Medicine Battle Guide – Mafia City

In this post I’m gonna be giving you a few tips for the Medicine Battle. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Medicine Battle Guide – Mafia City

The Medicine Battle is an event where players from the same clan get to team up with each other to destroy the enemy territory. There are 4 levels to this event and each level has it’s own requirement. To do level 1 you need to be Mansion 16, for level 2, you need to be 22, to do level 3 you need a Mansion 26 & for level you need a level 30 Mansion. This event happens a few times every year & players get to participate in this event for a maximum of 10 times per day. However, you only get rewards for the first win of each day for each level.

There are a few requirements for entering the battle.
1. You need at least 2 players on your team.
2. You crime ops can not be outside your turf.
3. There shouldn’t be any enemy marches coming towards your turf.
4. Your turf shouldn’t be on fire &
5. Your hospitals need to be empty.

During the battle, all the crew members that you lose will be sent to the hospital. You’ll only need speed ups to heal them if you choose to heal them during the battle. And once you exit the battle all your crews will be healed for free.
The players that do not join the battle or that are forcefully kicked out because of being defeated will not receive any rewards.
Also, the battle will end automatically in 3 minutes if nobody joins the battle.

During this event you can only get into the rankings by finishing Stage 4. This stage gives you 10,000 points for destroying the mercenary base, another 10,000 points for destroying the barricade & 13,500 points for destroying the territory. So the maximum score you can get in this event is 33,500. However, you also lose points for taking too much time during this event. After the first 30 seconds of the battle, you start losing 12 points for every extra second you take to finish the battle.

So for example, if it takes me 9 minutes & 9 seconds or 549 seconds to finish stage 4. Then I’ll lose 519*12 points or 6,228 points at the end of the battle.

So, now that we know how to score points. Let’s talk about the various buildings in this event.

There the Territory which is the strongest & the most important building in the battle. The aim of the whole battle is to destroy the territory & the battle ends once the territory is destroyed. However, the territory only gives you 13,500 points in stage 4 so it’s never a good idea to directly destroy territory if you’re doing stage 4. However, if you’re doing stage 1 or 2, you could ignore all other buildings & go directly for the territory as the territories of stages 1 and 2 are usually very weak & also because it doesn’t really matter how many points you score in those stages. You get the same rewards regardless of your score.

The next building is the barricade. This building is like a shield that protects your territory from taking damage. Once the barricade is destroyed, the territory will take a lot more damage from your attacks. The barricade also spawns troops regularly to attack your base. It’s always recommended that you destroy the barricade before destroying the territory in stages 3 and 4 as the territories in those stages are much stronger. Also, in stage 4, you get 10,000 points for destroying the barricade so there’s really no reason not to destroy it.

The 3rd building is the Mercenary Base, this building also spawns troops to attack your turf. So you’d want to get rid of this building as soon as possible in stage 4 to avoid taking too many attacks. You also get 10,000 points for destroying this building in stage 4 along with a 60% buff for all your stats. So, you’d definitely want to destroy it there. However, in Stage 3 you can ignore this building.

The next building is the communication tower. Whenever the timer on this building hits 0, it gives a 100% buff to the enemy troops for all their stats. This building is easy to destroy however, it doesn’t give you any points. Another problem with this building is that can be easily repaired by the enemy after it is destroyed so attacking it would only delay the buff & not completely deny it. In my opinion, it’s best to ignore this building for all stages.

The next building is the security center. This building allows you to collect C4s & bomb the enemy buildings to do a little damage. All buildings except the Communication Tower can be bombed. This is a good building to use if you’re not strong enough to attack the buildings with your own troops. However, if you have a lot of troops in your turf then I wouldn’t recommend using this building as the C4s do very little damage compared to troops.

You’ll also be able to find Crooks that spawn on the map after you destroy the mercenary base. These Crooks can be taken out easily & you get a small buff for doing so. However, I wouldn’t recommend wasting your time taking them out if you’re doing Stage 4 for a high score.

Finally, if you’re doing stage 4, your enemies will get a huge buff at the beginning of the battle which gets weaker with time. They start off with a 600% buff which goes down to 360%, 120%, 45% & eventually to 0%.

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So, that’s all I had for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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  1. I have T1-T7 troops that I can currently train
    I do have 20k t8 and 3k t9 from buying packs. I’m looking for formations to attack other players but don’t quite understand how to set them up even after reading your guide. Thank you

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