Mafia City – How to get Gems Fast

Gems are the items that you need for exchanging equipment in the game. This post is going to show you how to get gems faster in the game.

There are 6 levels of gems & each level has a different color:

Grey – Level 1

Green – Level 2

Blue – Level 3

Purple – Level 4

Orange – Level 5

Gold – Level 6

So here are the different ways to get gems:

1. Lapidary Complex

The most common way of getting gems is from the lapidary complex. This is a place from where you can get a ton of free gems daily. You can either craft grey or green gems here. If you are unable to craft green gems then you need to get Mai to 300 favor so that you unlock her advance gem making skill which allows you to craft green gems. You can have upto 6 gem making slots if you’re not an SVIP. Make sure you use all these slots so you can keep crafting gems even when you’re offline for long periods.

You’d also want to max out the gem making speed up investment which will increase the gem making speed at the lapidary complex by 50%. At maximum speed you should be able to craft 9 green gems every 2 days.

2. The Smuggler

Apart from the Lapidary complex another good place to get gems in the game. Make sure you refresh the smuggler daily (until the refresh cost reaches 20 gold at least) & try to look for offers that give you purple or blue gem boxes. If you have enough gold, you should always get the purple & blue gem box offers from the smuggler.

Some of my favorite offers are:

5 Rare gem boxes for 2250 gold

5 Rare gem boxes for 2500 gold

1 Rare gem box for 500 gold and

1 Quality gem box for 150 gold.

3. The Individual Event

Another good way of getting a lot of rare gem boxes is from the individual event. The amount of rare gem boxes that you get from this event depends on your mansion level. The higher your mansion level the more rare gem boxes you get. However, that also means that you’ll need to score more points in order to get those rare gem boxes. At mansion level 30 you (usually) get 4 rare gem boxes as the final reward but you need to score 300,000 points to get those gem boxes.

Apart from the rare gem boxes, the individual event also gives you a bunch of speed ups and roses so you should always save up your training speed ups for this event.

4. The Plantation Event

The plantation event is another event that can give you up to 10 rare gem boxes every time it take place. Along with rare gem boxes the plantation event can also give you roses & speed ups so you should choose wisely between these 3 items based on what you really need the most.

5. The  Grand Auction Event

If  you manage to save up enough gold in the game, then you can also try to get the orange and gold gem coupons from the grand auction event. These gem coupons will help a lot once you have maxed purple equipment and are transitioning to orange or gold equipment. Also, if you’re aiming to get set equipment then you should save up as many gold gem coupons as possible for that so that you can get the highest quality set equipment.

So, those were a few ways to get more gems in the game. I’m sure I missed out a few events in the game that give you gems, but I tried to cover all the important ones in this post. Hopefully you guys will be able to get a lot more gems after reading this post.

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5 thoughts on “Mafia City – How to get Gems Fast”

  1. I got my level 30 purple equipment already , and now I got all blueprints for kingpin set open too ,but I only have 5 Morganite and 4 black jade gems , is it worthwide to exchange kingpin level 20 equipment instead of level 30 equipment ? On T7 troops … this kingpin set is real mystery to me , no idea how many blueprints and gems are needed to get kingpin purple equipment

    1. Absolutely, going to do a post on that when I get the time. Didn’t know about the lucky wheel when I posted this. But now I only use the lucky wheel for my gems.

    1. 1024 grey gems = 256 green gems = 64 blue gems = 16 purple gems = 4 orange gems = 1 gold gem
      So, you need 1024 grey gems for 1 gold gem

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