Mafia City- Cops Raid guide

PART I – Basics

When do we have cops raid?

The cops raid event takes place twice every other week. The first cops raid is always on the Monday immediately after the Daily Crime Wave event that ends on Sunday & the second one takes place 3 days after the first (i.e. on Thursday). Clan Leaders or R4s can start the event at any time during those 2 days.

What is cops raid? 

Cops raid is an event that consists 24 waves (rounds) of enemies. Out of these 24 raids, there are 6 SWAT raid waves and 7 Elite FBI waves & 11 normal DEA ones.

Each wave has a certain number of troops attacking you. If you kill 100% of these troops, you get max points. If you kill between 50-100% you get points based on the percentage. If the kill ratio is less than 50% then you lose that wave and end up burning. If you lose against 2 waves during the event, then you are eliminated but you can continue to reinforce your clan mates to obtain points for yourself. Higher level waves of a specific type are stronger than lower level ones.

Out of the 24 raids, there are:

11 Normal DEA waves (Waves 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11, 14, 17, 20, 23): These waves don’t have a lot of troops & are fairly easy to defend against provided the person defending has sufficient troops & stats.

7 Elite FBI waves (Waves 3, 8, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24): These waves are slightly stronger than DEA waves, yet easy to defend for an average Mafia city player, only players with very low troop count will need help here.

6 SWAT raids (Waves 5, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22): These waves are like a group of normal & elite waves attacking together in a single raid. The first few SWAT raids(5,10, 13..) may be easy to defend for most. SWAT raids only happen on a few players in the clan. So if you are looking for points, you should reinforce them. These are very strong waves as their level progresses. So look for reinforcements if you do not have a gazillion troops or crazy stats.

Here’s a list that shows you the maximum points that you can score for each wave:

Level Type Max Points
1 DEA 12,000
2 DEA 15,000
3 FBI 34,000
4 DEA 20,000
5 SWAT 240,000
6 DEA 25,000
7 DEA 27,000
8 FBI 59,000
9 DEA 32,000
10 SWAT 373,000
11 DEA 80,000
12 FBI 130,000
13 SWAT 680,000
14 DEA 110,000
15 FBI 180,000
16 SWAT 800,000
17 DEA 140,000
18 FBI 220,000
19 SWAT 920,000
20 DEA 170,000
21 FBI 270,000
22 SWAT 1,000,000
23 DEA 200,000
24 FBI 310,000
Total 6,047,000

Fun Fact: You can score a maximum of 6,047,000 points per player so the maximum points a clan with 120 players can score is 846,580,000.

PART II – Clan Rank

To win cops raid as a clan it is important that the clan works together to make sure most players, if not all survive till wave 24. So the most important aspects of winning are as follows:

  • Max clan members. Having a full clan is the first step to victory. Since this event is a cumulative, each and every member’s points are important to the total. Hence having more members, simply means having more points.
  • Having a lot of troops. If your clan is in a relatively new city with not many high level mansions and you have not reached the first mayor yet, cops raid is fairly easy and having around 5-10 players with a lot of T7s and T8s while the rest have at least T6(absolutely not recommended) and T7, will give you enough juice to complete cops with enough points.
  • Setting up your hive properly. Everyone needs to be in the hive (aka clan base). This will make reinforcements easy and you don’t need to waste speedups to reinforce.
  • Positioning your strong players in different areas of your hive amidst sections of weaker members, to reinforce everyone. Always use the march preset to reinforce your members which helps save time.
  • Try to protect each & every one of your clan members, especially the ones who have been burned once as a second burn would kick them out of the event, which means their mansions stop generating points for the clan.
  • Send a message to everyone before the cops raid begins asking them to recall troops that are out farming on tiles.
  • Battle skills and buffs are useful for cops raid. Having a high level radar is also good, as it will inform you of the number of troops attacking your mansion in each wave.
  • Playing cops at a time when most of your players can be online, is key to victory. Have two separate clan votes, one for your strong players and one for the entire clan, to decide a time. If your weaker players vote time A but your strong players are not online until time B, chances are, you will end up losing on a few raids, unless everyone has a lot of troops, of course.
  • Also, keep in mind that unlike actual turf battles, reinforcing other players during the cops raid event doesn’t automatically give you their stats, but instead, you retain your own stats even after reinforcing another team member. Hence, if you’re a player with excellent stats, you may not even need to reinforce others with a full march to defend, especially against DEA & FBI waves, if you don’t have 6 full marches, you could still divide your troops equally in 6 marches (5 reinforcing marches & one march to protect your own turf) to maximize points for yourself and the clan.

