Mafia City – The World Cup Betting Event

The world cup betting event is a great event from which you can get a ton of rewards just for betting on random matches (regardless of whether you win or lose but obviously winning will give you more rewards).

The event currently allows you to bet on the outcomes of 48 matches. You can either bet cash, cargo or gold.

Cash & Cargo have 3 betting amounts – 200k, 1.5M & 5M

Gold also has 3 betting amounts – 200 gold, 1000 gold & 3000 gold.

You can only bet once per match.

For every bet that you place (regardless of the amount) you get 3 gift coupons that you can use to exchange for some premium items in the game like Advance teleports, roses, speed ups & a lot more.

So, a good betting strategy would be to bet at least 200,000 cash or cargo on the outcome that has the lowest odds for every match so that you can get as many coupons as possible. You can also get extra rewards like speed ups & godfather coins for making correct guesses. So, make sure you bet on the outcomes with the lowest odds. Especially if you have no idea what the outcome of the match is going to be.

I would recommend betting not only on your main account but also on all of your farm accounts.

On your farm accounts I would recommend exchanging the gift coupons for experience and VIP points and on your main account I would suggest exchanging the gift coupons for roses & speed ups which are very hard to grind in the game especially for non spenders.

This post was just made to let you guys know that betting on the matches in the world cup event is totally worth it even if you guys have no idea about soccer. Hope you all can get some great rewards from this event!


Marius from city 127 suggests that you should bet 5M SAFE cargo or cash on your farms on games that are easy to guess. Since the resources that you get for winning bets are non-safe, you’ll be able to transfer those resources from your farms to your main account once you get them. This is very effective especially if you have high level farms with a lot of safe resources that you don’t upgrade.

6 thoughts on “Mafia City – The World Cup Betting Event”

  1. Hello there, im Marius from city127 , im recomand bet 5 mil cargo and cash on easy games ,If you open all yours safe resources and bet them you will get unsafe resources and you can collect them with your main mainson.

    1. That’s a nice strategy! I never thought about it. Thanks for sharing! Unfortunately I already placed all my bets but I’ll do that for the future games.

  2. Hey man,
    Love the info your putting out for this game.
    I have a question regarding the leader skill points.
    What is the best way to divide them on your main account.

    1. It depends on what you’re trying to achieve.
      If you’re trying to build fast then you should invest most of your skill points in growth.
      If you’re trying to attack people during the kill event then you should invest most (or all) of your skill points in growth.
      If you’re trying to grind experience quickly & train a lot of troops then you should invest in support.
      While dividing your skill points I would suggest getting all the 3 basic skills first in each skill tree (the beck & call skill, Shakedown skill & energetic skill) since getting each of these skills only cost 3 skill points. However, if you’re making temporary skill switches (for example, a 3 day switch for the kill event) then you should invest all those skill points into one skill tree.

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