New Roadsters & Migration Event – Mafia City

In this post I’m gonna be talking about the new update & also about the migration event. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

New Roadster & Migration Event – Mafia City

In the recent update, they’ve added a new Birthday Benefit feature which allows you to send an Oath Gift to your clan the day after you’ve set your birth date. The oath gift contains a total of 1,000 gold which upto 15 people in your clan can claim.

They’ve also added 3 new roadsters in the game. There’s Twilight Blade, which is a roadster that comes in between White Devil & Slingshot. It costs over 100 gold points.

Then there’s hellfire that costs more than 300 gold points which means it costs over 3 million normal roadster points. However, it gives 23% Crew Attack, 50% Crew Defense, 35% Bulker Attack, 17,000 Crime Ops Capacity, -30% Enemy Biker Attack, 17% Bulker health plus a Random Attribute that be altered which makes it a lot better than Slingshot.

And the 3rd new roadster is Poison Ivy which costs over 380 gold points and gives better stats than Hellfire, but only for Conqueror’s Path. So, hellfire is gonna be the best Roadster to use in all other events. & for those of you that are wondering how much it costs to get 380 gold points… with the current 48 silver points per pack, it only costs $79,200 to get the 380 gold points required for unlocking poison ivy.

They’ve also added the Red Lightning Crime Ops Decoration & a new Panther Rider Combine Ops decoration.

And finally, there’s a migration event again & this time it’s for cities 1 to 468. The rules of the event are the same as before. If you haven’t watched my videos on the migration event then I’d highly recommend doing so especially if this is your first ever migration event, Here are the links o a few:
City Migration:
Travel Pass Requirements:
Dropping Power:
How to Double Hospital Capacity:
About City 300:

Also, if you’re planning to move to a different city & have a lot of troops then make sure you kill some of your troops during this interstate war so that you can get some honor points from there which you can use to redeem items like godfather coins & roadster points while also reducing your migration cost.

Hope you guys found this post helpful.

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