Mafia City – How to win the gathering event

This post is going to give you a few tips to win the gathering event.

The gathering event is the only event in the daily crime wave & city contest where non-spenders can easily best spenders every time since it requires almost no spending at all to win this event. This event will take place during any of the 5 days of the City Contest & in case of the Daily Crime Wave event, it should take place during any of the first 4 days or it won’t happen at all.

Since the sequence of events for both, the Daily Crime Wave and City Contest are random, you’ll have to prepare for this event almost everyday until it begins. To win this event, you need to prepare one day before it begins by sending your marches out to gather gold. Try gathering as much gold as possible to get a head start in this event. The gold gathering speed attribute of the godfather ring can help you a lot during the preparation phase.

One day before the gathering event starts, you should send all 5 of your marches out to gather gold. Level 6 tiles that contain 100 gold each are the best to gather before the event. Completely gathering 5 such level 6 gold tiles when the event start can give you a head start of 10 million points in the event. Make sure you time it so that your troops finish gathering gold immediately after the start of the gathering event. The Daily Crime Wave gathering event starts 10 minutes after the day resets unlike the City Contest gathering event which starts immediately when the day resets, so keep that in mind when sending your troops out to gather gold.

For the gathering event, you want to make sure that your skill points are invested in gathering speed for at least one resource type. You can either go with cash, cargo or arm gathering speed. You may also choose metal if you want, however maxing out the metal gathering speed skill requires a lot of more skill points than the other 3. I personally prefer investing my skill points in cash gathering speed since  cash tiles are the easiest to find in the game. Also, since cash tiles are usually found close to your mansion on the map. You can avoid marching long distances by gathering cash during the event. In addition to that, vigilantes like Adriana and Suri give huge buffs to your Cash Gathering speed. Oh, and talking about vigilantes, 2 star Tracy is a good vigilante to use during this event because of her 50% gathering speed buff.

After the gathering event starts, you should only focus on gathering resources that you gather the fastest. Make sure you use the ‘getaway drivers’ skill  within the first 4 hours (preferably first 2 hours) of the event. Since this skill has a 20 hour cooldown, you’ll be able to use this skill twice during the event if you do so. Also, don’t forget to use the 24 hour gathering speed buff item along with this skill. The getaway drivers skill & the gathering speed buff, both don’t work on gold. So, don’t even think about using the two when you’re collecting gold at the beginning of the event. The skill & the buff work retroactively, so make sure you time their use in such a way that your troops completely finish gathering all their tiles immediately when they’re used. After you use the skill & buff, recall your troops immediately and send them to 5 other tiles. The 100% gathering speed buff from the skill lasts for 2 hours, so when there are about 10 to 20 minutes left on the skill, make sure you recall your troops and send them to fresh tiles to gather. This will enable you to prolong the effect of the getaway drivers skill because the effect of the skill will not expire until the new tiles are emptied. During the event day, you would want to gather as many resources as possible. Try to avoid keeping your troops idle as much as possible.

Finally, in case your troops are out gathering resources when the event is about to end, you should recall them immediately before the event ends so that the points from the resources they gathered get added to your final score as well.

So, those are all the tips I have for the gathering event. If you follow all these tips, you should be able to win any gathering event in your city. Give it a try & let me know whether it works or not in the comments!

10 thoughts on “Mafia City – How to win the gathering event”

    1. I also usually only gather gold to win the event. However, I wanted the guide to have the best possible strategy to win the event. It’s helpful for highly competitive cities.

  1. As well as godfarthers ring,,switch your skills all to growth,try reach gold gathering…you can more than half those times.

    1. Get the gold gathering speed attribute on your godfather ring (you’ll be able to do it if you have a blue or higher quality godfather ring)

  2. Good post.. lizard from blo :-p.

    I have been doing this along time,and doing it as we speak,i will come first 😁.

    I have found that for daily crimewave it is always the first or second day and if not it does not happen.,for city contest it has always been the forth day with out fail.

    1. Thanks for that comment. Someone told me on my Youtube channel that the city contest has a specific rotation. I’ll test it out next city contest & if it is true, I’ll update this post.

      1. Gathering event rotates , it gives me headache when you have collected 5 x 100 gold and it is not gathering event but troops training day ⊙_⊙ , if you know the pattern , would be most helpful . I really get my gathering event no.1 by reading flavio post. Thanks Flavio .

        1. Only the city contest has a fixed rotation. Gathering event happens on Thursdays in the city contest. The daily crime wave doesn’t have a fixed rotation.

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