PART III – Individual Rank

The individual ranking system in cops is incredibly more rewarding than clan rank is.
You can earn up to 7,000 gold and other mouth-watering rewards if you rank anywhere between the top 1-10, individually.

Getting started:

As discussed in the first half of this guide, you definitely need to have a lot of troops.

  • Pre-mayor you need a combination of at least T8 and T7 and around 400k troops if you want to win. This is perfect for all top players since they have usually these requirements or much better.
  • Post-mayor cops raid’s difficulty always improves considerably since the game automatically expects and adjusts to the increasing number of T10 players.

Apart from troops, you will also need equipment that supports fast movement, aka, crime ops speed. Personally I always have 5 different sets of gear among which one set gives me good crime ops speed. (These secondary sets of equipment don’t necessarily have to be purple or better).

Setting your points up: 

If you are in a clan with max members then ask five weak players to send their troops out reinforcements to other weaker players. Their turfs need to be beside you so that you can recall whenever needed. Now you are essentially getting 18 waves(normal+elite) worth points from them.
You might be thinking to yourself now, “What about the remaining six waves then, Ueki”?
These six waves are SWAT raids, and usually weaker low level turfs do not get SWATTED by cops. But there are some mediocre strength players that do and these are your bread and butter for major points.
SWATS occur at: Level 5, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22. 5 being the weakest and 22 being the strongest. If you reinforce someone who has a lot of troops then your chances of obtaining a good chunk of points is not high, since they will be killing a lot of cops themselves. Lesser your friend’s troops, more your points. Which is why you reinforce 5 empty mansions in the first place. So recall as soon as the wave prior to SWAT reaches and as soon as SWAT rounds begin, reinforce the players who will give you points.

If you are in an old city and your clan doesn’t have enough members, add your farms to your main clan during cops raid. You will get points for your main and also gold for your farms the next morning for your clan points and rank. Old cities need at least 400k T7/T8/T9 combination to survive against SWATs until 19 and T10s for SWAT 22. Normal and elite rounds don’t need more than 200k troops of course.

If you follow these tips & have sufficient troops, there is no way you rank anywhere below 10 in individual rankings & below 1 in clan rankings. Make sure you have enough troops to defend your own turf which is more than likely to be hit by SWAT waves though. Stats & troop composition play a big role in this event. You can check Flavio’s guide on How to improve Battle Stats or his Troop Setup Guide for more information on those.

18 thoughts on “Mafia City- Cops Raid guide”

    1. No you do not steal points from clan members.
      The sole purpose of the event is for a clan to reinforce for each other for max points possible.
      Higher level stronger players should reinforce the weaker players to help then achieve the max personal points.
      There is a max personal point cap. Each level is higher max level 670k, whatever the weaker player does not complete, the stronger player aids in reaching that cap. This is why you get a percentage report for each reinforced player.
      Combined points for all personal points add up to the clan points. This is why it is important for every player to reinforce someone even if it’s 1%. Top players should reinforce middle, middle reinforce lowest.
      For those who have farms in your clan, reinforce them to gain max points possible.
      The more people who pass all levels the more clan points and rewards everyone gets .

  1. I play this way this event for 3 months, after 5 empty farms. This is a really good way to get an additional source of income in gold.

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