green which will allow you to skip only the grey stage of synthesis.

      1. I agree with Flavio on this one. I recently took over an account for someone who left the game. I had enough Topaz to make 6 pieces of grey terrorizer equipment and am working on upgrading them from grey to gold. I have plenty of checks and speed ups and am upgrading all at once to keep the set buffs.

        This monthly packs were designed for the light spender because as Flavio mentioned if you are going to spend why not just go after Massacre pack and build that for $100.00 versus the terrorizer pack… If you buy the Mass pack you will certainly give yourself an edge in a new city as you mentioned above.

        1. My terriorizer equip always come out grey , how many blueprint and topaz do you reckon I need to get them green or blue instead of just grey please ?

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