Mafia City – How to get Mansion 30 Without Spending in 4-5 Months

This post is going to show you the strategy that I used to get Mansion 30 in the game without spending. It took me 6 Months to get Mansion 30 since I only started creating farms once I reached Mansion 17. But if you follow everything that I tell you to do in this post then it shouldn’t take you more than 5 months to get Mansion 30 without spending. You can either watch the video below or continue reading the post.

In order to get Mansion 30 there are 2 things that you require. The first one is resources and the second one is speed ups.

Let’s see how to get resources first.

The easiest way to get more resources in the game is by creating a lot of farm accounts. It took me 12 farms to get Mansion 30 (4 farms each for cash, cargo and arms). On an average I used to rob resources on each of these farms 4 times a day. (3 times the main resource & metal the 4th time). Make sure you upgrade your farms to Mansion 15 at least so that you can farm metal as well. You’d also want to get VIP 8 on all your farms before you reach Mansion 26 to get the extra march on all of them. Getting Mansion 15 & VIP 8 takes time but it shouldn’t be a problem if you start farming early on in the game. Also, when you create new farms you should start attacking them after they reach Mansion 11 at least. I’ve seen a lot of people attack their farms immediately after creating them & that is not a good thing to do. There is no point attacking farms that hardly produce any resources. The resources that your farms get initially should be used to upgrade them. Once they start producing enough resources, that’s when you should start attacking them.

If you wanna know more about farms make sure you check out my Farming Guide. It’ll teach you almost everything you need to know about farms.

So that’s how you get more resources in the game.

Now let’s see how to get more speed-ups.

The best way to increase your building speed is by getting the 2nd building queue which costs only 250 gold for 2 days. You can also get the 8 hour builder from the VIP store at a 16% discount or you can get it from the city hall for 500 dirty money.

The next thing that you want to do is increase construction speed.

You can increase construction speed mainly through equipment, investments and talents. You should check out my guide on How to Build & Grow faster which shows you the 5 different ways to increase construction speed & also the best equipment to do so. If you do it right, you can almost double your construction speed. Which means that the upgrade time for all your buildings will almost be halved. This may not make a huge difference at lower Mansion levels as the upgrades don’t take very long. However, for higher Mansion levels every upgrade takes weeks to finish which means that you’ll be saving weeks or even months of construction speed ups if you have a high construction speed.

Now let’s see how to get more construction speed ups.

There are a lot of events in the game that give you construction speed ups or general speed ups. Make sure you do them all to get as many construction speed ups as possible. However, while doing the events make sure you don’t end up spending more gold than what you’re earning in rewards trying to win the event. Sometimes finishing 2nd or 3rd is better than finishing 1st.

Apart from the events, the smuggler is also a very good place to get your construction speed ups from. You should get all the offers that give you speed ups in exchange of resources. Apart form the speed ups that cost resources, there are 2 great speed up offers at you should always get whenever you see them at the smuggler.

  1. 2 x 1 hour speed ups for 100 gold (Speeds up 72 seconds per gold)
  2. 5 x 1 hour speed ups for 300 gold (Speeds up 60 seconds per gold)

Even though these are blue offers they give you the best speed up time for your gold. The average speed up time if you use gold directly to speed up upgrades ranges between 25 to 45 seconds per gold depending upon the upgrade time. So these 2 offers are totally worth it.

Apart from getting these 2 speed up offers I also like getting the following Rare Gem Box offers.

  1. 5 rare gem boxes for 2500 gold.
  2. 5 rare gem boxes for 2250 gold
  3. 1 rare gem box for 500 gold.

Getting these rare gem boxes will get you high quality gems quickly which will help you get construction equipment faster.

So, that’s how you get Mansion 30 without spending.

Keep in mind though that if you use this strategy you will be weaker than most other players until you get t10 troops since you will be using construction equipment and your skills will be invested in growth. However, after unlocking t10 troops you can quickly get stronger by transitioning your equipment from construction to attack and by switching your skills from growth to battle.

I hope this guide helps some of you get Mansion 30 quickly.

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  1. I would also like to know how many resource buildings of each and which ones I do not have to bother leveling up

  2. Hello like these brother? My query is next. How to know how many times to attack our farms without sending them to another side by repeated attacks.

  3. Hi flavio, i see alot of your videos in your channel but i dont see in anyone you speaking about how many resource buildings to each one you have in your main account.

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