Combine Ops Star-Up Requirements

This post will show you the number of combine vouchers you need to make & upgrade a Combine Ops to 5 stars.

StarsCombine Vouchers
Unlock (0 Stars)3 Crime Ops + 60 Vouchers
1 Star3 Vouchers
2 Stars9 Vouchers
3 Stars21 Vouchers
4 stars36 Vouchers
5 stars60 Vouchers
Total3 Crime Ops + 189 Vouchers

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3 thoughts on “Combine Ops Star-Up Requirements”

  1. Bro 1 question. After successfully combining the ops what if you use 60 vouchers will it get it to 5 star or what will happen if you use 60 vouchers after combining

  2. Bro, I have one question. I did put few thousands in this game but nothing to be able to take turf skin or ops skin, not even on bonuses.
    I do have 21 vauchers, when I reach 60, will i be able to get anything? And ops skin?

    1. You can use your vouchers to redeem temporary ops effects. However, you need 3 ops effects to be able to make one combine ops, so unfortunately, you won’t be able to get anything permanent from your vouchers even if you reach 60

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