New Unofficial Mafia City Discord Server

This post is an invitation to join the new unofficial mafia city discord server that a few players of this game created. Right now we have over 200 people in this server from a lot of different cities.

Here’s the link to join the discord server:

After joining, you’ll have to get verified by one of the leaders or admins of the server in order to access the different chats.

In case you’re wondering what discord is, what this server is about or what the requirements for for getting verified are, then here’s a short video from Madam Rose of City 126 explaining just that, enjoy the video:

New Unofficial Discord Server – Mafia City

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5 thoughts on “New Unofficial Mafia City Discord Server”

    1. Do you have the discord app? If you don’t it probably leads you to the playstore so you can download the app. You need the app to be able to join the group or you can join from pc too

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