Interstate Arms War – Mafia City

In this post, I’m gonna be explaining how the Interstate Arms War Contest works. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Interstate Arms War – Mafia City

The Interstate Arms War is a 6 day event. Clans from 2 different states compete against each other during this war for the extra Premier Points that can be used during the Interstate War. Each day has a theme which comes with it’s own activity for acquiring Arms Points. There are 3 different themes in total:
1. Hitman Services & Property Investments
2. Time Speedups &
3. Training Crew Members

You’ll be rewarded with Arms Points during this event for doing these activities. Collecting 400,000 Arms points each day during the event will allow you to open 3 personal chests per day. For the purpose of the rankings, the total score for all of the 6 days will be considered for you & your clan. The player that scores the most Arms points during the event will get 4 level 3 Massacre Emblems along with other rewards. The Massacre Emblem is a special type of emblem that gives Bulker & Biker Buffs, so thats 2 buffs in one emblem instead of just 1 like all the other emblems.

The members of the Clan that finishes 1st in the Arms Race will also get 60,000 premier points each. These premier points can be used by the members during the arms race only if they occupy the Capitol for at least 5 minutes.

They’ve also added details about the rewards you get for winning the Interstate War. The rewards for honor points & gathering points are the same as governor. However, the rewards for winning the Interstate War are a little different from governor. The winner of the Interstate War (i.e. the player with the most premier points at the end of the war) also gets a Governor Set Enhancing Coupon which can be used to upgrade a piece of equipment from the governor set to the Legendary Set & also a Premier’s Redeem Box which can be used to redeem either a piece of equipment from the governor set or a level 6 Massacre Emblem which gives 16% more bulker & biker attack.

For killing points, the players that finish in the top 50 will also get Massacre Emblems along with other rewards. The quality & amount of the emblems will depend on the players kill ranking at the end of the event.

Unfortunately, there’s still no information about the stats that you get from the Legendary Set. I’ll be making another post whenever that is out.

Hope you guys found this post helpful.

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