New September 26th Update – Mafia City

In this post, I’m gonna be talking about the new September 26th Update. You can either watch this video or continue reading the post:

New September 26th Update – Mafia City

They’ve added a new Vigilante called Kien Nguyen that has a 5 star active skill that, when maxed out, gives you a 30% enemy bulker & biker attack & defense reduction. That’s 4 stats key stats in one single skill. There’s enemy bulker attack, biker attack, bulker defense & biker defense. Bulker attack & biker attack are both important because T9 bulkers & T10 bikers are usually the troops that get the most kills. Bulker defense is extremely important because it helps your T10 bulkers do a better job protecting your troops & Biker defense becomes important whenever you’re facing someone with elite troops. This is because the elite T9 bulkers have a skill that can directly attack the enemy bikers even if the enemy bulkers are still alive. This 5 star skill makes him one of the best vigilantes in the game.
He also has another active skill at 3 stars which increases your crime ops capacity by 10000.

His passive skills give you 10% shooter attack, 5% Crew defense & a Crew damage reduction of 5% at 1, 2 & 4 stars respectively. So, in case you do not plan to using him as your main vigilante, you’d want to get him to at least 4 stars so that you unlock all of his passive skills.

They’ve also added a few new Hitman Servies in the Battle Services Category. These new services help you increase the Attack, Defense, Health, Speed & Load of your troops.

And as usual, they’ve added a new Unicorn Palace Turf Decoration which gives a passive 5% Crew Attack & 10% Crew Defense when maxed out.

They’ve added the new Imagination & Angelic Wings turf effects.

They’ve also added the National Carnival Ops Effect & the Chimera Ops effect which again gives you a passive 5% Crew Attack & 10% Crew Defense buff when maxed out.

They’ve also added 3 new Crime Ops Achievements in the Godfather’s Monument. There’s the Animal Planet Achievement which increases your Vehicle Attack & Bulker Health by 2% each, the Mechanical Armor Achievement which increases Bulker Attack & Biker Defense by 2% each & the Berserker Souls Achievement that increases your Crew Attack & Defense by 5% each.

They’ve also added a new Russian Clan Tower decoration which Clan Leaders & R4s can activate for 2000 gold.

And finally, they made a small change to the exclusive privilege where it now also gives you one hitman coin production boost daily for 30 days.

I hope you found this post helpful.

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1 thought on “New September 26th Update – Mafia City”

  1. You do help very much Flavio. Thank you.

    Btw, which vigilantes do you think the best to keep and star up max for battle purpose? Especially to maximize and support the tanker and biker troop formation? You already write insight about attack, defense, health, and damage in your other article. It makes me do rethink about the best vigilante to star up. Thanks before and after.

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