$10,000 for 3M Tier 11 Troops? – Mafia City

In this post I’m gonna be talking about the new Tier 11 troops. You can either watch this video or continue reading this post:

$10,000 for 3 million Tier 11s

Right now I only have training cost info about one troop type & that is the Tier 11 biker. The tier 11 biker costs almost double the amount of resources that a tier 9 biker costs & you also need one latent energy to train a tier 11 biker.

You can get the latent energy item by buying the $100 latent energy pack which gives 30,000 latent energy. This means $100 only let’s you train 30,000 Tier 11 troops. So, to train 3 million Tier 11 troops you’ll have to spend only $10,000.

So, that was the training cost. The tier 11 troops also have some unique skills that other tiers don’t.

The tier 11 biker are Assaulters or ranged bikers. They have the Glorious Charge & Super Dodge which are probably stronger than the Charge & Dodge skills of the Tier 9 & 10 bikers. They also have Fatal Strike which allows them to sometimes deal 3 times the damage to enemies. & they also have the elite skill fire rampage which allows them to attack the frontline troops while charging.

Ther tier 11 bulkers are combaters or offensive bulkers that have Super Attack that multiplies damage by 3 which is probably better than the T9 bulker’s heavy blow skill. They also have Sharpness which increases Attack & armor-piercing abilities, & the super grapple skill which increases damage against Bikers & Hit Rate & also allows you to counter attack bikers when they charge. They also have the elite skill, leap slam which allows them to attack enemy bikers directly.

The tier 11 shooters are Snipers or defensive shooters. They have the advanced defense skill which grants them an attack bonus while defending turfs just like the T9 sniper’s defense skill. They also have the first opportunity skill which allows them to inflict 5 additional precision strikes on the enemy crew members before the battle begins & the Deadly attack skill which gives them a chance to attack random targets other than tankers. & then obviously there’s the penetration skill which allows them to attack multiple enemy battle lines. So, the Tier 11 shooters definitely seem to be a lot stronger than normal shooters since they have a skill that allows them to do damage before the attack event begins and another skill which allows them to ignore tankers & attack the low defense troops.

And finally the Tier 11 vehicles are Assault Vehicles that have Super Firepower that increases Attack & Hit Rate & also their damage towards bulkers but halves their attack speed. This is similar to the Heavy Firepower skill of the Tier 10 Vehicles but much stronger. There’s Super Assault which gives an Attack Bonus when attacking an enemy turf & also a small defense bonus when defending while defending your own turf. This is again similar to the Offensive Enhancement skill of the Tier 10 vehicles but stronger. The third skill is Fire Rampage which is different from the Fire Rampage skill of the Tier 11 Bikers. This Fire Rampage skill allows your vehicles to attack non-stop for upto 3 times in a row. And obviously there’s the Heavy Artillery Elite Skill which increases their attack.

All the Elite Skills can be upgraded at the Invest Center as usual, but you can also upgrade the 3rd skill of each of these tier 11 troops at the Family Business Center.

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So, that was all I had to talk about tier 11 troops. I hope you guys found this post helpful.

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