Free Latent Energy? December 12th Update – Mafia City

In this post I’m gonna be talking about the December 12th Update in the game. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

Free Latent Energy? December 12th Update – Mafia City

The first new feature they’ve added is the new Vigilante Recruitment Task at the Clan HQ. This task requires you to score 2000 points in a week to get 100 vigilante fragments. If you’re a non-spender, you can easily finish this task by buying vigilante fragments from the plantation store. You can get upto 400 vigilante fragments per day & you only need to buy them for 5 days during the week to finish this task. Obviously, your clan also needs to score at least 20,000 points which isn’t that difficult to do if you’re in a decent clan.

If you don’t have turf interaction items in your inventory, you can now spend 1,000 gold to use temporary turf interactions on turfs that are on the the map.

There’s a new “Complete All” feature that’s been added for Gem Making when you reach SVIP 5. This feature allows you to speed up the making of all gems that are queued up together instead of speeding them up one by one.

The overview tab will now show you how many wounded crews you have in your hospital

Now, there are gonna be more ways of getting family reputation & gold since they’re adding family tokens & family gold for purchase at the VIP Store. They’re also adding Family Tokens, Family Gold & Latent Energy for purchase at the SVIP Store. If you have a level 6 or higher SVIP Store, you’ll be able to purchase 3000 latent energy per day. So, it’ll take you almost a year to get 1 million tier 11 troops if you only purchase latent energy from the SVIP Store.

They’ve also made an important change to City Raids in Conqueror’s Path. The initiator of the Raid can now set a mansion level requirement for joining the raid. Also, the City Raid won’t be disbanded if any of the players joining the raid teleports away.

So, those were all the new features added during this update. Before I end this post, I’d like to thank my patons Kamikaze77 from city 407, Jon Philips, Zippo from City 72, Lavialle Xavier, Pope Bathory, K K, DJ Danny D, J. H, Sidney Heath, Psychaos from city 158, Adam Quinn, BiggRyan from City 642, Chris, Saharudin31, Sidney Rich, Jamsheed Karaa, Fluffy from City 509 & Calculated Gamer. If you wanna support me on patreon, here’s the link:

So, that’s all I have for you guys in this post. I hope you guys found it helpful.

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