3rd Anniversary Events – Mafia City

In this post I’m gonna be talking about the 3rd Anniversary Events in Mafia City. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

3rd Anniversary Events – Mafia City

So, there are 4 different anniversary events currently going on. The first one is the 3 year Anniversary Party which requires you to complete the Anniversary Puzzle to get the 3rd Anniversary name tag, chat bubble & avatar frame. It’s quite similar to last years puzzle event. You can get puzzle fragments by logging in daily, by attacking thieves to get the Thief’s collection item which can be used to redeem puzzle fragments & also by gathering resources from the tiles that have a hot air balloon. Also, don’t forget about the puzzle store where you can sell your extra puzzle pieces & buy the ones that you need. You should find the puzzle store right next to your Puzzle Bag.

The 2nd Event is the anniversary purchase event where you can get 1 pack for free by buying a certain number packs of the same kind. This event will be very useful if you decide to make the Massacre, Dominant or Warlord equipment the expensive way.

The 3rd event is the Anniversary Treasure event. This is a new event & it wasn’t available last year. You start off with a Silver Card which can be upgraded to a Platinum Card for $5 & the Platinum Card can then be upgraded to a Black Card for $20 more. You’re required to level up your Card by completing Challenges. There are 2 different types of challenges, there are daily challenges & glorious challenges. The daily challenges reset daily, so you need to complete them every single day to get rewards while the glorious challenges can be completed any time during the event.

Each challenge gives you a certain amount of experience which allows you to level up your card. Buying the Platinum Card gives you a 5% Experience boost for all future challenges while buying the Black Card gives you a 10% boost on all future challenges. Unfortunately, these cards do not boost your existing experience so you would want to buy them as early as possible to get the highest possible experience boost. You can also claim extra items per level by buying the the Platinum & Black Cards. If you manage to get your Black Card to level 30, you’ll be able to unlock a permanent 3rd Anniversary F1 Ops effect.
However, I’m still not sure if players will be able to get to level 30 without spending more than $25 as we still don’t know if finishing all the challenges alone is enough to get players to level 30 & it’s always possible for them to ask players to pay more for extra experience it the challenges don’t give enough experience.
The rules also mention that you can get experience by battling with other players. However, I’m not sure how that works yet. If you guys have tried it out let me know in the comments below how much experience you get per battle & what kind of battles give you experience.

And finally, the fourth event is the Anniversary Fortune event. It gives you various benefits that last for 6 hours each. The benefits include Resource Discounts, Resource Boosts, Double Mercenary Rewards, Double Roadster Points, Double Jewelry Cards & various Speed up Bonuses.

So those are the 4 Anniversary events that are currently going on. If you guys have any tips for these events, let us know in the comments down below.

I hope you guys found this post helpful.

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